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Do you wipe down the slot machines?

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Do you wipe down the slot machines?

I was reading the thread about what people do when they first get to the hotel room, and many many people say they clean (disinfect) the room and items in it. I don't do this myself, but I don't think it's odd.

When I play slots or VP, I sometimes think about all the people touching these things...do you, as a player, ever wipe them down? Would the casino even allow you to use a anti-bacterial wipe?

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1. Re: Do you wipe down the slot machines?

I doubt the casino would notice, even with the "eye in the sky". Assuming you're talking about using a wipe to wipe down the buttons for 5 seconds versus showing up with a haz mat suit and a bucket. :)

But really, if I started doing that, where would it end? Door handles. Elevator buttons. Escalator rails. Taxi door handles. Taxi seats. Restaurant chairs. Tray table on the airplane. Seat belt on the airplane. Don't get me started thinking about what's on the money in my pocket...

Oh, and don't forget those spoon handles at the buffet...

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2. Re: Do you wipe down the slot machines?

I don't, but make sure to wash my paws afterwards. And my wife usually has a bottle of hand sanitizer in her purse ;)

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3. Re: Do you wipe down the slot machines?

I move around to different slots until I find one that's hitting. So, no, I don't wipe them down. Just wash your hands often and keep them away from your mouth, nose and eyes.

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4. Re: Do you wipe down the slot machines?

Hey Lance. I don't wipe things down (as IrishFan noted, where would you stop?), but I would note that I have contracted strep throat once in my life and pink eye once in my life and both were after casino vacations. Coincidence ... probably: but an interesting one.

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5. Re: Do you wipe down the slot machines?

No wiping for me. I want to expose myself to as many germs as possible to keep the immune system strong! lol. I agree with the post about where would it stop.

I do try to remember to wash my hands before I leave a casino. Bar VP buttons have to be filthy.

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6. Re: Do you wipe down the slot machines?

Wash your hands before you eat. It's that simple.

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7. Re: Do you wipe down the slot machines?

I don't wipe down the machines but I do wipe down the phone and remote control in the room. And since I drink so much in Vegas I seem to be in the restrooms an awful lot so my hands get washed all the time.

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8. Re: Do you wipe down the slot machines?

Nope, the only thing that worries me about slot machines is the static shock I was always get when I first touch the machine! By the time I get back home I'm paranoid about touching metal handles haha. But back on topic, I just make a point to wash my hands before I eat, but thats out of habit.

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9. Re: Do you wipe down the slot machines?

I watched a family of 5 who each held a wipe in their hand to hold the railing as we rode the tram from Luxor to MB.

But, we are the type of parents who of course tried to clean everything with child 1- and then child 2 turned out to be 2 & 3 with our twin girls- NO WAY we were doing that much cleaning!

I guess some do. Agree, wash before eating.

Do the 'clean things' people wipe down their silverware before a meal?

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10. Re: Do you wipe down the slot machines?

IrishFan LOL @ Haz Mat suit~~~I almost spewed my salad on my lap top. LOL. OK back to the inquiry....I don't. I keep my hands away from face/eyes and clean up afterwards.