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How do you carry your money?

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How do you carry your money?

Do you bring big wads of cash? Get all large bills before leaving home? Just trying to get a feel for how people bring money to Vegas. I always hate to carry large sums of cash on me, especially when going thru security at the airport, but my bank has no branches in the Las Vegas area.


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1. Re: How do you carry your money?

I carry a minimal amount of cash, pay for everything on my credit card like I do anywhere not just Las Vegas, and use the nearest ATM when I need more cash.

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2. Re: How do you carry your money?

I'll bring cash, but I never bring more than $2K in cash... Other options would travelers checks or the ATM's in the casinos. These vary in terms of the fees, so I'm sure someone will chime in with that info.

EDIT: Like GB, this is just gambling. Hotels, food, cars, etc are all credit card.

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3. Re: How do you carry your money?

Many people will say one of the below....

1) I carry it on me and its not a big deal to have a few thousand on me.

2) I just use my ATM card in Vegas, the withdrawal fees are no big deal to me and I stay under my maximum daily withdrawal.

3) I use old fashion travelers checks, as they can be cashed at almost any casino Cage

4) Who carry's cash, I just charge everything and have some cash for everything. You should always charge everything to your room.

5) Large sums can be wired to the casino.

Hmmmm that covers many of the schools of thought.

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4. Re: How do you carry your money?

I carry little or no cash to Vegas other than some $1 and $5 bills for tipping. The only other thing cash I need there is for gambling and I use casino ATMs for that, aware of and budgeting for whatever fee may be involved. Any other expenses get charged to my room or paid for by credit card.

I appreciate that my gambling bankroll isn't as big as those of some people and my daily ATM limit is sufficient to cover what I need. If you have a large bankroll that can't be met by ATMs and you're uncomfortable about carrying large amounts of cash, consider applying for a casino line of credit or wiring money to a cage.

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5. Re: How do you carry your money?

In my purse.

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6. Re: How do you carry your money?

"Hmmmm that covers many of the schools of thought." - Just one more

My wife takes all my money off me - seriously I use credit cards for almost everything except for tips, gambling and small incidentals.

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7. Re: How do you carry your money?

I'll carry about a third in cash and the rest in travelers checks which I cash at a casino as needed.

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8. Re: How do you carry your money?

I always take cash. Put "X" amount in the safe and take what I need for time being.

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9. Re: How do you carry your money?

I don't carry much cash, except for while in Vegas or overseas. Overseas so I don't keep getting burned with fluctuation exchange rates, and in Vegas because of all the tipping....and of course to control the amount I gamble away lol.

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10. Re: How do you carry your money?

$100 one dollar bills for tipping- for a 3 or 4 day stay, in groups of 25 and something like 10 $5 bills. I put it in the same daily envelopes I put the gambling money- $1500-2,000 in $100's & $50's.

I think the tipping money is the biggest to me. From a convenience stand point. And I always carry all cash on me until in the room, then in the safe- and any cash on me is front pocket with players card, debit card and id. No wallet.