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Going to Ellis Island?

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Going to Ellis Island?

Hi all! Was just wondering if we were to take the bus from DT to Ellis Island, where would we need to get off at and then apprx. how far of a walk would we have from there to Ellis Island? Just asking because I have problems walking long distances due to having COPD. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!

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1. Re: Going to Ellis Island?

Get out either in front of Flamingo or Bally's. Cross the street, walking East on Flamingo road. Passed Bally's parking you will see the sign of Ellis Island.

Don't expect anything special. the place is known for very cheap table limits and bad food at a low price.

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2. Re: Going to Ellis Island?

You can get off at Bellagio if coming from DT (downtown?) if using the SDX route.From Bellagio, it is about 15 to 20 minutes down Flamingo E to Koval. If you are indeed taking the SDX(or Deuce too I think), then the passes are good for the residential routes. The Flamingo residential route drops off at Koval I believe, but you would need to confirm this.

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3. Re: Going to Ellis Island?

It nothing special but the portions are large.

Just ask for the steak special-its not on the menu. its under $10. Salad, steak, potato and vegetable.

They brew there on beer so they have a huge selection.

Again nothing special but food is cheap.

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4. Re: Going to Ellis Island?

To answer the OPs actual question, it's about 0.8 miles.

Take the Deuce to the Caesars Palace stop. Walk south on Las Vegas Blvd. to Flamingo. Walk east on Flamingo to Koval. Walk south on Koval to Ellis Island.

Taking the SDX down to Bellagio makes for a slightly longer walk.

You could take either Deuce or SDX to Fashion Show Mall, then walk to the bus stop on Spring Mountain on the north side of Palazzo. There grab the 119 bus which you take you practically to EI's door step. The problem with that approach is the 119 runs at best every half hour and hourly in the evening.

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5. Re: Going to Ellis Island?

Sign up for the players club and swipe the card at the kiosk, and print out the $1 off steak special(if you wanted the steak special. I believe you also get $10 FP for signing up.

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6. Re: Going to Ellis Island?

From the American Casino Guide. See the taxi promotion at the bottom. I do not think you want to walk from the Strip bus stops (which are 1/4 mile either side of Flamingo) to Ellis Island with COPD. You can use Google Maps, zoomed in, to see the blue bus stop symbols. If sticking to buses I would go the 119 way.

Ellis Island: The great $7.99 steak special has gone up a buck to $8.99---sort of. After players play $1 or more with their players club card at any machine, they can print a $1 off voucher at any Passport Central kiosk. They must present the voucher to the server before ordering. It’s available daily and is good for the BBQ and Cafe. Steak and daily specials included, except the taxi steak and egg special. One per person. #031013

Ellis Island Casino & Brewery: New members signing up for the Passport Player’s Club currently receive 5,000 FREE slot club points (a $5.00 value, although you cannot redeem them until you reach at least 10,000 points in the club,) plus a Deck of Cards. Ongoing promotion until further notice. #62903

Ellis Island Casino & Brewery: W-2G Bonus Promotion. “Hit a W-2G Jackpot” ($1,200 or higher) and receive a Jackpot Bonus. Must be playing with your Passport Player Club Card. Win Promo Cash for every jackpot of $1,200 or higher. Promo dollars will be posted to the players account in 24 to 48 hours. Bonuses will be awarded as follows: $1,200-$1,999: $20 Bonus; $2,000-$4,999: $40 Bonus; $5,000-$9,999: $100 Bonus; and $10,000+: $200 Bonus. See the promotion booth for complete details. #04109

Ellis Island: Taxi cab promotion for tourists. Take a taxi to Ellis Island, bring in your receipt and receive FREE slot play, or match play, in the amount of your taxi ride cost. Present your receipt to the promotion booth along with your out-of-state ID and your players club card (or can join same day.) FREE slot play is rounded UP to the nearest $5 (i.e. if the cab ride cost is $8.50 you would receive $10 in pit match play or free play. If the ride was $10.50 you would receive $15 in free play or pit match play and over $15, receive $20 (maximum amount) in pit match play or free play. Activate your free play at any kiosk machine. Limit of one per customer per day. #102713

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7. Re: Going to Ellis Island?

The steak special is usually good but I didn't enjoy it the last time. I'm not really sure if it's such a great idea for you to go to Ellis Island with COPD. It's a pretty old place so the ventilation isn't that great and it gets pretty smoky in there. Even if you just want to go for the restaurant there's usually a wait. My Mother-in Law had COPD and would never have survived that place.

Anyhow, whatever you do I hope you have a great time!

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8. Re: Going to Ellis Island?

I haven't been there in a couple of years, but last time I was there the food was ok. Much better than you would expect from a mcdonalds value meal for almost the same price. The beer has always been good.

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9. Re: Going to Ellis Island?

I am around the corner at Tuscany Suites and Marilyn's is way better than Ellis island...

2 for 1 vouchers too in the free Vegas.com brochure....

$16 for the 16oz t-bone ($8 with voucher)

Jersey UK
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10. Re: Going to Ellis Island?

Never heard of Marilyn's is it a casino?