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Do you have a Vegas horror story?

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Do you have a Vegas horror story?

What is the worst thing that ever happened to you in Vegas?

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1. Re: Do you have a Vegas horror story?

Had 4 cards to a Royal Flush playing VP, and didn't draw the 5th card...

I've been lucky; my trips have all been really good. I'm sure I've experienced some things that maybe someone else would cite as "ruined our vacation," but I'm pretty easy going, and I love being in Las Vegas, so that gives me perspective, I guess...

Belleville, Canada
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2. Re: Do you have a Vegas horror story?

On my first visit (about 25 years ago for my 21st birthday), I was approached by a man while I was "standing" playing a slot machine at Bally's........he asked me if I "worked" at the casino. Being young and fairly naive, I thought that he was asking about a waitress or someone like that. My mom who was playing right beside me just about went crazy on the man and told him to get lost. At first I thought she must of misheard what he had asked me and I thought she was being rude to the guy.........until she told me what he was REALLY asking me for. This has been something we have laughed about for the past 25 years.

North Dakota
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3. Re: Do you have a Vegas horror story?

lost the gambling funds. came home empty handed.

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4. Re: Do you have a Vegas horror story?

I slowplayed the nuts and cleaned a biker guy who threatened to slit my throat. Took me a few hours to stop constantly looking to make sure he was not around me. That kind of made the trip less fun, let's say!

Chi Town
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5. Re: Do you have a Vegas horror story?

Honestly cannot tell the whole story. Basically, we were mickeyed at MGMs pool, WR. Police were called, detectives involved. It was terrible! That was two years ago, and we still avoid MGM.

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6. Re: Do you have a Vegas horror story?

Went all in for $1000 with pocket aces , to get called by ace-king off suit and see the flop come queen - Jack - ten. Sick :-(

Winnipeg, Canada
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7. Re: Do you have a Vegas horror story?

One morning the Lobby Bar at the Encore was out of Jean Phillipe danishes.

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8. Re: Do you have a Vegas horror story?

I thought my grandparents died in the London bombings back in 2005 or so.

They were in UK on vacation and the rest of the family was in Vegas. It was my birthday night and I was not in a condition to deal with anything after coming back to the room from the bars. I was the only one with their full itinerary in the family. I turned on the TV and flipped through to CNN to find out this happened. Doing drunk math, I realized with the time changes that my grandparents were in King's Crossing at the time of the bombings. I lost it, the kind of lost it you shouldn't do when drunk.

Long story short the bombs went off just prior to my grandparents arrival to the station and the train was stopped short and safe. It took about $200 in phone charges calling international and about 18 hours before we heard their voices.

Stoke on Trent
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9. Re: Do you have a Vegas horror story?

We came to Vegas for the first time on a whim, as we were supposed to be booking an escorted holiday to China. For reasons I can't remember we were persuaded to book for 2 weeks in Vegas instead (not much difference!)

As we assumed it was a once in a lifetime experience we went all out. We did the Grand Canyon by helicopter and landed on the rim for a champagne lunch, we visited every casino, we did the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead cruise, we took in shows etc, etc.

On our last full day we went to the secret garden. There was a baby dolphin there and I was taking loads of pictures. I took a dodgy one and, as I hadn't got much room left on the memory card (having taken over 1000 pictures), I deleted it.

About 1/100th of a second after I pressed delete I realised I had deleted every single photo. To be fair to the camera it had asked me if I was sure I wanted to delete!

I was in tears. At the time I thought there was no way we would be able to afford to go again and all those wonderful memories were gone.

Luckily we are coming up to our 6th trip, plus I can't think of one person I know who would want to look at 1000 pictures of my holiday!

At the time my mum said "we don't need pictures, we have our memories to look back on".

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10. Re: Do you have a Vegas horror story?

After 22 trips, I really don't have any horror stories except losing more money than I wanted to.

I do have some dislike at MLIFE in the past year getting stingy with comps. CET, Total Rewards is an absolute waste of time and money.