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Question regarding Poker :)..,,,,and some more

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Question regarding Poker :)..,,,,and some more

Hi everyone, I have been sitting patiently reading everyone's trip reports and clawing at my desk in jealously HOWEVER my time is fast approaching for my trip to Vegas commences on the 22nd of September staying at MGM for 8 nights.........sooo looking forward to it, money has been saved. Paperwork is now all sorted out.

All that's left is to gamble eat drink more gambling and if I have time maybe throw a tiny bit of sleep in there as well........

My Question is....I have been playing Poker online (virtual money, not real money) for a couple of months now and I feel as though I have a strong firm grasp on it......... Could anyone advise on what the typical limits would be on a ring game for a low roller.....For example would I find a table with a $100 buy in $5 blinds......or is there a set min such as $250 or whichever......

I realize that downtown will be cheaper and the limits will be considerably lower but for now i'm particularly interested on the typical strip limits :) heart of the action you could say

Many Thanks in Advance guys Sorry if this was a little bit long winded

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1. Re: Question regarding Poker :)..,,,,and some more

With respect, you don't have a firm grasp of it.

You'll be eaten alive if you sit into a cash table

Play $1-$2 limit and try not to lose while learning it.

Also a €100 buy in into a 2/5 game is pointless, you have 20 bb. Not to mention that a 2/5 is years ahead of your abilities

Play limit, play super tight and observe what's going on. Try get a feel for the game

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2. Re: Question regarding Poker :)..,,,,and some more

Perhaps play some of the daily tournaments to cut your teeth? One buy in amount (with possible rebuys) and each player will get a set amount of play chips to battle it out for the cash.

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3. Re: Question regarding Poker :)..,,,,and some more

For $1-$2 no limit, the buy-in is usually $100, but some rooms allow to buy-in for as low as $40 (which is useless). For $2-$5 no limit, the minimum buy-in usually goes from $200 (Aria) to $250 (Bellagio).

I second the others and say that you should first sit at a limit game ($2-$4) to get the feel for it. Live and online poker are different and there are rules you should learn as you go along (how to protect your chips, how to raise, etc).

Once you sat for some hours, you'll know if you feel ready to go play some $1-$2. MGM's, Planet Hollywood's, Mandalay Bay's no limit poker tables are usually quite soft but somehow attract their lot of crazies which can be good or bad, depending on the type of player you are.

Play tight aggressive focusing on position, push your continuation bet and have fun!

Visit pokeratlas.com for detailed info on poker room in Las Vegas.

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4. Re: Question regarding Poker :)..,,,,and some more

Agree with the others. Comparing play money virtual poker to a live cash game is like comparing virtual boxing to being in the ring with a real person who's determined to knock your head off.

Everyone plays differently when it's for real and so will you. That said, you'll want your trial and error period to be as inexpensive as possible.

I like the idea of starting out with a daily tournament or two just to get a feel for the game. You will get to see a lot of hands for a relatively low price then once you are comfortable move on up to $2-$4 limit.

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5. Re: Question regarding Poker :)..,,,,and some more

Yep another vote here for playing a small stakes tourney to ease yourself into it. There's plenty around and as a general rule, the earlier in the day you play, the cheaper the buy-in will be. They tend to start at around $30-$40 and are great fun. Enjoy your trip !!

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6. Re: Question regarding Poker :)..,,,,and some more

Take $100 and sit down at a 1/2 NL. Everyone, including the dealer, is happy to help out new players and the most you'll lose is $100. It's the only way to learn. You'll be able to find one at MGM for sure or you can pop across to Excal where the players will often be less experienced than MGM. 2/5 might be a bit much for you, but no need to have to sit at a limit table if you prefer NL. TBH, you'll lose your limit $$ much faster at little no fold em hold em limit stakes.

I'm hoping to check into MGM on the 29th...maybe I'll see you at the tables.

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7. Re: Question regarding Poker :)..,,,,and some more

Most people playing with fake money will go in regardless of their cards. People that will gladly go in with a 2-3 offsuit, playing with fake money, won't be doing that when it's actual cash on the line. Or they go all-in, hoping for the off chance their 3-7 spades will get them a 4, 5 & 6 spades. Don't expect to see that in Vegas...except by others who think they are novice experts.

I don't care what subject it is - gambling, work, sports, etc - if you think you're an expert after a few months, you are fooling yourself. In the world of gambling, you'll be broke before you barely got your first drink.

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8. Re: Question regarding Poker :)..,,,,and some more

You have to give a little more info: What type of game are you playing online, and what type are you hoping to find? Everyone is answering your question as if you are looking for a NO-LIMIT game. Is that what you want?

Or are you looking for a LIMIT game, in which you bet the mandated limit each bet.

If looking for a Limit game, you will find stakes as low as $2-$4 in many poker rooms.

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9. Re: Question regarding Poker :)..,,,,and some more

There's a wealthy of information for poker newbies on the internet and on this forum. One good thread here that I like is below:


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10. Re: Question regarding Poker :)..,,,,and some more

Other posts/posters are correct - this is going to be a learning experience. Your first 40-200 (or more) hours of live (cash) poker will be on a curve. Expect to lose - but try to win. How do you try to win? Play tight, do not fall prey to "fancy-play-syndrome", expect to break even on your bluffs (you will be bluffed as many times as you successfully bluff others), DO NOT BLUFF often, FOLD A LOT...you should be doing more folding and raising than calling, use continuation bets OFTEN - but not all the time. Stay away from players who obviously play better than you. Figure out who you can take advantage of. PLAY POSITION. There is so much more, and if you don't understand some of these concepts please either look them up or feel free to PM me. I'm no expert, but I do have many years of recreational play under my belt. Go and have some fun! The MGM poker room has gone down hill over the years (for a number of reasons). Even though it will be convenient to play at MGM, I'd make my way over to Aria or the Venetian. Mirage has a decent tourny (I think it starts at 1100 ($65 entry?). If I was you, I'd mix at least one tournament into your cash experience (keep in mind tourny and cash have VERY different strategies). Welcome to live poker!