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My first Trip Report!- MGM, 'O', Titanic, shopping

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My first Trip Report!- MGM, 'O', Titanic, shopping

Well, as I settle into my state of depression after returning home, I thought I would re-live my trip through this report.

We started our trip checking into MGM Grand Tower. We are very familiar to this hotel, and love it to bits, however, we did not luck out the first night. Upon check in we asked for a room with some sort of view, as we typically end up looking at the roof. We get to our room...... and there's the roof. So right off the bat we were bitter. I phoned the front desk and they said to call back in the morning around 11 and see if they could change rooms for us. That WOULD have been my plan, however, we were up long before 11 because of the CRYING KID in the room next to us. I will not continue on my kids in Vegas rant, I know it is touchy. Anyhow, luckily they did move us the next day, and we got a good view of NY NY, etc...Because of the fact that we got a good view, I did not even complain about the adjoining room (which I HATE) and having to listen to the guy next to us give the play by play of the football game he was watching. HHAATTTEE adjoining rooms.

We spent a bit of time and a lot of money shopping this trip. We went to the Fashion Show mall the first day...I have decided it was nothing spectacular and there are better places to shop. I was bored after an hour. The next day we went to the Premium outlet mall and THIS place is a whole different story. I ended up there for 5 hours and came home with almost a thousand dollars in goods. I cannot get enough of this place! I got great deals on watches, shoes, clothes... it is awesome. By far my favorite of all the outlet malls I have been to in Vegas.

We saw 'O', which is the last of the Cirque shows for me. I did enjoy it, but found it quite similar to La Reve (yes, I know it's not a Cirque show), so I wasn't overly wowed by it. I stiil stand that Ka is the most original Cirque show and the coolest to watch. That being said, if you had not seen La Reve, then O would probably amaze you. I think I had just already seen the water thing, and so it was nothing new. We sat in the limited view seats for O, in Section 101 row G. These seats were as far to the side as you can go. Although we were nice and close to the stage, I could not help but feel I was missing something on the corner that I could not see. I think if I were to go again, I would pay the extra and sit in the 200's somewhere near the middle. We all agreed that the 300's seemed to look a bit far up, and would probably rather be in the seats we did have.

We went to see David Copperfield one night at the MGM. My problem with it was that nobody from the 'audience' seemed embarrassed to be up on stage... or amazed by what he just did...it just seemed... well, staged. I was hoping David could make disappear the 5 lbs I probably put on this trip.

Finally did the Titanic exhibit. We LOVED it. I loved that movie and I think that's why I was so into it. I was blown away by some of the things in the exhibit such as the one place where you walk 'outside' and you are on the boat deck and it is cold and dark with stars above. I also was amazed by the staircase EXACTLY like the one in the movie. I guess what I am trying to say is, if you like that flick and are into the Titanic story I would say to go. We went to the coke bottle for the "half price" tickets, which instead of being "half price" at 10 dollars, ended up being 14 with charges. I guess it is still less than the 20 you normally pay, but don't tell me half of 20 is 14.

Phew, other than that. Did the MGM dinner buffet, the Bellagio Buffet, the Grand Lux Cafe in the Venetian, Cheesecake Factory, and the Hard Rock Cafe. All great meals. I can't stress enough how amazing the Grand Lux is in Venetian. MASSIVE portions and great food, I can't wait to go back. I just wish I knew that to go to the Hard Rock Cafe you don't actually go to the Hard Rock hotel. Felt kinda dumb on that one.

As usual, we did hit the VooDoo Lounge. We met a wonderful guy who was gentleman enough to buy us a Witchdoctor. Any guy who buys us a 26 dollar drink is good for the night in our books! Until I fell on top of my friend on the dancefloor and realized it was time to shut it down. At least I wasn't the guy trying to pee against the wall on the bar. Yikes.

Gambling.... was I supposed to gamble????

Guys...... did we have stamps on our heads saying if you are married please talk to me, but only if you are married?

Sleep.... how can you? I think the earliest we went to bed was 3am, latest was 6:30am. There is so much to do in this city, you can't waste it by watching a movie in your room.

Now, Vegas is all a memory.....MAN it is hard to leave. I may shed a tear when I wake up in my own bed tomorrow and realize I will be eating Kraft dinner and drinking water for 3 months..... but worth every penny!!!!

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1. Re: My first Trip Report!- MGM, 'O', Titanic, shopping

Liked the TR can't wait to try the VooDoo , Hate to upset you but we fly out tomorrow, Yahoo

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2. Re: My first Trip Report!- MGM, 'O', Titanic, shopping

Loved this TR!

I'm so glad I am the only one who doesn't always get a chance to gamble or sleep because I'm out partying and eating =)

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3. Re: My first Trip Report!- MGM, 'O', Titanic, shopping

You're off to a great start on TR's, well done and good fun!

New York City
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4. Re: My first Trip Report!- MGM, 'O', Titanic, shopping

How far is the Premium Outlet mall from the strip? Would it be too expensive to cab it?

Los Gatos...
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5. Re: My first Trip Report!- MGM, 'O', Titanic, shopping

Very good TR. Made me smile!

Thanks for the tip on the Grand Lux. I always like massive portions of great food!

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6. Re: My first Trip Report!- MGM, 'O', Titanic, shopping


We cab it to the Premium outlet mall...costs about 15 bucks I think?? If you do go, stop in at the Information Centre, it's right where the cabs drop you off at the mall, and for 5 bucks you can buy a VIP brochure and it gets you deals at a lot of the stores. We got good use out of it for sure. If you have a AAA card I think the VIP book is free. It is an outdoor mall so make sure you go on a decent day. It was super windy when we went, but all the bags we were carrying held us down!!

Carson City, Nevada
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7. Re: My first Trip Report!- MGM, 'O', Titanic, shopping

Great report..we just love the Grand lux cafe...

Los Angeles
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8. Re: My first Trip Report!- MGM, 'O', Titanic, shopping

Awesome TR for a first time write up. Thanks for all the info about the mall and adding to the great VooDoo thoughts that exist here. In a few weeks my friends wanted to drag me to Cheesecake Factory and I really don't want to go but I am going to insist of VooDoo on Saturday night after dinner.

South Carolina
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9. Re: My first Trip Report!- MGM, 'O', Titanic, shopping

Very entertaining. Written like a pro. As far as the gambling goes, I'll take up your slack in that department when we go in 18 days.

Thanks for the report.

Charleston, South...
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10. Re: My first Trip Report!- MGM, 'O', Titanic, shopping

Enjoyed reading your TR----we'll be going in Feb. can't wait---How much is the Buffet's that you ate at?? Thanks

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