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Been playing Craps online...

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Been playing Craps online...

And think I have the hang of the two bets I need to make. I think I've got the hang of it and from what I've read as long as I don't make sucker bets and stick to the pass line and odds bet. Thanks for the tips and websites. Any last minute advice before I "roll"? I'm so excited I can't stand it. 12 Days and counting!

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1. Re: Been playing Craps online...

Well IMO - dont just stick to the Pass line thats a real good place to start but get the feel of the table and if the table is cold don't be aftraid to bet the Dont Pass line if things are cold.

Work those two first. Once you start on those then work the 6 and 8 place bets - on a $5 table you start with $6 on these on a $10 table - $12 etc. You can take these down any time you like - if you feel the shooter is going to hit a 7 turn them off or take them down.

Stand around and watch the games. Get the feel for a hot table and a cold table and adjust accordingly - dont be afraid to walk away and come back later.

I like to get the look of shooters and get a feel for what they throw math gee whiz guys say its all random but danged if there are not some guys that hit a lot of 8's or 5's or 7's etc. it seems some guys hit a lot of certain numbers. Work with that.

Dont be afraid to take your place bets or odds bets down.

When its your turn to roll, use one and only one hand on the dice,

leave them on the table until you are ready to throw, set them up to a certain number or not. Give them a gentle toss with arc towards the far end to land just short of the wall. Throw away from chip stacks . Watch out for morons with their hands in the tub. Too many new shooters throw the dice too hard and throw them off the table - they are tiny and light , you dont have to hurl them hard , just put some arc on them and drop them in softly. Keep your rythym and have fun with it if you are on a good roll.

If you happen to throw one off the table - immediately call ' Same Dice ' - it does not mean anything but it makes a lot of people feel better and makes it look like you are not such a rookie.

The luck goes in cycles it seems, your pot will go up and down if you are playing a consistent , conservative game - learn to cash out when you are up if you are looking for a profit . Set a loss limit - when you hit it - color up and walk away - you can always play again some other time on another table.


Dont try to make your own luck by putting out risky bets - especially in the prop bet area. Like being in the ocean you have to go with the waves not against them .

Dont be afraid to sit it out and not bet for a shooter or two or not bet the pass line and only put place bets down - you dont have to put a place bet down at all unless its your turn to roll.

Have a good time and cheer for the shooter.

Tip your dealers - place bets for them now and then, get some $1 chips for that. .

Take the free drinks and have fun.

Tell us how it went.

Good luck !

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2. Re: Been playing Craps online...

Statistically, Pass line bet in long run is a loser.

Craps throws eat up your money, Unless U place a 1$ craps bet for every 5$ pass bet until point is earned.

Use pass line money on odds bets for a better return.

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3. Re: Been playing Craps online...

Grayhorse gives good advice. I was you three weks ago - I had played craps online but not in person. I tried it and found I liked it, but not as much as my main game, blackjack.

For your first time, consider attending one of the craps lessons offered by casinos like Gold Coast. While the lesson won't teach you much you haven't learned online, when it is over you will be at a table full of new rollers like yourself so you won't have to feel intimidated about making a mistake.

Here are some things you probably didn't learn online:

Craps players are superstitious. Don't talk to a shooter. Don't say the word "seven" for any reason. If you are male, don't tell anyone it's your first time because male virgins are bad luck - but if you're female, feel free to say it's your first time because it's good luck.

If you decide to bet "wrong" (Don't Pass or Don't Come), do so quietly so as not to arouse the ire of the others at the table if you win and they all lose.

Most importantly, enjoy the social aspect of the game, as craps is perhaps the most social of all the table games. Generally, most of the people at the table will win or lose together. Don't expect to win a lot when you are first starting out - look at it as a learning experience and paying to entertain yourself.

Hope you have a great time!

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4. Re: Been playing Craps online...

First time I went to Vegas and played craps, this is what happened. I was young and pretty, (not that I'm not still pretty but ...) lol, anyway, I was standing back from the table watching. A woman, the wife of a player, started up a conversation. Her husband was a high roller and playing with $1k chips. He was winning big time and the table got very hot. I cashed a $100 chip and he invited me to stand next to him as do as he did. He told me exactly what to bet and when and better still why. Craps is a very fast game. Your money will either grow very fast or deminish very fast. But since I had snagged on the coattails of a hot steak, my $100 was soon $700. It was a blast and I made new friends. But the moral is to start with a limited amount. I wasn't willing to risk more than the $100 on my learning curve. It could have easily been lost as turned to a profit. You should be observant. I'm a scientist and believe in the imperical perfection of odds but I'll be da#@ed if luck doesn't have anything to do with it. And I have seen luck run, but remember luck goes both ways. Today $100 at the craps table probably won't last long. You may have to be willing to lose $500 anytime you step up. There will be wild swings in the luck but it does "seem" to go in circles. This is absolutely contrary to the mathematics of the game. But it happens. You will find the craps table to be very social but supersticious. I agree with the previous poster, if you bet against the shooter, the don't pass line, do be discreet. They will take it personally.

That first time was also my first eyewitness to comps being offered at the table. My new high roller friends has just showed up at the casino on a sold out Saturday night but soon were offered very nice suites. So even though he was winning, he got comps for high risk. I suppose the casino wanted to make sure he stayed at their casino and got the chance to get their money back. This was back in the early 80's probably before the new rating systems.

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5. Re: Been playing Craps online...


just out of curiosity, is it preferred for a rookie to pass when offered the dice, or is this bad for the rhythm of the game? only time I have attempted craps, my rolls went airborne and I cleared the table pretty quickly. if I attempt another go, should i just pass the dice? thanks in advance...

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6. Re: Been playing Craps online...

Hey J, craps is nothing more than felt "CRACK" Once you start, it's a hard thing to give up and just walk by the next table where people are high-fiving each other and getting payed. First time I played I won about 2500.00 in a hour. Have been chasing the high ever since(10 years). Don't worry about looking like a new comer, some people like a VIRGIN throwing the dice. As someone said earlier, just be gentle with them and not throw them like your pitching in the world series. Soon, you too will develop your own superstitions and get really nervous when they pop up. Remember, once you start, all other games pale in comparison.

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7. Re: Been playing Craps online...

Interesting story, gumbeaux, thanks for sharing it.

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8. Re: Been playing Craps online...

scottand karen,

that's how i feel about krispy kreme - lol

9. Re: Been playing Craps online...

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10. Re: Been playing Craps online...

Two thoughts....

1. see how a table is going...stand back and watch at least 3 shooters at the table, to get an idea of how the table is... hot, cold,choppy...is each shooter crapping out after a couple of rolls? or is each shooter making at least one point?...don't worry about missing a hot roll... it's amazing how a craps table can go into hot and cold cycles...

2. if you see that the shooters are making one point and crapping out on the second point, then you might want to bet on a shooter making his first point, but don't bet at all on the second point or reduce the amount of your wager on the second point ... remember it's not required that you have to bet on every roll or every shooter , you can just stand at the table as long as you have chips in the rack...

based on what you observe, you are either going to another table because of the quick 7-outs (unless you are betting the Don't Pass), or you are going to step up and throw your $$$ down and say "change only"......