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'Twas The Night In The Casino

Chicago, Illinois
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'Twas The Night In The Casino

'Twas The Night In The Casino

'Twas the night before Christmas, I hit the Casino,

I went there to play, More than just Keno.

The dealers were assigned to their tables with care.

Chatting with patrons who were gambling there.

I walked to the Slots and started to Play.

I had a feeling this would be my Day.

I put in my coins and gave the handle a Yank.

As the coins started dropping I heard them go "Clank.

The wheels started spinning, they whirled and they glowed.

Alas! I saw three 7's..lined up in a row.

The lights started flashing, the bells all were ringing,

Out came the Jackpot with that old familiar jingling.

I reached down and scooped up all of my winnings.

I headed for the tables.. I couldn't stop grinning.

A table was open so I sat for Blackjack,

Put down money for chips and purchased a stack.

The Dealer was smiling, I was having such Fun.

Drew a Jack then an Ace, I had Twenty One!

Now off to Roulette but which numbers to Choose?

The way things were going I just couldn't Lose.

I watched the ball spinning, it clicked and it Popped.

Right into my number, that little ball dropped.

"Thirty five to One", the dealer pushed me my chips.

Then she said, "Thanks!" for the Toke that I flipped.

Then out on the Floor, I heard such a Clatter

I rushed to the Craps Table, to see what was the Matter.

There was this Fat Guy so lively and quick,

I thought to myself, he looks like Saint Nick.

I watched the dice as they flew from his hand.

He made his point, ever time they'd Land.

"Place the Six and the Eight and a Dollar on YO!

He blew on the dice before letting them Go.

To some these dice are more Fun than Toys.

I almost Forgot, Hard Six for the Boys!"

He handled the Bones so smooth and so Swift.

The timing was right, To ask for a Gift.

"Oh Santa please share some of your Lucky Charm.

He whispered to me, as he took my Arm.

"If you want to keep winning when rolling the Dice,

Just listen to Santa and heed my Advice.

""I've learned from the Experts, Frome, Scoblete and Wong.

The secret of winning is PRACTICE hard and long."

"You MUST use your head and this is no Fable.

If your Luck starts to turn, You must leave the Table"

In the Blink of an eye he was headed for the Door.

I pleaded with Santa, "Please, Tell me more!”

He called back to me, as he flew out of sight.

"Every day will be Christmas, If you Learn to play the game Right"

I wish you all a Happy Holiday and a "Lucky" New Year!!

The chitowngamber and his beloved Lady

Brooklyn, New York
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1. Re: 'Twas The Night In The Casino

That was great! Happy holidays!

1,519 Miles from...
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2. Re: 'Twas The Night In The Casino

Did this really happen or did you just make it all up? Was this at a downtown casino or on the Strip?

Happy holidays to you and the Lady, too!

Toledo, Ohio
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3. Re: 'Twas The Night In The Casino

Wow that was great!!!! Happy Holidays to All!!!!

Mountaineer Country
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4. Re: 'Twas The Night In The Casino

I guess I shouldn't have bet against the fat man. That was really good.

Lakeville, Minnesota
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5. Re: 'Twas The Night In The Casino

This was wonderful, how long did it take you to think of this? Very artistic.

We usually head back to Vegas for NYE and I have been feeling a bit blue abut not going this year until March but as it tiruns out it was for the best as my mother in law fell yesterdsay and broke BOTH hips and had surgery last night so we probably would have had to cancel our NYE trip anyway, taken the airfare loss and not gone at all this season. So am so glad we changed our plans for this next trip. PLus I've heard the weather isn't the greatest right now. We are in MInnesota and have no snow, had some sleet yesterday (which is why she fell) but supposed to be back in the 40's next week, so can't even complain about the cold winter so far.

Happy Holidays to all!!!

Toronto, ON
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6. Re: 'Twas The Night In The Casino

that was great. thank you! :)

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7. Re: 'Twas The Night In The Casino

Brilliant Chitown, just brilliant, and fun fun fun!!!

I have visions of Vegas dancing in my head!!!

Los Gatos...
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8. Re: 'Twas The Night In The Casino

Very nice Chitown. May all your opportunties in Vegas be filled with wins and good (walk away) timing! Have a GREAT holiday.

Chicago, Illinois
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9. Re: 'Twas The Night In The Casino

Roger wilco 0r Roger that, will comply

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10. Re: 'Twas The Night In The Casino

Clever, insightful, entertaining, really really good Chitown!! Merry Christmas !