Earth Day adds a colorful event this year

Last year, was the 1st year I made it to Earth Day, and while crowded, it was much fun.… PLUS I got freebies ←how can I not love freebies? BTW [other than I type BTW too much] the one pine tree sprout freebie from last year's Earth Day that lived is like chest height on me this Spring. Oh my it's going to be taller than me soon.

So. This year, ACUA is having a Colors of the Earth Fun~Run. Where volunteers on the sides of the racecourse toss colored cornstarch at the participants. It's for a good cause, but... getting colored cornstarch lobbed at me before 9am on a Sunday morning... well, it's just not for me. But the Earth Day celebration is. If y'all are in the area Sunday, like in AC, the weather looks nice not cussingly gorgeous, but a nice day for an outdoor celebration