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non refund of deposit

A message of thanks to BOOKSURE: I had a dreadful experience with a guesthouse in Hout Bay; I was unable to secure the return of my deposit after cancelling my booking (14 weeks before the start of our stay!).

I was given promises and assurances, but deadlines came and went! I really thought I had lost my deposit: even a solicitor's letters were ignored!!!

I contacted Booksure, and they secured the return of my deposit (minus a small percentage by the guesthouse for administration!?) almost immediately. They succeeded where banks, credit card companies, and legal advice failed.

Many many thanks to Booksure.

I was additionally delighted, because I have always found South African guesthouses excellent, and great value for money.

PS My good nature prevents me from naming the guesthouse, because it was, I believe, under new management.