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anyone stayed here

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anyone stayed here

looks nice but very expensive. any advise on where to stay and what to do would be appreciated. thanks

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1. Re: anyone stayed here

I have been on Bald Head but never stayed there. I don't believe there is anywhere to stay but private homes. Not much to do. Beach, lighthouse, golf. This is a private island that doesn't allow cars. Can only ride around in golf cart. There is plenty to do if you take the ferry off island in Southport, Wilmington, etc....

wilmington, nc
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2. Re: anyone stayed here

Bald Head is very pricey!! Folks like Jeff Gordan, vice presidents, movie stars, etc have homes there. You can only get there by a $15 ferry and only golf carts are allowed(yes you have to rent those too). Over the past few years it has really been built up which has taken a lot of the natural charm away, but it is still nice. There is a inn on the island if you do not want to rent a house, go to - http://www.theodosias.com/

Check out more island details at - www.baldheadisland.com

Great web site that tries to sell property, but also will give you some info on activities on the island. Good luck!!

Cape Elizabeth...
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3. Re: anyone stayed here

We have stayed on Bald Head mroe times than I can count over many years in private residences, the condos (ocean and marsh side) and Theodosia's. What the previous posters said is absolutely true. It has grown up a lot in the past 3-5 years and, in a since, the developer has gotten 'greedy'. But, it still is a very special place to visit.

The ride on the launch to the island provides a wonderful 15-20 minutes of decompression. The entire island is accessbile by cart, which is always a part of any rental, be it at the B&B or in a residence. The beaches are unlike any that North Carolina offers anywhere else. You could go on July 4 and encounter maybe 25 people in a walk along miles of beach. The golf course is beautiful, and tough, but fair. The chapel on the island is one of the most exquisite you can encounter along the coast, with its view across the marsh. The lighthouse is fun to climb, though not without a certain sense of trepidation and vertigo given its somewhat scary interior staircase. There are amply activities for families and children including kayaking, monitoring loggerhead turtle nests and, of course, swimming.

It is expensive, that's for sure. But if you want a treat that is unlike anything you will experience anywhere in NC or SC for that matter IMHO, take a long weekend and go to Bald Head. Just suspend belief while you are there and let your credit card rule. Good luck.

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4. Re: anyone stayed here

I have a friend who owns an island next to Bald Head Island. It's a few acres big, with no power or water, only a small one-room cabin with bunk beds. You have to take a boat from the mainland just to get there. Very unique. And absolutely gorgeous.

Ten years ago, some friends and I visited his island, drank a few too many, and decided to try and wade through the marshy waters to Bald Head Island. After all, it looked so close, how far away could it really be? (remember the drinking part?) After about an hour of wading, we climbed up on a little patch of land only big enough for about 4 people to sit on, and waved to some of the guys, hoping they would wade out and pull us in. We had a lot of fun sitting on that little patch of land and waving to all the people riding across the water in the Bald Head Island ferries. They had such confused looks on their faces. I guess it did look kind of weird, two girls sitting on a little patch of land out in the middle of nowhere.

Never once did we think about sunburns... or alligators. To make a long story short, it is DEFINITELY worth the expense. The area is beautiful. It was relatively undeveloped when I visited 10 years ago, and I hear it has changed since then. But it is still beyond gorgeous, and very desolate and romantic. Enjoy!

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5. Re: anyone stayed here

hi, i was just checking the weather on bald head island as i

just came back and am tracking katrina. bald head is very,

very expensive (and i'm not poor). my brother rented a house for ten days and it was seven thousand dollars. i enjoyed

going there, but would never go back. it is overdeveloped,

corporate feel in the background all the time. the beaches

are abolutely beautiful. spend 15.00 on the ferry and go for

the day. the food is expensive too, but a lunch of she-crab

soup at the non-ritzy restaurant (can't remember the name) would be worth it. we bought the soup and took it home for

supper on the porch- looking at the ocean. during turtle

season you can get involved with the turtle patrol if you join

for fifty dollars. they give a really good lecture about turtles

which is easy to find out about. there seem to be three old,

refurbished cabins (something smith, captain smith maybe)

that were the most attractive and cheapest. not fake charm

or fake new england shingled, rambling houses. everything

is reasonably new and lacks charm, character. i'll bet you

could do better. but i would say go for the day first if you

want to see it. e-mail me at emersonm@bellsouth.net and

i will look up the cabins, restaurant, etc. take a day trip

first and then make up your mind. good luck. mary

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6. Re: anyone stayed here

If you think that BHI is expensive, try the Outer Banks. You could not even touch a house for $7000 for 10 days- maybe not even off season. And for that you get traffic jams, crowds and not much peace and quiet. While I understand that BHI has been developed by private corporation, they have done a pretty good job, in my view. I will take the peace and quiet, pristine forest, beautiful beaches, no cars and wildlife any day. It is not just for the very rich as many visitors such as ourselves ,while not poor, wouldn't make anybody's 'rich list'. In addition to the privately owned mansions, there are also condominiums and time shares for sale and many people stay in rented houses like we did.

It (obviously) doesn't appeal to everyone, but I wouldn't want people to be misled by thinking there are no good reasons you might enjoy this island. It is unique and there is much to savor

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