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Italian girl, I need some help!!!

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Italian girl, I need some help!!!

I read a lot of messages regarding relocated in Charlotte and I found this forum very helpfull.

I'm an italian girl, 26 years old and I'm looking for a lot of information about relocating in Charlotte.

My boyfriend works for an american company, right now he has an office in Italy but his company offered to him a wonderful chance to progress his career moving to Charlotte.

As you may guess I have a lot of doubt about leaving behind me all my life here in Italy but as always my boyfriend says " We need to grab life by the horn!!!"

Italian business right now is very very bad...I don' t have a job here, i got my degree in turistic business but i still can' t find anything!!! Sigh!! Plus houses price are terrible high...you can't ever image how much could cost an apartament in a condo!!!

For that reason it seems to me a good chooice moving to Charlotte but i'm still afraid for a lot of reasons.....

1) My boyfriend has very good insurance with his company but what about me...( we're planning to marry soon....can I have the same insurance he has?)

2) Can i stay in Charlotte even if i can't find a joob or do i need to come back after six months???

3) I'm so scared about making new friends...do you think it will be easy to meet new people about my age? Any discrimination for the fact i'm italian?

I visited United States twice, I went to Florida, Seattle, Las vegas and i really loved it....not that much Florida...but that's why i got a terrible flu when i was there!!!!

I really appreciate any suggestions....this is a crucial moment for me and i'm so nervous!!! I really need all your help!!!

Thank you....you seems to me very kind persons!!!


If you wanna contact me directly this is my email address chiaramarongiu@tin.it

Recliner in North...
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1. Re: Italian girl, I need some help!!!


I think the answer to your first two questions depends on when/if you and your boyfriend decide to get married. Most company insurance policies will allow him to add you once you're married. I not sure about the residency policy if you two don't get married, but I believe once you are married it is a moot point.

I work at the largest college in the area, and I know a lot of internationals who add to the rich cultural flavor of the community. Most folks are going to be friendly, but there will aways be the mean person----the same person who's going to be mean to everyone, though. Consider taking a class or getting involved with the arts community to make new friends----we are a friendly and multicultural group!


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2. Re: Italian girl, I need some help!!!

Hi Artlupie,

thank you for your suggestions...you seems the right person to me as I'm considering to attend some university courses! Actually I've already got my italian degree in tourism but I'm also interested in doing something else!! I would really like to teach italian as a second language...do you happen to know if there is some specialization I need to attend? And plus I guess I should take " toefl exam" to enter the university as international student, is that true??

Thank you for your help... I really appreciate it!!!!