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safety in SJDS

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safety in SJDS

Hi Hopefully our first time to SJDS, I want to visit and stay at the Mango Rosa hotel but my husband is concerned about safety in this area. Any info that convince him that we will have a great time will be appreciated. Cheers, Connie

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1. Re: safety in SJDS

We just got back and stayed at Mango Rosa for 4 days. While I would have some concerns staying in San Juan Del Sur proper, you should have no concern staying at Mango Rosa. it is on the road to the surf beach (about a 20 minute walk). We walked to the beach each day and never had any incident. The beaches nearby were also safe.

If you go to town, be sure to eat at El Colibri, the best food in town for sure.

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2. Re: safety in SJDS

I'll confess it has now been a few years since I was in SJDS, but I stayed in town at a small basic motel, probably similar to a Super 8 or so...for that very extended trip of 5 months of many places, budget was a concern. For what it's worth, this trip was also very much a "backpacker" type trip - point being I walked a lot and was somewhat more exposed to the streets, if you will.

I walked in the evenings and experienced no troubles from anyone there (the weather was a different story - I happened to be there at least partially during a tropical storm). I suspect you will be as okay as Philly or anywhere else - use common sense and you should be fine.

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3. Re: safety in SJDS

I'd be much more worried about safety in Philadelphia than SJDS.

Just use some common sense and you should be fine

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4. Re: safety in SJDS

I agree with Sean C. SJDS is much safer than a lot of areas in Philly. Especially north of Springarden and around Temple U. I'm a future resident of SJDS and have been there a dozen times or so. Just don't walk on the beach at night and don't wander too far north of the Eskimo Ice Cream shop after around 11:00. Anywhere in town is fine. I've stumbled back to my hotel at all hours with no problem. Petty crime exists, but no worse than any vacation spot in the Carribean or Mexico. Just use common sense. Good luck

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5. Re: safety in SJDS

I will be staying at a home owned by Americans called Tortuga Azul in SJDS...has anyone heard of it? Any comments? Also, we are touring with Nicaraguan Adventures...any info?

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6. Re: safety in SJDS

I'm also a Philadelphian, spent a week in SJDS last winter and will be returning again in about a month. I would definitely echo the above comments, you are safer there than you would be in most parts of Philadephia. Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions or concerns, I'd be more than happy to share what information I have

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7. Re: safety in SJDS

You should not walk around at night, especially on the beach or north toward the disco. Taxis are $5, why take a chance? You can walk into town no problem in daylight, it will be hot though. Mango Rosa is too far out to safely walk at night, you have to either walk along a dark country road or walk along the crime part of the beach. Safe your walking at night for the other, better parts of Nicaragua.

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8. Re: safety in SJDS

Thank you for all the info. I hope to book my hotel and flight today. Cheers, Connie

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9. Re: safety in SJDS

I recently stayed in SJDS for the second time. I totally agree with all the comments above. Both times I've stayed at inexpensive places right in town and had absolutely no problems. As mentioned, use caution and common sense- especially at night and in dark, secluded areas. Much the same as you would in Philly or anywhere in the world. I had such a nice time there, I'm thinking about returning for a few days later this month. I'll probably stay at Casa Ariki again. Relax and enjoy yourself. Safe travels.

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10. Re: safety in SJDS

We are staying near Playa Maderas and were wondering about any crime issues we should be aware of. There are lots of posts out there. Any thoughs on night time travel between SJDS and Playa Maderas?