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How long have you been going to MB?

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How long have you been going to MB?

Please share your early memories!

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1. Re: How long have you been going to MB?

We went to Crescent Beach in 1954-58. My great aunt had a cottage there. It had two pots in the kitchen, one big one little. The furniture was what nobody needed at home, so they took it to the beach. No nice furniture at the second home.

All North Carolina people went to Myrtle Beach the weekend after high school graduation. We drove all night and stayed at the Oceanaire Motel. It was 1970. We enjoyed the Pad in OD.

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2. Re: How long have you been going to MB?

First trip was probably 60 or 61. I was aprox. 6 years old. Stayed at south end of Cresent Beach in small flat roofed house named "Ann Baker". Located where Baywatch sits today.

Have pictures of the area in early 60's posted on FunBeaches board. Odd to see long row of houses up and down the beach. Other than a couple water towers. Not one single three story or taller structure.

We were just a few doors from pier that seperated Cresent from Atlantic Beach. First few trips we were always told not to go past pier. We were too young to understand segregation. By the time we were 8-9 they would let us hang out on the pier playing pinball machines. Still didn't mean anything to us.

Early trips were multi family affairs with aunts, uncles and cousins.

Our one immediate family trip was to Ocean Drive in mid 60's. Small motel called Sea Vista. Not positive but think it sat around where Avista or Ashworth sit today.

Small eff. apt type unit. Between not having cousin to run around with and small accomodations. Not the most memorable trip.

Last multi family trip was late 60's. Very north end of Cherry Grove. Last house on second row side of road. Last couple blocks there were no houses on ocean front side. From that last house you had view out front of ocean. Across inlet to the north and the undeveloped marsh in the back.

Broke my heart as an adult going up there and seeing it all blocked off by horseshoe shaped wall of buildings.

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3. Re: How long have you been going to MB?

Our 1st trip was 73 or 74. Never forget that one. Our daughter was about four years old and playing at waters edge right in front of us while we conversed with a neighbor. Took our eyes off her for about 15 seconds and she was GONE ! Had people up and down the beach looking for her when she came riding by on a lifeguard jeep about ten minutes later. Still have trouble believing she disappeared that fast. At one time we alternated years between Fl and MB. Now haven't been to Fl in over 25 years.

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4. Re: How long have you been going to MB?

Back in the '60's..my family of 5 (dad, mom, 3 daughters) would go to MB every August for one week. For years. Always stayed at little 2-story motel, Bay Shore Motel which was just a block or two north of the ":strip". My dad somehow knew the owners and would call them only the week before, asking for a room. I think we stayed in every single room they had...most were eff-apt. type rooms. Oceanfront motel, small pool. (looking back now...I would call it a dump! LOL) I remember walking, every night, along the strip, going in to The Gay Dolphin, buying souvineers. My mother cooked most of our meals in the room. Don't remember going to resturants much. Rode my first...and last...roller coaster there one year with my dad. My Mom would always sit in front of the German Organ, waiting for us kids to finish the rides. She loved that thing!

In the mid 70's we went to Florida for vacations, as my sister had moved to Ft. Laud. In April 1982, my husband and I went back to MB for our honeymoon...staying at Montego Inn...I think. was the name..somewhere on So. Ocean Blvd. All thru the 80's and 90's we went to Carolina Beach, NC with our kids. Nice beach house there...love that area. Then...in 2002 or 3...we went back to Myrtle Beach...stayed at Carolina Winds. One night went down to see if the old Bay Shore Motel was still there...yup, but boarded up, and taped off. I climbed over the tape and got some old boards from the side of the motel that had fallen off...as souvineers. Still have them. The next year we went down....it was a parking lot! :(

We still go to MB almost every year now...staying in North Myrtle Beach.

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5. Re: How long have you been going to MB?

My first trip was with my family and friends in 1974. I was 12. It was the best trip of my life! Our family were avid golfers and my parents and their friends had a golf package. We stayed at the holiday inn in south myrtle beach. Right across from it was the amusement park - which we all went to daily. I remember being given $5 a day and we were able to eat out for lunch and go on the rides and play mini-putt everyday!

A highlight for me on that trip was when my parents took me to the golf course to golf. The courses were so green and the pinecones were huge!

When my husband and I were thinking of places to go with our family - once we had some extra funds - I suggested Myrtle Beach. Hubby had never been. Our first trip was in 2008 and we have been back every year since, sometimes twice in a year. Our adult kids have been once before with us and will be going again this year. We are trying to squeeze in as many family vacations as we can before they fly the nest.

Upon my return to Myrtle Beach the hotels have certainly grown and changed, same with the landscape. The kindness and hospitality of the people is still the same - kudo's on that!

It is my hopes that after the girls have families of their own they will be able to enjoy Myrtle Beach as much as I do.

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6. Re: How long have you been going to MB?

I think my first trip was very late 80s or very early 90s. I was young. We used to get 2 rooms and stay in the Ocean Lodge. We loved that place. We stayed there for a couple of years and then stayed at LongBay for one year. We liked the smaller feel of the ocean lodge better. Us kids, always had a less crowded pool at the ocean lodge. Everyday we would walk down town. I think we went to the Gay Dolphin 2 or 3 times every vacation. We all just loved walking though the shops. I loved the pavilion. We had a lot of fun there. Im still sad its gone. We were big on go karts too. But hey we were kids. After a few years with the Ocean Lodge, we started staying in what they called a cottage at a small hotel by the 2nd Ave pier. For the life of me I can't remember what that place was called. But we spent years at that place, and really liked it. Again, it was the small hotel feel we liked. And we still walked downtown.

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7. Re: How long have you been going to MB?

Most first time was a golf trip in 1996. We stayed at the Litchfield and played Willbrook, River Club, Litchfield, Island Green, Myrtle West Golf Club (Black Bear now), and Sea Gull Golf Club.

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8. Re: How long have you been going to MB?

wow first trip was sometime in the mid 70's with my mom and grandmother after a week at Wrightsville Beach... Oh I remember the Pavillion and Boardwalk, feeling like it was the greatest place on earth lolol ... Then I didnt come back until around 2000 or so... first trip was just a couple days with my sister inlaw and son to pick up my daughter who had went for a week with my Aunt and cousins.... then we headed out since the weather wasnt the greatest and went to Fla.... After that the next summer the whole family went and have been going back once or twice a year ever since... I still miss my Fla beach trips and will be back but my family is happy with MB and I like having all the choices of things to do and places to go or just hanging in our condo...

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9. Re: How long have you been going to MB?

My 1st time to Myrlte was a honeymoon trip in 76. I fell in love with the area and the people on that visit.


You don't just luck into things... You build step by step,

whether it's friendships or opportunities.

-Barbara Bush

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10. Re: How long have you been going to MB?

Life wasn't going my way in upstate NY in 1995, so I decided a clean break was in order. I packed up everything I owned and drove south. I planned on ending up in Atlanta because I knew there would be jobs with the Olympics were coming. I ended up spending a night in Myrtle Beach along the way and fell in love and didn't leave! LOL! My son was born there in 1996. I worked reservations at The Breakers....

I have since moved back to NY to be near family, but we vacation at the Breakers every chance we get. It's not nearly so often since we now have 4 kiddos, but I'll be back "home" on June 26th!!!

I always feel like I'm coming home as I drive in on 501 from 95. And I always get very sad as I'm leaving...when my kids are out of school, I will most likely move back. I love it there.

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