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relocating to a warmer climate !

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relocating to a warmer climate !

I posted this also on the Memphis, TN board so far no valuable feedback:

my husband and I are medical professionals in the Boston area and we both have had very good and similar job offers in Memphis, TN and in Nashville, TN, plus we are looking maybe around the Knoxville area, we are an inter-racial couple with one little one and we would like to know from travelers, and specifically transplants which of these two cities (or other TN cities) are more welcoming (viz social/race/community). Any honest feedback or personal experiences would be very much appreciated. WE would like to avoid making a bad decision just because we're cold ! thanks

nashville, tennessee
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1. Re: relocating to a warmer climate !


I can't say much about Memphis but I moved here from upstate NY and also lived in CA for a long time. I recommend Nashville over Memphis because I live near nashville, it has Vanderbelt U and hospital, it's a great place to live, it feels like a small town with some big city structure, good airport for traveling, I go to CA often, it's very green, mild winter, and got some nice area to raise kids, I am asian and i never felt any prejudice, the city has a good energy, traffic jam is very minor compare to the big cities. planty of private schools if you need them and they are all very good. people are friendly, it's progressive even thougha bit slow. It might take a while to get used to simply because it's not as busy as boston. but you can get Sunday NY Times at the coffee shops and bookstore if you must. property range widely and usually they are of good values. I think soon as you start meeting peo[ple and make new friends, your adjusting period will be shortened. I now call this home and love it.

Franklin, TN
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2. Re: relocating to a warmer climate !

Having lived in Knoxville and Memphis, and currently living in Nashville, here is what I see. All the are nice cities As for being an interracial couple, while you will run into a few prejudiced idiots (will you will find anywhere in this country), you won't have any problems. Tennessee does not have a state income tax, and is overall, financially friendly.

Memphis: Largest of the 3. Flat terrain, stifling hot in the summer. Memphis is very spread out. Can't comment on the schools. Main growth is out east of the city, Germantown. Lot's of history w/Beale St., Elvis, have annual Memphis in May festival, Civil Rights Museum. Very nice zoo (2 pandas). Highest concentration of African Americans of the 3 cities. Interesting observation about Memphis, when you get to mid-town, it is almost like a time warp. Having lived there in that time, it's almost like you are in the 60's. Hub airport for Northwest airlines. Crime is probably highest here. Memphis Grizzlies pro basketball, minor league hockey. As for healthcare, St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital, UT Pharmacy school.

Knoxville: Large, college town (U of TN), which makes football Saturdays a hassle for traffic. In the mountains of E. Tennessee. Is probably the slowest growing of the 3. Small zoo, w/in 40 min of Smokey Mountains. Gets a couple of snowfalls per season. People are nice, good expansion with more and more retail businesses being built. Main growth is on the west side of town (Farragut). As for medical, UT is one of the main facilities, having a good medical institution and one of the largest, most progressive vet schools in the country (they are trying to become on of the few national vet reference labs). The forensics program is world renowned, w/Dr. Bass and 'the body farm'. Knoxville is a quieter pace than Memphis. Again, cannot comment on schools.

Nashville (my home): called a little, big city. Behind Memphis in size, the fastest growing city. I live in Williamson County, one of the top 100 fastest growing counties in the country. Rolling hills. Concentrates on it's country music history. While there are other things available, this is this towns bread and butter as for tourism. Fan Fair in June bring lots of people to town. Winters are OK, perhaps 1-2 snows/year, more ice (warning, most of us don't drive very well in the ice and while the DOT does a good job on the main roads, the rolling hills can go for a few days w/slick spots). Lot's of corporate growth (Nissan coming to town). Mecca of healthcare corporate offices (HCA, Community Health), Vanderbilt University Med Center and school. Plenty of diversity in people due to high transplants. Have Titans football, Predators Hockey, Nascar. Schools in the area are overall very good (more so outside Nashville Davidson Co. IMO).

My personal preference is Nashville, Knoxville second, then Memphis.

I'm sure you have many other questions, if I can assist, shoot me an email and I will try to answer any questions the best I can.

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3. Re: relocating to a warmer climate !

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