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E-Z car rental

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Pontiac, Illinois
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E-Z car rental

Anyone ever heard of or used E-Z car rental when flying into Dallas? Is it located at the airport or do you have to take a shuttle? Thanks

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Bedford, Texas
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1. Re: E-Z car rental


I have heard of E-Z car rentals only because they are here at DFW Airport. I have never used them but never heard of any complains either way. At DFW Airport you need to take the shuttle to the Rental Car Central to rent a car. All rental car companies are at this location.

Once you exit your flight and pick up your luggage if you have any, just follow the signs to where the bus will pick you up and take you to the rental car center. All bus to the rental car center are on the lower level of the terminals.

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2. Re: E-Z car rental

My experience with E-Z Rental Cars in Denver this past week was the worst experience renting a car in my 40 years of doing so. When the agent said "Just because you have a reservation, doesn't mean you get a car" I should have run screaming. Down hill from there. The name should have been a big red flag -- it was anything but EASY. Horrid experience.

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3. Re: E-Z car rental

We just rented from E-Z car rental at the Los Angeles airport. They were $20 cheaper a day than the other rental car agencies; and that was before any applicable discounts (we used the airline employee discount). We had a nice, clean car. Great experience. The rental process was quick and easy and they didn't try to upsell insurance or a larger vehicle. The employees were polite and professional. Will definetely use them again.

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4. Re: E-Z car rental

I have rented from E-Z twice. Once in Fort Lauderdale and just this weekend in Orlando. We have always had smooth pick-ups and drop-offs and have gotten nice clean cars. They are my first choice when avaialable.

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5. Re: E-Z car rental

In L. A. we rented a car from this company from October 4th to the 10th.This rental car company was a first time for us and we were pleasantly surprised. The professional staff were friendly and very helpful. We had a great car that was in great condition and the price was second to none. Thank you.

Chicago, Illinois
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6. Re: E-Z car rental

I just rented from E-Z in Dallas this past weekend. I had a very early AM flight out of Dallas on Sunday, and was told to drop the car off at the 2nd level return area and simply lock the keys in the car and leave it since E-Z car rental wasn't open at 4AM. I received a phone call tonight (Monday PM) from a rep asking me when I plan to return the car so I explained that I had returned it to the 2nd floor return area and locked the keys in the car as instructed. After a few phone calls back and forth I was told that they were unable to locate the car, but after I pressed the issue the rep acknowledged that he knew the car had been returned, but it was in Enterprises posession and they were unable to locate it. He then stated that Enterprise most likely rented the car out to someone else because they have done this in the past several other times. Huhhhh???? I asked for the manager, but was told that he's out of the office until Thursday, and in the mean time they wont be taking the car out of my name until Enterprise returns it to them. I'm now awaiting a call back from the manager of Enterprise. So...I'm happy for those of you who had a good experience, but I will most definitely never rent from E-Z again.

Berkeley, CA
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7. Re: E-Z car rental

I rented from E-Z at DFW at the end of October. Having read the reviews, I had some trepidation about renting from them, but they were so significantly cheaper than any other company that I decided to bite the bullet. It turned out to actually be a good experience. They had the car I reserved, which was significant because someone else at the counter who didn't have a reservation was going to have to wait until the next day to get a car and pay $350 a day. The counter people were friendly, there was no up sell, and the car was new and in good condition. I wouldn't particularly recommend them because of the bad experiences others have related, but if you do rent from them I can at least say that your experience won't necessarily be bad.

Clover, South...
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8. Re: E-Z car rental

Ok so heres my EZ rental car experience. I reserved a full size car well in advance of my trip. I arrived at the EZ car counter after landing in DFW. The lady that helped me was nice and polite despite the fact that English was not her first language. I signed the contracts and was told to go through some doors to the rental lot. I was given the keys to the 2013 Chevy Malibu and we examined it for damage and signed off. I am a large man 6'3 and near 300 pounds and I noted when I got in the car it was a chore, the top of the door frame was at the base of my skull and it would catch me in the head every time I got in or out, I didnt complain because I was tired after my flight and I had things to accomplish in Dallas. Besides, I thought I had gotten what I paid for, WRONG! The experience went down hill from there. That night after knocking my head on the car for what seemed like the billionth time I called the EZ office in Dallas and asked the employee who answered if I could speak to a manager. He replied "The manager is not here". So I asked the next logical question, "whos in charge?.... "me" came the reply. So I went about the process of explaining why I believed I had been placed in the wrong class of car and I was interrupted several times only to be told that there is no difference in the size of a standard car versus the full size. I pointed out that the website certainly made a distinction both in representation and in price, so therefore there must be a difference. He replied that his Manager had told them that there was no difference but that I could call the Customer service number on my contract. So I did. After being transferred a couple of times, I spoke with a lady who was terse and rude, interrupting me on several different occasions and was told in no uncertain terms that EZ made no distiction between Standard and full size cars and that often they substituted cars from either class for the other. WHAT? I pay for a full size and you think its acceptable to give me the class below it? I protest. She tells me to call back in the morning and speak with someone in resolution. Sighs, OK. So I call back in the morning and spoke with a man whom I believe to be the only one with a brain in this company, After explaining the situation again for the 4th or 5ht time now, he agrees with me and states that there is most certainly a difference between a fulls size and a standard car. He verifies my reservation and notes yes I paid for a Full and that the Malibu I was in was definitely not that. He calls the Dallas office while I hold and then returns to the line telling me that the Dallas office has no cars to rent!!! Well Betty bar the door and send em home, arent you all in the car rental business? He advises me to call the Dallas office and speak to the Manager and have him hold a car for me when one comes available. Sigh. Ok I will. I call the office and ask to speak to the manager, AGAIN. Again I am told he is unavailable. Ok whos in charge? I ask. "no one"

Well that explains a lot. SO I once more explain my plight to yet another employee and I am told "we have no full size cars, all we have is another malibu here." Well in the course of my conversation with this lady she says "I have a camry here in my hand, we can give you that one". Well thats awesome, only Im 200 miles away from Dallas now. I ask "Will you have your manager call me please, I need to discuss this with someone on authority". Well the manager calls, a fellow named Mike, and once more I go through the story and much to my chagrin he repeats the old standard of "there's no difference in size between a standard and a full size" I inform him that when I spoke with the corporate office, they were in agreement with me that there was most definitely a difference. Go ahead ask me what he said next. go on. OK OK I will tell you, He said "Well that guy you spoke to is just a customer service representative, Im the manager of the office" Oh well please forgive me Oh Omnipotent one. Well Mike says come on back and we will change the car out for you, I say that I am perfectly willing to come back and change out the car but as a concession to my inconvenience to me, I tell him that I wont be returning the Malibu with a full tank. You would have thought I slapped his momma. Well that set off another firestorm and finally he ended up offering me an upgrade to an SUV class. End of story, happy ending? WRONG!!

I drove back to Dallas and filled the tank in the Malibu and returned it the upper deck of the place, A woman comes over and starts to inspect the car for damage and she finds a small scratch under the front bumper that I had missed in my initial inspection. I look and know damn well I didnt damage that vehicle so I tell her, "im not paying for that" she looks at me and says nothing offering me the inspection form to sign, I repeat myself "Im not paying for that and Im not signing that form" She still says nothing and walks away leaving me standing there. I was a bit shocked and then pissed off.

I go down the deck to the offices, only to find that Mike is no where to be found AGAIN. I tell the man at the counter about my deal with Mike and he verifies it and another contract is signed for the Equinox. I make mention of the damage that was noted on the returned malibu and of the poor behaviour of the employee and he shrugs it off and says "dont worry, if there was no report filled out then its all good".

I better not get billed for that later is all I can say. I take the key and go to the lot, where I use my 500 lumen light to inspect every inch of this new rental car and make the girl out there mark every speck of dirt on the car that didnt come off when I rubbed it with my finger. Well some 10 mins of inspection Im off again.

EZ did make up the deficiency in the end but this has been an absolute horror story of a car rental. I learned my lesson The joy of a low price does not last near as long as the agony of a poor product or service.

From now on I will spend the extra money and go with one of the big names

San Diego CA U.S.A.
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9. Re: E-Z car rental

I have always had a GREAT experience with E-Z car rental, I usually use them out of DEN. I find that the empolyees at the DEN location are wonderful, provide GREAT customer service; cars are alway new and very clean. The only bump I have had is with one of their counter agents Victoria, she was the complete opposite of every other employee that I have ever encountered there. I hope that they provide her with some additional service training or place her so that she has little to no customer interaction.

Dallas, Texas
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10. Re: E-Z car rental

This place is not just bad, but REALLY BAD. My experience was along the lines of the majority of these 1 star reviews. yelp.com/biz/…self

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