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Avoid Enrique and Jaguar 2 travel agency

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Avoid Enrique and Jaguar 2 travel agency

Just a heads up to people coming into Flores. On some of the buses that come into Flores, yet stop and switch you onto another bus with travel agents that speak very good English to make sure you book your trip to Tikal (or others) with them right away as it's very busy!!! Ya right! Anyway if I guy with a scar on his face named Enrique gets on your bus, your better off to tell him to get bent and carry on to find your own hotel and search around for yourself to find your way to Tikal. This guy is the most dishonest guy in Flores and the more we mentioned his name the more bad stories we heard about him. Whenever people mentioned his name at other travel agents they all laughed and gestured to money signs or had the same idea about this douche bag. I could get into the many detail of how he ripped of everyone I know that encountered him but I'll save the whiney details. Also the jaguar 2 travel agent he works with is very bright yellow and green building with a sign that you can barely make out (probably due to the bad wrap they have). Anyway good luck!

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1. Re: Avoid Enrique and Jaguar 2 travel agency

He is infamous. Been so for some time. Never believe the touts that get on the buses. As far as transport between Flores and Tikal, talk to your hotel. The agencies don't want to lose the hotel link and are much more likely to provide on time and quality service if you book via the hotel.

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2. Re: Avoid Enrique and Jaguar 2 travel agency

Bought a fake and overpriced bus ticket from Jaguar 2, but was put off by the agent's aggressiveness bordering on obnoxiousness. Asked around - turns out they have multiple complaints against them. Someone told me to go to Inguat right away. I did and I must say I was impressed by their swift action! They went back with me and made J2 refund me in full. Then the Inguat officer took me to a good agent, where I was able to get a legit ticket from Flores to Copan - a dicey journey I wanted to do at night. I got there in 9 hours with a few changes after all! Do immediately go to Inguat if you run into problems with Jaguar 2! Here's their conatct info: Francisco Cano, Managing Tourist Assistance, Guatemalan Tourism Institute, 0050254143594, proatur.peten1 @ gmail.com, our webside WWW.visitguatemala.com

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3. Re: Avoid Enrique and Jaguar 2 travel agency

This guy is a total thief. He owes me Q1,600 and I found out he has at least 22 denuncias (reports) against him with the police.

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4. Re: Avoid Enrique and Jaguar 2 travel agency

Enrique and crook wladimir cheated on me... I have a bad impression about Guatemala since my negative experience with those guys that have destroyed my sweet holiday... Don't work with those guys, or just don't travel anymore to Guatemala till those guys will be obliged by local autorities to close their Well organized gangster business, specialized in cheating on tourists...

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5. Re: Avoid Enrique and Jaguar 2 travel agency

We have just arrived in Belize after dealing with this Jaguar 2 agency, a guy by the name of Jimmy sold us fake shuttle tickets from Flores to Belize we waited for the shuttle to pick us up at 5am when a shuttle came past they said they had no booking for us, we then had to run to a public bus to make sure we make it to Belize in time to start our ATM tour (which was also booked through Jaguar 2) turns out that there was no booking that could possibly be made from Flores for an ATM tour in Belize so he has stolen $50USD from us.

We are so angry that this has come out of a travel agency that is set up in Flores when there are so many local travel agencies that are so appreciative of any bookings they get. This Scam company is not just stealing money from Tourist, they are also stealing business and dollars from the local companies.

I wish we had read these reviews earlier so we could have avoided this, but we are now going to email as many hotels as possible about this scam and hope that the word is spread to any other unsuspecting tourists.

Not sure what more we can do to stop these guys,

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6. Re: Avoid Enrique and Jaguar 2 travel agency

I completely agree- DO NOT TRUST JAGUAR!!!

I bought overpriced tickets for Tikal and for transfer Flores-Semuc Champey-Antigua.

I was already upset they overcharged me.

I was even more upset when I realized they sold me a fake ticket from Semuc to Antigua.

They didn't pay the tranport agency, so I had to buy a new ticket.


I feel bad for the honest people in Guatemala, not everyone like that, but really stay away from Jaguar and don't trust those that approach you on the transfers to sell you tickets. They use very aggressive sales techniques, they'll tell you all tours fully booked, or last seats on the buses.... don't trust them!

I wish I knew bfore too.... :(

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7. Re: Avoid Enrique and Jaguar 2 travel agency

Oh dear - looks like i've just been ripped off then. Only found this thread after buying a Tikal return ticket and a Flores - Semuc - Antigua ticket. Looks like there will be no onward journey for me.

Did go back and complain saying that the ticket seemed expensive but they said it was genuine and on a good air conditioned bus.

I'll guess i'll have to see if the bus turns up tomorrow for the Tikal tour !

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8. Re: Avoid Enrique and Jaguar 2 travel agency

So now, I need to avoid Jaguar 2 and San Juan Travel Agency?

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9. Re: Avoid Enrique and Jaguar 2 travel agency


The building is green & yellow and it is located close to the "La Aurora" hostel & "Hotel La Casa Del Lacandon"

What happened to me:

I bought a ticket to Belize City which includes the water taxi to Caye Caulker, for 250Q. The cheapest I later found was 180Q for the 5am bus & 210Q for the 7:30am bus. When I bought it, I said I didn't know which time and the guy said ok, decide later and change anytime, it's fine and told me they both cost the same. When I went to change my 5am to 7:30am ticket, another guy at the agency said I had to pay extra. When I said "no, that's not what your guy said...he said I can change it anytime." He looked annoyed, didn't say anything and I left. Then when I went for my bus, the bus driver took my caye caulker water taxi ticket back saying that my ticket didn't include it! Turns out that jerk at the agency had crossed off the water taxi portion of my ticket secretly while I wasn't looking. His handwriting is so illegible, I didn't realize he had actually crossed something off. So underhanded! I already overpaid by paying 250Q and then had to go buy a water taxi ticket, which is worth about 70Q so my ticket ended up costing about 320Q! So I ended up having an argument with the San Juan agency who then they called up the guy from Jaguar (after we were already in Santa Elena) who then hung up on me in the middle of the conversation after saying "I told you it was going to cost more."

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10. Re: Avoid Enrique and Jaguar 2 travel agency

Ok, should have updated this. Went to Inguat in Flores and asked for Francisco Cano, the guy in the office phoned him up as he was driving somewhere. Told him i believe i overpaid and didn't think my second ticket from Semuc to Antigua would be genuine and found all these bad reports on the web about them. He said which company and i told him Jaguar 2 and he immediatley said 'Bad Company'.

He said he would send one of his guys from the office back down there with me after lunch and get a partial or full refund. After lunch his guy phoned them instead and had a long chat with them, he then went and told the guy that spoke the best english in the office and he said this to me -

Inguat can't stop people charging what they want for any services, all they can do is step in AFTER something has gone wrong. Jungle 2 did offer me a partial rebate of 100Q but i never went to collect it. My 'top class' bus turned up to take me from Flores to Semuc but it was just a normal old shuttle bus supplied by another company that had seen better days. I decided not to get on and a few minutes later the guy from Jaguar 2 showed up. I just said i wasn't travelling on it and he said 'well you lose your ticket then as i've paid for it ' which is fair enough, my choice not to travel.

I never tried the second part of the ticket as i never went to Semuc in the end, so can't comment if it was valid or not.

Anyway, they are known to Inguat in Flores so we can only keep reporting them so everyone hopefully becomes away.

Jungla 2 - 'Bad Company' !!

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