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Beware using Enterprise car rental at Kahului

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Beware using Enterprise car rental at Kahului

We rented a car this week from the Enterprise car rental at the Maui airport. I had reserved a premium car which Hotwire indicated would be something like a Nissan Altima. We were offered a different car, which we didn't like. The rental agent told us that he would show us some SUVs across the lot and we could leave our baggage near the first car, as no one was around.

Stupidly, we followed his instructions. At our next stop, I discovered that all the money ($300) had been stolen from my wallet which was in my backpack. I know the money was in the wallet because I bought something in the airport directly before we went to get the car. When I discovered the money was missing, my husband remembered that he'd seen an Enterprise employee park a car near the spot where we'd left our luggage.

Yes, we were dumb to leave the luggage unattended. But there were absolutely no people around the parking lot and we thought it was safe. Be careful with your belongings. Don't leave any valuables/money unattended if you use this rental agency. I don't know if the rental agent was in on the "heist" but it was awfully suspicious.

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1. Re: Beware using Enterprise car rental at Kahului

Hmmmmm, I've rented from Enterprise on Maui lots and lots of times. Never had a problem. Wouldnt it take more than a few minutes for someone to navigate all the zippers and pockets, rummage around in your backpack, locate your wallet, assuming that you have cash, and swipe $300 before you notice? Are you saying it was a scam? Maybe you lost the money at the airport, or in the shuttle van.

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2. Re: Beware using Enterprise car rental at Kahului

I'm sorry that you lost your money, but I'm glad that was all. I would hate to start a vacation without ID or credit cards. Hopefully the sand and sun and fun of Maui will soon make you forget the bad start.

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3. Re: Beware using Enterprise car rental at Kahului


I'm so sorry to hear that you have suffered such a loss. Even worse, on your first day in paradise.

You must be feeling as though the serpent has come to your Eden. But please give Hawaii a chance, regardless.

Have you filed a police report yet? Were there any security cameras in the area?

I think once you do all that you can do about what happened (police report) and can then set aside your sadness/shock/anger, at least while you are here, you will be able to salvage your vacation and allow the incredible beauty of Maui to soothe you.

So here's what I would do if I were in your situation:

1. Make notes of the events, times, etc.

2. File the police report. This is important even if you believe there is no way they solve the case.

3. Ask about security cameras. You could ask the police and Enterprise. I personally wouldn't take it any farther, such as by checking with other nearby businesses (not on my vacation, anyway - vacation time is too precious).

4. Do your very best to put it out of your mind. Tell yourself that you are locking it away in a "mental box" until you get home. Hopefully, by the time you're home you will have had such a good time and be so relaxed that you can toss the bad memories away and just consider what happened to you to be one of those bad things life sometimes throws at us.

5. Do something very nice for yourself today. (Let the forum know if they can help you with suggestions.)

6. Do something very nice for yourself tomorrow. Repeat every day of your trip and the first few days home.

7. Take lots of photos.

8. Buy some fun souvenirs.

9. Find out if people on the whale watch cruises are finding whales. Ask around: people at your hotel/condo, here on TA.... Even if not, a cruise of some kind would be great fun.

10. Do something corny/funny, like buying matching aloha clothes (Would this make your husband roll his eyes or what?) and getting someone on the beach to take your photo, at sunset or whenever. (People are happy to take photos for each other. You'll see. Lots of aloha.)

11. Make lots of GOOD memories. Replace the bad.

Above all, have fun, enjoy the peace and beauty of the island, and be careful swimming/hiking, etc. We don't want anything else bad to happen to you.

Aloha, and thank you for reminding people to be very vigilant.

Beaumont, Texas
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4. Re: Beware using Enterprise car rental at Kahului

It sounds like they were both in on it to me. Just like there are nice people where ever you go, there are snakes too. As a business owner I always welcome customers bringing anything important like this to my attention, otherwise I won't know. As a person with an enterprise reservation in June, I REALLY appreciate the heads up on this. Thanks.

Wilmette, Illinois
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5. Re: Beware using Enterprise car rental at Kahului

I would second jet's advice. Carry the police report out to the point where you will feel like tomorrow you've done what you should have done considering the circumstances. You don't want to feel like there's more you should be doing over a relatively small sum considering the expense to get to Hawaii and have fun there. (not belittling your loss, but there are worse things in life, try to make peace with it as soon as you can)

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6. Re: Beware using Enterprise car rental at Kahului

Thank you for the warning. We all do need to be reminded to be vigilant and careful with our stuff. It sucks, but we really can't trust anyone, except our family and close friends. I do indeed suggest that you file a police report and politely ask them to investigate the security camera video. My hunch is that the car which "pulled up" blocked the camera view. I hope I'm wrong and I hope you somehow get closure. If not, the important thing is that no one is hurt and its only money...AND YOU ARE IN MAUI...life is still good.

Chilliwack, B.C.
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7. Re: Beware using Enterprise car rental at Kahului

Wow! this would another good reason why I stay at the airport with luggage while DH goes and fetches the car. So sorry about your situation though. One good thing for you is that you are on Maui and we are here still freezing.



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8. Re: Beware using Enterprise car rental at Kahului

never leave anything , anywhere unattended..not just maui, but ANYWHERE.

Bend, Oregon
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9. Re: Beware using Enterprise car rental at Kahului

You didn't tell us if you brought this to their attention?! Did you say anything at the time, or did you get into your wallet later on to find out about your loss, and then recall 'another car' pulling up and build this idea?

I sure hope that Enterprise heard about this first, well before TripAdvisor bloggers did!

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10. Re: Beware using Enterprise car rental at Kahului

this is not the fault of enterprise it could have happened at any car rental place or store where someone tells you its ok to leave your belongings behind and walk away from them ------------the fault was yours because you gave a bad guy the opportunity to take something from you based on the word of someone you dont even know