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Getting around Maui

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Getting around Maui

Hello all potential advisories

I am ariving in Maui late april, and have been trying to plan some of the basics. Im staying in a hostel in Lahaina for about a week, after flying in to Kahului from Oahu. I have a horrible list of questions that i have been trying to find answers for, and if even one were answered on here I would be forever gratuitous. First of all, im planning on using the bus system to get from Kahului to Lahaina. I understand that cars are generally a strongly-advised option, however i can't afford it. So if i allowed about 3 hours to navigate this trip by bus, it is do-able, right? (I think its the 'Lahaina Islander' - route being: Kahului-Wailuku-Maalaea-Lahaina)

Second question: I want to rent a bike in Lahaina - has anyone cycled from Lahaina north along the Honoapiilani Highway up to Kapalau? Is it particularily dangerous or should i be ok (im competent on a bike but not a diehard cyclist). I wish to make this trip view the route and then go for a walk along the Kapalua Coastal Trail.

Another question regarding cycling: is it safe enough for a mediocre biker to cycle down highway 30 from Lahaina to the start of the Lahanai Pali trail? (I love hiking and am desperate to follow this trail)

Im planning on going on the Trilogy snorkelling day tour thingy to Lanai - anyone been on this and loved it?

Does anyone know anywhere on the West Coast (preferably in Lahanai) that has a really chilled vibe with a good variety of booze?

And if anyone has got any general recommendations to better my experience of this dream destination please contribute. I also am aching to go up Heleakalla but dont see a viable way of doing this without some kind of motorization considering im on the other side of the island, if anyone has a tip of how this could be done (i.e. teleportation or hitch-hiking) pleeeeeease share the wisdom.

Many Thanks


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1. Re: Getting around Maui

How long are you going for? I would skp the Lanai trip and put the $$ towards a car rental. Why go to a dream destination and not see the best parts?

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2. Re: Getting around Maui

If you MUST take the bus, then it looks like you'll need to use 2 routes to get to Lahaina.

The first leg would be the #35 Haiku Islander Route that picks up at the Airport at the #3 picup area, then you'd need to get off at the Queen Ka'ahumanu Centre.

The second leg would be the #20 Lahaina Islander Route that picks up at the Queen Ka'ahumanu Centre and goes via Ma'alaea Harbour Centre to Lahaina.

Each route is charged as a separate fare.

I understand you want to save money, but really consider car hire. I price my time as being more valuable to me than the cost of a motor vehicle, because Maui is such a magnificent place to explore and a personal vehicle make that exploration easily attainable. Maybe you could consider selling a kidney to Wo Fat's gang :-)

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3. Re: Getting around Maui

why would you think somebody would recommend "WHERE you could drink

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4. Re: Getting around Maui

You may want to try Fleetwoods for drinks. I plan to try it out next week and have heard it's a pretty cool spot to enjoy some drinks and music. I think you'll find lots of other choices in Lahaina as well. Happy hours start early in Hawaii. By the way,there is an app for Hawaii Happy Hours. I haven't used it yet, so I don't know how well it works.

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5. Re: Getting around Maui

I agree with spyonline - skip the other activities and rent a car - there are so many free places you could visit.

New Mexico
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6. Re: Getting around Maui

I'll just start by repeating the "rent-a-car" mantra. The things you want to do are going to be very, very difficult without one. I second the suggestion to skip the Lana'i excursion, and put the money towards car rental, even if it is just for a day or two.

Bike rental: If you are not a fairly skilled cyclist I do not recommend either of the routes. There are nominal bike lanes in some places, but there also a lot of tourists who are not always watching where they are going, and if I had a dollar for every time I had seen a motorist driving half in the bike lane I could fund a week-long stay at the Four Seasons for my entire family. Also, once you get somewhere that you want to hike, you can't just leave the bike and trust that it will be there when you get back.

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7. Re: Getting around Maui

Getting a cheap car would be better than any snorkel trip. Are coming from the UK? If so the car rental is chump change compared to what you are spending.

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8. Re: Getting around Maui

If you skipped the Lanai snorkel trip as well as other costs you're looking at (bike rental, bus fees), you might get close to what a car rental would run and would save lots of time getting to/from airport on the bus. With so much shore snorkeling available it might be something to consider. You can cheaply rent snorkel equipment on your own for the week. Another thing to consider is food costs. Having a car may give you an edge there also as you're more easily able to get to where some bargain eats may be. Most of us book a fully refundable car rental rate very early and then watch to see what prices will do-- (they often come down). Some people prefer not to rent a car for various reasons and then plan for a "STAY AND PLAY" type of beach vacation--it sounds like that's not what you're looking for. If you do end up with no car, I'd bus to Napili/Kapalua area rather than bike.

Kihei, Hawaii
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9. Re: Getting around Maui

And remember, you cannot take luggage on the bus unless you can hold it on your lap. I never see anybody hitch hiking on Maui and it may be against the law. You can take a tour to get to the summit of Haleakala

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10. Re: Getting around Maui

Looks to me like bike rental is as much as car rental. westmauicycles.com/Maui-bicycle-rental-shop/

www.mauiroadbikerentals.com/rental-bikes Boss Frog does have basic "beach cruisers" for $15/day, but you wouldn't want to use one as your main transportation. One speed and pedal coaster brakes. We borrowed some from our resort in South Maui and had fun for an afternoon, but the bikes were really quite laughable. And West Maui just doesn't have enough bike lanes. It doesn't seem safe.

Also, though we liked Fleetwoods, it was very pricy. Try Happy Hour at Aloha Mixed Plate for good prices and young locals along with tourists. And many people will recommend where you can drink. Justg make sure you are legal age in US, 21 and over.

I have a son who likes to travel the world on a small budget, getting around on busses and bikes, hanging at cheap local places. You'll meet people at your hostel that will be more up on your kind of place than most of us on this forum. You will meet people like you and share ideas, fun places to go. The mom in me just has to say, "be careful", but have lots of fun!


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