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A rambling trip report

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A rambling trip report

Thanks to everyone on the forum who help with my questions. Here are some rambling thoughts - hopefully they won’t seem too long.

Land’s End Trail - most beautiful trail

The new welcome center there is lovely and the trail from the center to the Legion of Honor seems to have had a nice makeover. An easy and stunning walk. I LOVE this place

Legion of Honor - a favorite

I left the trail to visit the museum. The trail marker didn’t make it perfectly clear which direction to go, but folks along this path are very friendly - I finally found my way. This is one of my favorite museums. It’s not too big, has an interesting variety, and the setting could not be any more beautiful. Royal Treasures from the Louvre was showing. I’m not a big fan of ornate furnishings, but I really enjoyed this exhibit - especially the inlaid furniture. To top it off, I enjoyed an excellent pastry and cup of coffee from the cafe. The outdoor terrace is one of my favorite places to spend a little quiet time. Fun to watch the golf carts pass by too. Oh, I had expressed concern that the 38 express did not run on Sunday. I was afraid the regular bus would be an ordeal with a million stops. Turns out it was just fine.

Sea Cliff - stunning

From the Legion I decided to walk toward the Presidio through Sea Cliff. I’m so glad I didn’t pass this up. Mansion after mansion with views of the water. This is a breathtaking neighborhood, and again, everyone I met - especially dog walkers, was friendly.

Presidio Shuttle - best deal in town

Somehow I missed the bus stop to the Golden Gate Bridge, so I just walked up Lincoln until I found the Presidio Shuttle (Sunday). What a great ride and it’s free. The shuttle driver was so pleasant. When we got to the Presidio terminal, he got off the bus and took command of the second shuttle that heads to the bridge. I followed, and again, another great ride. If you have time to explore the Presidio, do it. Beautiful place.

Golden Gate Bridge - amazing

This place never fails to impress. The new (to me) gift shop was wonderful. The items for sale were top notch and reasonably priced. The staff was terrific too.

The Saturday/Sunday 76x to Marin Headlands - great ride

I didn’t take this bus out to the headlands, but I did ride it back to Union Square. What a great service. Much quicker than any other method I’ve tried.

Bus ride to Anchor Brewery and Potrero - interesting and fun

The #9 to Potrero on a Monday morning was interesting. A couple of guys got on, heading to the hospital - one had overdosed and I was afraid he was dying. He didn’t die. Some passengers were annoyed, some were sympathetic. It’s the type of thing I don’t see very often. Once off the bus, I took a footbridge toward Vermont (crookedest SF street). On the bridge were three teenage girls that looked to be heading to school - but not until they all shared their joint. Again, not something I see very often. Despite a few negatives, the walk through Potrero was pleasant. Several communal gardens that were well cared for, nice parks and interesting house. Plus, the crooked street. I met a few people walking their dogs down Vermont and they were fun to talk with. Also saw Mike Stone’s house from Streets of San Francisco - on De Hero.

Anchor Brewery - great even if you don’t drink beer

I knew very little about beer. I know more now. This was a great tour. Jeramiah was our guide and he said he was actually the second-string guide. Hard to believe, because he was outstanding. If you have any interest in beer or old factories, you’ll enjoy this. And there was a tasting at the end. You could sample a wide variety and as much or as little as you like.

AT&T Stadium - great even if you aren’t a fan

I’m not much of a baseball fan, but this was a great tour. It went on much longer than I expected, but that was OK. I can see why fans love baseball. A trip to this stadium is a real outing. The tour guide was so enthusiastic, you just had to love the place.

Dining - a nice find

Because I got sick early, I didn’t bother dining out. But I did discover a nice place across from the Jewish Museum, near Moscone called Tropisueno. It’s a taqueria style place during the day and a regular Mexican restaurant at night. I went during the day and had a green chile carnitas plate and a Margarita. I’m pretty picky about my Mexican food and I rate this a darn good. Spicy and flavorful. The drink was perfect. The drinks were a bit expensive, but the food was an excellent value. I’d go back.

Academy of Sciences - yes and no

I’d love to give this place 5 stars. The earthquake video in the planetarium was first rate. The earthquake simulation room was fun too. The staff here is amazing - enthusiastic and knowledgable. I could spend hours in the aquarium - except for the NOISE. For such a high-tech building, the downstairs acoustics are miserable. Lots of school kids come, and that’s great. But they are loud. Their screams amplify off the walls. I’ve been here several times. Once it was peaceful and I enjoyed it tremendously. The last few times have been just awful and I doubt I’ll go again.

de Young - a favorite

I love this museum. Maybe it’s the tower with its outstanding views. Maybe it’s the architecture. This visit, they had the Dutch Masters exhibit and it was lovely. I started to rush through the etchings because there were so many of them, but the paintings were a treat. Also saw the Nureyev exhibit with unbelievably ornate costumes and nice black and white photography. Didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. By this visit, I had come down with an awful cold and the cafe served a Thai chicken soup that hit the spot. Again, a lovely outdoor terrace.

Homeless - depressing

This is always the biggest downer. There seemed to be more homeless and they seemed to be in worse condition than ever. It’s the one thing I hate about the city.

Segway Golden Gate Park - loved it

Wow! This was really fun. Our group of about 7 toured the east end of the park on these super-cool machines. The employees were professional and made it a great experience. I thought I knew the park, but that had great stories to tell. I’d do it again.

Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park - what a surprise

I never realized this place was so beautiful. I thought the Tea Garden was well maintained, but this garden is huge. And so much of the vegetation is well labeled. I only wish I had had more time to explore.

San Francisco Magic Parlor - a nice evening

This is a quaint little storytelling/magic show set in the dining area of the Chancellor Hotel where I was staying. It isn’t flashy, but I found it to be educational and fun. Some neat magic tricks.

Golden Gate Theater - Anything Goes

I had great tickets to this show, but by day three, I had one of the worst colds ever and just could not muster the strength to get up go. I had been concerned about the walk to the theater from Union Square but checked it out a day or two earlier. The distance is nothing. It’s just that the last block is pretty seedy. I would have done it without hesitation by just staying with some of the exiting group.

Alamo Square - not just a tourist haunt

I never took the time to stop here because I just figured it was pretty much a tourist spot. Wrong. I got there early one morning and found it to be a delightful park. Again, lots of friendly dog walkers. And walking several blocks around the park gave me a chance to look at some of the most beautiful houses I’ve seen anywhere. This is a great spot. And there were a ton of squawking parrots in the trees.

Cable Cars - always a treat

I always try to catch a Cable Car early in the morning. I don’t know what it was about this trip, but the drivers seemed to be friendlier than ever. Every one was funny and seemed to enjoy his job. Loved it - but go early.

Lorrie’s Shuttle - couldn’t ask for more

I took BART into the city, but scheduled a return shuttle. The driver arrived on the dot - no exaggeration. He was friendly and quick. Best shuttle ride I’ve had and I would highly recommend.

This is a great city to visit.

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1. Re: A rambling trip report


I really loved reading your report!

We have visited San Francisco many times but I did not know about the Presidio shuttle! It is nice to learn new things!!

We also love the Land's End Trail!!

Thanks soo much for writing!

Edited: 14 February 2013, 17:11
San Francisco
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2. Re: A rambling trip report

What a fantastic report! (Of course, I love "ramblin" reports!)

So sorry you got sick -- terrible bummer. But that cold has been going around.

I'll be giving my very first docent tours at the Legion and de Young soon, so needless to say I'm thrilled you enjoy those museums. Not everyone loves the new de Young building. It does take some getting used to.

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3. Re: A rambling trip report

Sal, I'll look for you at the museum next year. I'm intrigued by the cracks in the rocks at the entrance. And the hanging baskets that cast shadows as you head up to the tower - they are so simple and beautiful.

As for the cold, it still hasn't gone away - I probably caught it on the airplane. However, I bought a bag of fortune cookies at the factory in Chinatown, and after eating my way through half the bag (they are delicious) I found a big feather. Chicken or duck, I don't know. So I'm thinking Bird Flu - just kidding. However, I'm not buying any more cookies.

Eugene, Oregon
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4. Re: A rambling trip report

Very nice report, you did some fun things. Sorry you were sick. We're planning on exploring the Presidio this trip, too.

So. Cal
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5. Re: A rambling trip report

Rambling? Not by a long shot. Your trip report is loaded with a wealth of information!

We loved the Earthquake exhibits and noticed the same thing how enthusiastic everyone is there. It sure adds to the experience. We must have been lucky when we went(Friday afternoon) because there seemed to be a lot more adults than children. There was a group heading out at one point but we never really crossed paths with them until they were leaving. For those that need to regroup you can always head down to the Moss Room for a quiet reprieve and grab a glass of wine. :) We could of spent hours at the De Young tower taking in those breathtaking views. All I kept thinking was THIS is San Francisco- I don't know what it was but it spoke to me a lot.

Wow what a trooper you are! Yesterday, I just said the same thing" this is the worst cold I've ever had." What a beast. I've been off, mainly so I don't pass this monster on to anyone else. Pat yourself on the back for accomplishing more than most without a cold!

Bravo! Thanks for the great read.

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6. Re: A rambling trip report

Great information! Thank you for the report, it was fun to read. :)

San Francisco...
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7. Re: A rambling trip report

Would you mind posting a quick background summary -- perhaps a line or two and then this link in the Trip report post which is the first post on the SF forum so that others can really benefit from your experience.

Personally, I commend you for your TR layout, easy to read and it will help visitors pick the areas they want to see or they can get an idea of all the options they have and things they can see by reading your lovely TR.


Edited: 14 February 2013, 18:34
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8. Re: A rambling trip report

The cracked stone in the forecourt is a site specific installation by Andy Goldsworthy called "Drawn Stone." He also did "The Sprire" and "Woodline" in the Presidio.


The works in the tour elevator lobby are by Ruth Asawa.


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9. Re: A rambling trip report

What a great trip report. You did a wide variety of activities, and got a great sense of the City. I really appreciated your report on the tour of Anchor Brewery. It's on my to-do list.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

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10. Re: A rambling trip report

PGarcia, I hope you do go. Be sure to call them well in advance because they fill up quickly. My tour was at 10am and I thought that would be too early for tasting. Fortunately, you spend a good bit of time in the factory before they start pouring.