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Favorite NYC Memory...What's Your's?

Cincinnati, OH
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Favorite NYC Memory...What's Your's?

Have been lucky enough to visit many times. About 4 or 5 years ago, we were dumb enough to book a car through the internet (we'd always booked through the hotel and had great service.) My husband, who virtually lives in NYC for work (lucky him) decided to save a buck and booked on the internet. Well... you get what you pay for. Long story short - lousy service and our bell man got in a knock down drag out fight with our limo driver in the middle of 46th St. It ended for us with our bell man hanging out of the front window of the limo as it sped away. At this point, we (as seasoned travelers, stood on the sidewalk with our mouths hanging open ) our nine year old son threw his hands up to the sky and screamed "I LOVE THIS TOWN." We couldn't do anything but laugh and agree! It's still at the top of our "Favorite Moments in NYC."

Queens, New York
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1. Re: Favorite NYC Memory...What's Your's?


Funny story. Your story has me recall my dad having a fist fight with an New york City bus driver, before in the 1970's where you could get away with more then today. meaning without getting arrested for fighting.

My favorite memory is when I was a teenager about 15, my dad took me in a limo to this really great at the time French restaurant, in Manhattan I know it was ..?.pascal, My dad was so excited to eat there and when the food came we complained my sister and I ."what happened to the rest of the food on the plate". I said to my dad $50 for a plate of nothing, I would of rather have , gone to a pizza place.I recall how excited my dad was to take us and we complained about the portion sizes. I guess I was too young at the time to understand french cusine,being Italian we have no concept of small portions. I think back now that my dad has passed, I wish I could have done this all over again and kept my mouth shut. I miss all those good times my dad took us kids every where.He also had taken over. There was a restaurant called Rodeo in Manhattan , My dad took it over and made it into a place called pesto, I was helping him there as a little girl. I think between my grandma and dad they both gave me a strong love for food. When I think of manhattan, I think of my Dad.

Columbus, Ohio
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2. Re: Favorite NYC Memory...What's Your's?

I have two, both from our last trip in 2005. One was (are you ready for this?) getting tattoos in the East Village! Me, my daughter, my sister, and my MOM actually had a blast doing something crazy and totally out-of-character for us. We laughed and had the best time - the tattoo artist had us take pictures to e-mail to him later. I think he enjoyed the crazy ladies from Ohio! My other favorite memory, that I've mentioned here before, is waiting for the subway while 2 guys played guitar and flute. They started singing "My Girl", and everyone waiting there started singing and dancing along to the music. It was like everyone banded together for that one moment, and then the train came and we all went on our way. Only in New York!

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3. Re: Favorite NYC Memory...What's Your's?

Easy! My wedding day there. We couldn't have picked a better place in the world.

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4. Re: Favorite NYC Memory...What's Your's?

I have quite a few spanning from seeing some terrific first run Broadway shows to being the party girl in the late 70's early 80's. Here's one though...

I had a friend who published a magazine about the burgeoning "punk rock" movement happening at the time (1981) and would get us tickets to everything ranging from seeing these obscure shout in your face bands at CBGBs to Public Image Limited at the Ritz. Well, we get to the Ritz to see PIL, get seated in the VIP section at a table right up front on the balcony and the show starts. Now, good ol' Johnny Rotten thought it would be cute idea to have the band play behind a scrim...so they start, the sold out crowd is hootin' and hollerin', the band finishes their first song. Scrim up, right? Wrong. Next song starts and it becomes apparent that that scrim is there to stay. Well the crowd starts to get down right nasty and by the third song, amongst screams of obscenities the beer bottles start to fly. One hits the drummer in the head. Rotten screams F*! You! to the crowd...end of show. Riot on the floor. Took us an hour to get out thru the backstage door. Funny stuff.

For those who do not know...The club I am referring to, The Ritz is now called Webster Hall and is still located on 11th Street.

Springfield, Ohio
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5. Re: Favorite NYC Memory...What's Your's?

I have also been fortunate to visit NYC several times. My favorite memory is coming to NYC with the OSU Concert Band and playing a concert in Carnegie Hall. That was in February of 1985.

Santa Clara, CA.
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6. Re: Favorite NYC Memory...What's Your's?

My favorite memory is my first trip to NYC about 15 years ago. My friend and I decided to have drink before going back to our room. We ended up at the top of the Marriott Marquis in the revolving bar (I don't remember if it was called The View back then). We had the whole sparkling city at our feet!! There was a small band playing and a few couples dancing. All of a sudden the band starts playing "New York, New York" and everyone starts singing along. What a way to end my first day in a great city.

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7. Re: Favorite NYC Memory...What's Your's?

Mine is a bit normal.

We went to Gray's Papaya and bought breakfast and coffee. Then walked from Gray's Papaya to Central Park and sat at Strawberry Field and ate the breakfast. It was about 8-9 am on a Saturday morning and that feeling is amazing. I feel I was really on holiday.

Dallas, Texas
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8. Re: Favorite NYC Memory...What's Your's?

1st favorite - spending the weekend with my wife in NYC the day after she told me we were going to have our first child.

2nd favorite - all of my walks across the Brooklyn Bridge

3rd favorite - all of my walks into Grand Central Terminal


New York City, New...
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9. Re: Favorite NYC Memory...What's Your's?

ive only been there (as a tourist) twice and it seems EVERY minute of being in the city is a great memory.

if i have to narrow it down to one.....well, two.....

first is getting seperated from my partner and our friend in times square subway station when they got on the subway and i tried to go to another door as it was packed at theirs. the train closes the doors and im still on the platform!! SO funny as we all look at each other panic stricken as i was the one who had done all the research and was playing 'tour guide'. luckily, i had printed out an extremely detailed itinerary for each of us and they were able to refer to it. we then met up at the 18th st station laughing our heads off!!!

second of course, has to be meeting brooke shields at SoHo Grand Hotel lounge and having her come up to my partner and wish him a happy birthday...will never forget how flawlessly beautiful she was and her brilliant smile.

now only a bit over a month until we return to stumble from club to club on my bday in july!!!! cant wait

Dade City, FL
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10. Re: Favorite NYC Memory...What's Your's?

Never posted here before, but been browsing this site for a few years, this post caught my eye..

Favorite NY memory is my first trip with my husband, celebrating our 10 year anniversay, and walking the Brooklyn Bridge. We had flown in to JFK, and therefore did not see the Statue of Liberty on the plane. The first evening in NY we made our way to the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge and started the walk across. I just knew that as soon as we cleared the buildings to our right we would have a view of the statue. Sure enough, about 1/3 of the way across, there she was, out it the harbor. I physically had goose bumps and my eyes welled up. What an amazing thing, to see her in person, from the top of the Brooklyn Bridge! We called our daughters who were home in Florida with Grandma, and told them all about it.

We've since repeated this with our girls in tow, and they loved it as much as I did.

Taking my mom for her 70th birthday in Sept, and can't wait to share this with her as well!