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nyc-vacation-rentals.com/w75th1br ?

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nyc-vacation-rentals.com/w75th1br ?

I'm looking for a "vacation rental" in NYC this november (5 nights). Does anyone know if the following rental is legit?



Queens, New York
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1. Re: nyc-vacation-rentals.com/w75th1br ?

You need more information that listing can mean anything. Get an exact address and the person who you are dealing with and phone numbers.

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2. Re: nyc-vacation-rentals.com/w75th1br ?

Karen, there are no photos of the apartment. Whether it's legit or not, what would make you willing to spend $240/night (plus a deposit ) for something that you haven't seen and may not exist?? I just don't understand, after all we've heard about scams, WHY are you still prepared to throw away good money??? Please explain it to me. It can't be because there are a lot of you b/c the ad clearly says it's for a single or a couple. So are there no hotel rooms for 5 days that are affordable to you???? What are your travel dates?

The Beacon, the Milburne, the Excelsior and the Belleclaire are hotels with suites in the same area as this hotel. Jackbandb.com is a b & b that's well liked on this forum also in the same area so you get what's basically an apartment.

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3. Re: nyc-vacation-rentals.com/w75th1br ?

All these ads are by them ....




Brooklyn, New York
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4. Re: nyc-vacation-rentals.com/w75th1br ?

I'm not even going to bother anymore, if people want to continually ignore the posts on this board about why renting apartments in New York is a very bad/risky idea when compared to getting a hotel room let them lose their money and have a horrible vacation. That is what you are risking.

For the LAST TIME most New Yorkers cannot legally rent their apartments out to tourists; what recourse do you have if your apartment is not what you were promised (2 bedroom is really a studio) or the apartment doesn't exist at all. Who do you contact, the front desk person? There is no front desk. This is not a resort area with a long history of rentals, it just really isn't done here.

Lastly, you are asking about a particular apartment unit, while we can give you input on a neighborhood, unless we have actually stayed in that particular apartment, how can we comment??

Will someone please explain to us, why the insistence on ignoring people who live here and blindly drive forward with the mantra "I want to rent an apartment." when you have so many potential pitfalls. Again, if you insist on going ahead with this and get burned, don't say you were not warned.

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5. Re: nyc-vacation-rentals.com/w75th1br ?

I don't understand it either.

I got an "earful" in another thread from Dublinminx when I commented on this almost obsessive need to rent an apartment. At least in her case, she rented from a reputable agency who coordinated the transaction.

In her case she wanted to "live like the locals".

I guess that wish trumps all others like not losing money to an apartment rental scammer.

Little Rock, AR
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6. Re: nyc-vacation-rentals.com/w75th1br ?

Did you ever stay here? I have been looking at the same places and actually spoke with the owners?

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7. Re: nyc-vacation-rentals.com/w75th1br ?

<sigh> Razerbackfan..did you read any of the posts before your post? Please please listen to the people who are posting who actually live in NYC. They won't steer you wrong.

Get thee to a HOTEL and have a great and stress free vacation!

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8. Re: nyc-vacation-rentals.com/w75th1br ?

Hi, I am the owner of all three mentioned apartments. Please explain to me, where the hostility, especially considering the fact that none of you have stayed with us, is coming from!

We provide affordable alternatives to hotel accommodations. Everything we do is above board. I invite each and every one of you to contact me through the site and check out our apartments in person.

Then you have all the right to slamdunk or maybe praise what we provide; clean and comfortable apartments to relatives of graduating students, mothers who come for a month or two because their daughters are delivering, brothers who live in Australia, or just plain folk who cannot really afford the 350 a night in a hotel to spend a couple of days in the city.

Please, be a little more considerate! Thanks.

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9. Re: nyc-vacation-rentals.com/w75th1br ?

I've stayed in this apartment over New Year and had a very pleasant stay. Coming from a design background I can comment that the owner's methods of advertising do come across as being questionable however, despite some initial confusion and communication problems, the apartment was very comfortable and spacious. I guess what we enjoyed most was feeling like we were living in New York and the neighborhood was fabulous.

So this is a legitimate apartment - not sure of what the laws are - which I would seriously suggest a better streamlining of their rental system to give a more professional experience.

Recommended. Just be sure to get the correct instructions for your arrival - I spent about 2 hours trying to get into the place while the owners were on vacation.

Los Angeles
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10. Re: nyc-vacation-rentals.com/w75th1br ?

Hi there, I HIGHLY recommend renting this apartment from the owner, Michael. My husband and I stayed there during NYU's Parent Weekend in Oct. We LOVED the apartment. It was nicely appointed with beautiful art, the building (w/ elevator) was very charming and talk about convenience- a few blocks to Central Park and a stone's throw from the Fairway Market. Unreal. RUN to this apartment instead of a hotel. You will never forget the experience of living like New Yorker and the owner Michael, is very gracious and encourages you to feel at home. What more could you ask for? I've stayed many places and this was by far the most memorable visit. Far better than the Helmsley Park Lane on the upper west side, better than the snooty 60 Thompson Hotel in Soho and better than the Embassy Suites Hotel in Battery Park which is lovely for families but a complete dead area of the city on the weekend.

Ok, I'm off my soap box now. I just find it very annoying to hear folks nay say something they haven't even tried. I'm going back in March to visit my daughter and hope to stay here again. If anyone wants further details please feel free to reach me.

Oh, Sgt. Pepper's Pizza 2 blocks away is worth the trip to NYC alone. And the Fairway Market is to die for.