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Extra person charge in NY City Hotels

Cincinnati OH
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Extra person charge in NY City Hotels

I am getting annoyed with the extra person charge in most of the hotels. We are planning to have 2 come but may have a 3. Can I just put 2 people down and then not get charged if a 3 person comes. Is this usually monitored?? Seems like NY is the only place I have ever visited where this seems to be charged when looking at hotels....

Just wondering if anyone has had experienceds with this and how its monitored. thanks

sydney australia
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1. Re: Extra person charge in NY City Hotels

last year I booked a 1 bedroom suite at Shelburne Murray thru Expedia.com.au for 2 adults for June 07, after i received confirmation from the hotel itself I emailed hotel & said I had this dilema that our adult son may need to stay with us but i could not confirm this till the last minute (he was in process of leasing a flat which may or may not been available at the time), they emailed back said thats ok but will be an extra $40 per night for him. To cut a long story short, he did have to stay with us, when we checked in (had my original email with me) they said "no problem" would I like the room with 2 queens size beds then I asked "how much extra" - no extra charge came the answer (I had prepaid upfront months before for 2 adults) & I never received a bill for the extra person. so in short book a room that could take an extra person as I did (1 bedroom suite) but only book for 2 ps we found we had plenty of room in the bedroom even with 2 queen size beds & the beds had quite a distance between them too. I wouldnt try to add a 3 person illegally, just be upfront at the time.

melbourne, australia
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2. Re: Extra person charge in NY City Hotels

I'm not so sure that NY is the only place they charge for extra people.There is not a place in the U.S we haven't been charged....Los Angeles,San Francisco, Washington DC, Florida, Las Vegas,etc, etc. But I agree, it's very annoying especially one hotel in Banff,Canada : an extra $173 per person, per night!

Mineola, New York
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3. Re: Extra person charge in NY City Hotels

I'm sure it's figured on the extra linen use, water use, etc. As long as it isn't over the top, it seems reasonable to me. Yes, NY isn't the only place this happens and yes, sometimes you get away with it. but that's your choice.

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4. Re: Extra person charge in NY City Hotels

Seems like NY is the only place I have ever visited where this seems to be charged when looking at hotels....


Uh, no, this is quite common in many cities all over the world.

What you propose to do is STEALING.

I suppose you are the kind of person who would take 3 candy bars from the unmonitored office candy box and only pay for 2. If you are not, then don't do it with a hotel room.

Gibraltar, Europe
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5. Re: Extra person charge in NY City Hotels

Where have you travelled that don't charge you according to the number of people in the room ?

I hope there is someone monitoring who is going in and out of the hotels I am staying in, if not, I am putting myself, my family and the contents of my room at an immense security risk.

La Verne, California
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6. Re: Extra person charge in NY City Hotels

To say this is stealing is crazy!!! When you rent a room and have only one person, do they give you a discount? No.. If the maximum number of people is 4, you should be allowed to have 4 people. I never pay an extra charge for an "extra" person. One person could take 4 showers in one day... That would be the same as 4 people showering once a day... Or if the maid has to make two beds for 4 people, or making two beds that one person slept in each one. If you rent a car do they ever ask you how many people??? NO. You are renting a space. So, ilovetotravel9, you would not be stealing in my opinion. I have never had any hotel say anything to us. Enjoy your trip and don't worry about the extra person charge. We have to pay enough extra charges in our lifetime. This is so crazy..

If anything I put too much money in the candy bar box..

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for Israel
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7. Re: Extra person charge in NY City Hotels

I would have to agree--sneaking someone into the room is stealing. Hotels have extra expenses for extra people. These include

a. linens

b. towels

c. water ( yup they pay for that)

d. wear and tear on the room

e. electricity ( more people are most likely in the room longer getting ready)

To the person who said one person could take 4 showers--yes, they could but the odds are more people equal more showers. More people also equal more wear and tear on the room. While a room may have a capacity you are paying per person. And I frequently travel as a single, and while I pay more than 50% ( which is why I will never accept a tiny half room unless they lower my charge) I do not pay the same as two people.

I also ask--where do you go that you can put in extra people and not pay. I would like to go there too.

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8. Re: Extra person charge in NY City Hotels

If you don't like the rules, stay elsewhere. You don't get to make up whatever rules favor you.

I don't care whether this particular rule exactly tracks the hotel's costs. It's the rule the hotel chose. If it works for them, then they'll do well with it. If it doesn't, they may change. But it's their rule.

Sterling, VA
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9. Re: Extra person charge in NY City Hotels

Always be honest when it comes to letting the hotel know the number of people that will be staying in the room. When our daughter was younger and traveled with us, when making reservations and was asked about the number of people, I would always say "3 of us--my husband, myself and our daughter". Sometimes we were asked our daughter's age because there are hotels that allow children under a certain age to stay without an extra charge.

New York, NY
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10. Re: Extra person charge in NY City Hotels

As many man know I manage a hotel, so here is my take:

1) yes, it is stealing, The person above saying it is not is not being realistic. Can you go to the supermarket and set your own price, or prehaps decide that since the recepie calls for 1.5 cups of buttermilk and you won't be using the other 1/2 cup you can only pay for 2/3 of the carton? There are extra costs involved, and while the you might consider the extra charge higher than it should be you really can't set your own price. That said, I agree that many hotels charge more than the extra cost + a resonable profit - say 10-20% of the room charge max

2) Most hotels will not do anything about it, but may ask you for the extra $$ or may ask you to leave. Either option is within their legal rights

3) If you did this at some hotels you might not be welcome back.

4) I often travel with my partner and a friend, We almost always pay more for 3 than for 2.