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One month in NYC with easily bored teen - Help!!

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One month in NYC with easily bored teen - Help!!

This is one of the places I am considering spending one month in New York.

Is there ANYTHING ELSE there. I'm NOT looking for major attractions in NY i.e Statue Liberty, Top of the Rocks? Ideally seeking, comedy, entertainment for both adult and young teen at one venue such as places like Dave & Busters and activities which cost next to nothing. Have to think about budget if we could be there for a month.

Where can I find out places to rent, other than random websites which are aimed at tourist? (those are expensive, especially just for a parent and one teen). Ideally I'm seeking a small self catering place or decent room in a house with my own private key to my room door. Could I get a discount for one month's stay?

I read up on Sugar Hill hotel in Harlem. There rooms sounds ideal, minus the private kitchen but I think it could be a little expensive. Radio City seems okay, but negative reviews. Anywhere in Queens to stay, (not the hotels in Queens but decent, cheap accommodation)?

All information will be greatly appreciated in advance.


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1. Re: One month in NYC with easily bored teen - Help!!

A hotel or B&B is your best option, really. Vacation apartment rentals are not as common here as in other cities.

Radio City Apartments is very good for the price. It's one of the cheaper options in NY. You can also try somewhere like www.greenwichvillagehome.com or Wyman House or Jack & Judy's B&B. They may give a discount for a month's stay but you'd need to contact them.

In Queens, try www.collectionofresidences.com .

As to what else there is to do, the answer is anything and everything. Have you been to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens? Bronx Zoo? Done www.accomplicenewyork.com ? The Panorama at Queens Museum? the Lower East Side Tenement Museum?

www.foodsofny.com walking tour? Walked through the north part of Central Park?

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2. Re: One month in NYC with easily bored teen - Help!!

Thanks for the only response - Kateoz. I will look at this information.

Anyone else - please reply!


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3. Re: One month in NYC with easily bored teen - Help!!


I think that your title is a bit off-putting - teens OMG.

As the mother of 2 teen girls, I am not quite sure what to think of you wanting to stay for 4 weeks in the same city, there are so many other places to visit, I can imagine your teen getting bored after 2 1/2 weeks, especially away from their friends. If you tour a couple of cities (by bus or train) you will keep having new things to do.

Washington DC is filled with things to do at next to no cost because all of the museums are free. OK not on every teens 'to do' list, but if you are tourists, you have to do some sight seeing. I am sure that you could get suggestions of other cities that are of interest - what makes your teen tick? follow their interests.

Read up by searching and the FAQ why you should not look at apartment rental in NYC.

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4. Re: One month in NYC with easily bored teen - Help!!

I was a very cynical, bored, angry teen growing up in Queens (when crime was higher, no tourists and no TOTR or Shake Shack), and I had a rockin' time!

Give your kid an unlimited monthly MetroCard and a cell phone, escort him/her to St. Mark's Place or Bleecker Street (both in Greenwich Village) or Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, and say, "Ciao, baby, have a good time and don't spend too much money!" and leave.

Other suggestions:

- Get your kid to go to the museums here, esp since many are pay-what-you-wish. Great places to hang, brood, scoff at society, sketch art or take a date. My first kiss was at the Temple of Dendur at the Met Museum.

- Get yourselves the Not For Tourists Guide


- Buy Time Out New York magazine


- There are lots of "non-touristy" websites that we reco here all the time:




- Read the FAQ "sticky" for basics on how to use the subway, how to hail a taxi, cheap entertainment, items off the beaten path and other info.

- On a more serious note, teach you teen some basic street smarts. This is invaluable. Crime is so low here, keep that in mind. But the most common problems are scams and pickpockets, which are PREVENTABLE crimes.

As we used to say in high school, "Be alert! The world needs more lerts!"

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5. Re: One month in NYC with easily bored teen - Help!!

Very informative! Will check out this sites. Thanks again - :-)

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6. Re: One month in NYC with easily bored teen - Help!!

Entertaining a lone teen for one month in a srange city can be challenging. Some parents find it useful to bring along one of the teen's friends, so there is a buddy with whom to share the experience.

Also, you've been a bit vague about your own purposes in spending one month in NYC. Will you be working during that time, or will you be 100% available to explore with your teen?

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7. Re: One month in NYC with easily bored teen - Help!!

Also what time of year will this month be, and the age and gender of said teen would help with suggestions.

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8. Re: One month in NYC with easily bored teen - Help!!

Yes, it'll help us narrow the options if we know your teen's gender.

I have to say, I LOVE queensboulevard's idea of letting your kid find his or her own way around every now and then. There's no better way to energize a jaded, world-weary teen than to put him or her at the helm! Armed with a good subway and street map, there's nowhere (in Manhattan, particularly) that a kid can't get to easily and safely. The adventure of getting around town is energizing, and New Yorkers are quick to help any visitor who goes astray. (Your teen is less likely to get lost than you are, truth be told.)

Encourage your teen to research his or her own cool activities, shopping destinations, etc., and then pencil in those destinations on a street map. Get the kid to show YOU how to walk or ride the subway/bus from point "A" to point "B." Send him or her on simple errands. Taking the reins in Manhattan will make junior feel incredibly hip and adult. (The only possible downside to this strategy is that in a single day your teen could metamorphose into an insufferable know-it-all.)


If you don't have to be in NYC the entire time, I second gibraltarr's suggestion that Washington DC would make for an interesting getaway. Four full days (five nights) would be about right.

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9. Re: One month in NYC with easily bored teen - Help!!

How old is your teen? There is a big difference between a 13 year-old and a 19 year-old. I wouldn't let the former wander unescorted in any city, for example.

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10. Re: One month in NYC with easily bored teen - Help!!

My own two teen boyz were quite prepared to be bored...until they got there, and even the SofL was fun for them. Thing is, with teens, (a) company of their own age group is paramount, and (b) cell phone with unlimited text and a good phone plan is critical. Throw in an IPod with good video capability, and you're covered for at least several hours each day!

If you have ANY acquaintances or colleagues upon whom you can call to set up a "rentafriend", I guarantee you that your bored teen will not be quite so down. And truly, there is just so damn much to see there. Central park alone can occupy a number of days, not just one.

I tell you what would be an EXCELLENT resource: see this gentleman's posts:


This is from a gent known here in the NY TA Forum as MaidstoneNic. He's been to NYC before, but he has this amazing eye for photographic composition; on this trip he has been wowing all of us with his work and his trip. Buried throughout that posting are some amazing shots of truly offbeat places he's gotten himself and his family to in their one week in NYC. You and your teen could have a field day walking his path!

Remember that a visit to NY doesn't have to only mean in Manhattan proper. With a whole month, you have fantastic time to explore all the "neighbourhoods" in detail. And then, it's just a short hop and a skip to New Jersey, you've got Williamsburg, you've got Long Island...there's TONS of inexpensive things to do, with the luxury of having a "day off" now 'n' again to NOT explore and just sit around and watch TV, and not feel guilty that you're not out exploring!