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Walking/safety question, thanks

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Walking/safety question, thanks

Hi there I am planning to see Wicked. I believe it would be just fine safety wise to walk from the Gershwin Theater back to a hotel around the area of East 51st street after an evening show finishes about 11:30pm-midnight in the summer, it's a busy area around there I think right? I'm a young man in my 20s. I'm a first time visitor to NYC. In general that area is quite safe at night right with Rockefeller nearby and Times Square not far off? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks so much

Sterling, VA
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1. Re: Walking/safety question, thanks

Yes, there will be lots of people out and about. You should have no problems at all.

New York City
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2. Re: Walking/safety question, thanks

The area is ridiculously safe.

What was it you thought you might find that would make it unsafe?

Orange County
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3. Re: Walking/safety question, thanks

There are so many people milling around at that time that the only thing you'd have to worry about is pickpockets, and even then you're pretty safe.

The further you walk East or West from the theatre, the less people you will find, but even within 2 or 3 blocks (the long ones) you are pretty safe.

I only get creeped out when I find myself the only pedestrian walking down a street late at night after a show, like past Bryant park, or basically in the lower 40's East of 6th Avenue.

But New York's reputation as an unsafe place after dark is pretty much undeserved at this point.


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4. Re: Walking/safety question, thanks

We've walked all over the place at night and never ever felt unsafe. You'll be fine.

New York City, New...
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5. Re: Walking/safety question, thanks

GLOBALBOY has heard tales or seen films about New York's bad old days. As a first-time visitor, he can hardly be blamed for not knowing just how safe we are these days. Many first-time visitors share his apprehension.

GLOBALBOY, you have nothing — nada! zipski! — to worry about. NYC is the safest big city in the States, and one of the safest cities in the world. I, an unprepossessing middle-aged man, walk everywhere in the city without worry, and at all hours.

Midtown, West and East, will be humming far into the night. I'm guessing you're staying at or near the Pod Hotel? You couldn't be any safer if you were staying at Disneyland. Seriously.

So come, and have a great time. Welcome!

Maidstone, United...
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6. Re: Walking/safety question, thanks

Well said, Slate. Why can't everyone be as reasonable in their answers?

Dallas, Texas
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7. Re: Walking/safety question, thanks


You beat me to it.

Thanks Slate


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8. Re: Walking/safety question, thanks

Because people don't bother doing any research.

How hard would it have been for GlobalBoy to type in "safety" in the SEARCH box?

People cannot be bothered to do anything by themselves, and they want answers handed to them on a platter.

Madeira, Portugal
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9. Re: Walking/safety question, thanks

lol Unless you're planning to walk around naked in Central Park at 3 a.m., New York is the safest city in the world, don't worry.

I stayed in a supposedly 'rough' neighborhood that turned out to be lovely and the safest place I've ever been to. In Portugal, that same neighborhood would be considered a high-class 'bairro'.

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10. Re: Walking/safety question, thanks

Well said, Slate. Why can't everyone be as reasonable in their answers


I'm supposing you are refering to GWB's answer.

What was exactly "unreasonable" about it?

I'd like to know myself what Globablboy expects to find that was dangerous.

To base his perceptions of danger/safety on TV movies and TV shows, can hardly be called "rational".

Frankly, if people are so darn afriad of coming here, I don't understand why they bother. Surely there are other "safe" cities they can visit "knowing" that it is "perfectly safe" and they wouldn't have to worry.