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Safety issues for grandmother and grandson

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Safety issues for grandmother and grandson

I was hoping to take my 15 yeat old grandson to new york for his spring break in mid march. I have never traveled to New York and have done very little traveling outside f of Texas. ANYWAY, I was hoping to get an idea if this would be something I could pull off. He wants to see Ellis Island, Statue o Liberty, Wall Street, UN and other well know sites in New York. Where would be a safe and convenietn area to stay and is mass transit a vible option (eases and accesiblitly)for us. Any input would be greatly appreciated. And if you feel it is ill advised plese do not hesitate to speajk up, obviously his safety is paramount,

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1. Re: Safety issues for grandmother and grandson

New York is very safe; any place a tourist is likely to stay is going to be fine. You will probably do best for ease of getting around by staying in Manhattan somewhat south of 80th Street; you should certainly plan on travelling by subway. The subway is fast and cheap and easy to use; the only thing that might hold you back is mobility issues, because (being in many places more than a century old) the subway is not wheelchair accessible, and requires the ability to use stairs.

There is nothing at all ill-advised about travelling to New York; frankly, if safety is paramount, the more time you spend in NYC (which has little violent crime, and strict gun control laws), and the less time you spend in Texas (whose cities have vastly more violent crime than is found in New York), the better.

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2. Re: Safety issues for grandmother and grandson

This one strikes close to home. I grew up in Texas and visited NYC for the first time when I was 15. It was a bit rushed -- we only had 3 days -- but it was fun, and it led to another (longer) trip a few years later.

As GWB mentioned, safety is unlikely to be a problem if you're visiting "typical" tourist attractions, and the subway is a great resource as long as you can handle the stairs (if you can't, use the buses -- they can "kneel" if you need them to -- and maybe the occasional taxi).

If you can use the subway, then any hotel with good subway access will be OK. Stay in Manhattan if you can (it's just easier and more convenient, especially for your first visit), but you can choose from a number of different neighborhoods depending on your interests / priorities.

If you haven't traveled outside of Texas, then NYC will be an amazing experience. Do your homework and you'll have a great time.

BTW, are you talking about visiting in mid-march of this year? You need to work fast! Good luck, and have a great trip!

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3. Re: Safety issues for grandmother and grandson

Any idea of budget?

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4. Re: Safety issues for grandmother and grandson

Im taking my 15 year old son in July and have no concerns what so ever - I think it will be an amazing experience for him, and I cant wait for him to see it. Iv been before with my mum was 70 and we never felt safer!! ENJOY!!

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5. Re: Safety issues for grandmother and grandson

I am taking very slight issue..

OF COURSE his safety is paramount..ALL our kids safety is paramount!!

Children are born... live, go to school, go shopping,eating..out with friends and so on all day ,everyday in NYC,younger than even 15. Many of them ride the subway everyday to school.

It is not Disneyland and more to the point, it's not "Escape from New York" or any of the fictional crme shows we see on TV. It's a real place, just like where anyone lives,including Texas...:)

You say you don't travel much so I understand that you may be getting your impression of NY as unsafe from movies and TV..Please don't let that influence you.t's a wonderful place and a chance for your grandson (and you) to see a real living breathing working big city,with a ton of things to do and see as safely as can be. You are not risking his life by bringing him here..:)

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6. Re: Safety issues for grandmother and grandson

NYC is very safe and yes, public transport is very viable. Many people are surprised by the very visible police presence on the street. Use common sense like not leaving your handbag slung on the back of your chair at a restaurant (keep it on your lap or on the floor between your feet). On the right side of this page are "Top questions on NYC" and safety is covered along with a lot of other things.

In addition to the subway, buses while slower are very good and for some, less scary. The added advantage is you get to see where you're going and most bus drivers are helpful and will alert you to get off if you tell them where you're going. There are a number of websites that will help with directions like



You should book your tickets to the Statue as soon as you're sure you're coming at


The first ferry of the day is always the shortest waiting time for security etc.

There's no one best place to stay. Different people have different preferences. If you give us your dates and a nightly budget for a hotel (warning, hotels are expensive and if you're talking about this March as in a few days, it could be a challenge find availability) we'll help you find something.

Brooklyn, NY
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7. Re: Safety issues for grandmother and grandson

New Yorkers get around using the subway. It is a 24/7 system and is very safe. It is not uncommon to take the train well after midnight, and still have trouble finding a seat. As for subway safety, my high school age daughter takes the subway to school in the morning. She often also takes the subway in the evening to visit her boyfriend in Sheepshead Bay. She has used the subway late at night to come home from visiting friends in Manhattan.

In New York, kids do not drive - unless they live on Staten Island. They take the subway. It will be safe for you and your grandson. Then again, I would be afraid for my daughter to go to Texas - after all, Texas is a state with much more gun violence.

New Orleans...
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8. Re: Safety issues for grandmother and grandson

Is there some reason you might feel that you and your grandson are at more of a risk than the average person in NYC?

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9. Re: Safety issues for grandmother and grandson

Here is my trip report from Jan if you would like to read it. From one first time visiting Texan to another. It was the trip of a lifetime, and I can not wait to have the opportunity to go back.,.., maybe by myself even. Subway gets you everywhere, felt safer there at night then I do in my small town, even. Like someone said above, if you have mobility issues(not assuming you are a frail grandmother, just pointing it out in case) then the subway with all its stairs would not be for you. Otherwise, that subway takes you everywhere.


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10. Re: Safety issues for grandmother and grandson

Ok, "grandmother" is a very relative term these days .... When my Mom was my age, she had SIX grandkids, and the oldest was 23 ... I have two kids (no grandkids) and the oldest is 14. Are you 90 and frail? If yes, then perhaps this trip would be physically draining on you ... but there aren't muggers lurking at every corner.

I travelled to New York City alone for business in my 20s and most recently last November w/ my 11yo daughter.

Here's my personal rule-of-thumb: when in doubt, hail a cab and give them the address you need to get to (know the cross streets ... to a taxi driver, my hotel wasn't 222 East 39th St ... it was 39th between 2nd and 3rd.) Walking is great, the subway is wonderful. The subway can be confusing and a bit overwhelming if you aren't accustommed to it .... but you'll get the hang of it .... don't hesitate to ask for help. BUT if you ever feel uncomfortable for any reason (real or imagined), just get in a cab and move to someplace you feel good about.

Here's my example .... it was an unseaonably warm night in November when my daugther and I went to the theatre. Afterwards we started walking back to our hotel, knowing it would be a good 25+ minute walk, but it was just so nice .... well it was after 11pm. As we got away from Times Square the streets got quieter, businesses started closing up for the night and people were putting thier trash on the curb for pickup. And I'll be honest, the TRASH bothered me, for two reasons ...1) it blocked my view so I couldn't see if there was something I needed to avoid (which there probably wasn't but I have a wild imagination) and 2) I was worried that the trash would attract critters (such as rats) and I was even MORE concerned about encountering those on a quiet street ..... so when I hit the next avenue, I told my daughter "we are riding the rest of hte way" and I got a cab. It took a few minutes, and I politely declined two "unmarked" car service type cars ... but I did get my yellow licensed taxi and in under 10 minutes I was at my hotel.

AND .... that was the only time I used a cab to ease my discomfort ... but I KNOWING that it's always an option keeps me level headed. As a first time tourist, you will most likely never be in an area of town where cabs are scarce.

Happy Planning!!!