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June 16-20th trip with two 18 year olds

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June 16-20th trip with two 18 year olds

I will be in the city for 5 days with my daughter and her friend, both 18. I would love suggestions on what to do -- aside from the usual tourist destinations. I'm thinking about street fairs --- are there any that weekend? Also, where to best experience Central Park, shows they may enjoy, restaurants to visit where they may have a star sighting (lol), and of course, where to get the best pizza. We are from Dallas and have all of the chain stores and restaurants so I'm looking for more authentic NY. I've never traveled outside of the city so I'd love to take them to another burrough if I can get an itineray and information on transportation. We are staying at the Renaissance in Times Square. I heard it was a hip hotel? Oh - and they would love to experience a club one evening. Does NYC have clubs for 18 year olds or are they all 21 and over?

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1. Re: June 16-20th trip with two 18 year olds

1. Not sure what you mean about street fairs. The ones here are pretty grotesque -- cheap white socks sold by the half dozen, fatty sausage and fried dough that will send your Lipitor down the drain, cheap cosmetics, etc. Just awful.

I would instead go to the Flea Market at the Garage (weekend only) on 25th St. between 7th and 6th Avenues; or the Brooklyn Flea Market. Those will certainly be much better than any of the awful "street fairs" that only mess up the traffic and give young parents an excuse to trot out the tots and their new sun hats.

2. Where to best experience Central Park is a hard question, because all of the park has something to offer, whether you're a biker, jogger, walker, nature explorer, miniature yacht operator, rower.... My favorite thing to do is rent rowboats at the Loeb Boathouse. Couldn't get more relaxing and fun. Brunch or dinner at the Boathouse restaurant right next door is expensive but worth it. Nowhere else can you get such a setting for a divine meal. (Yes, it's really expensive; but unfortunately the drinking age here (State-wide) is 21, so the girls won't be able to imbibe alcohol.) You and they may enjoy seeing the small "Imagine" mandala devoted to John Lennon, where patrons leave candles or flowers to remember him by. Check out the little zoo or ride on the carousel. Spend a couple of hours thumbing through the wonderful half-price (or even $1) books at the Strand bookstore stands on 5th Ave. and 61st St., just outside the park. You only live once (and you could ship them home if you pick up some of the larger art books).

3. Restaurants where they may have a star sighting -- Sorry, I don't know about that. What kind of food do you and the girls like? We have THOUSANDS of restaurants and probably HUNDREDS of expensive ones that might fit that bill. So again, what kind of food do you like (or is your favorite -- let's put it that way)?

4. Another borough. I would suggest walking the Brooklyn Bridge.

OR taking the subway (#2 or #3 lines) to the Brooklyn Museum stop, and going to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and then the Museum (same stop). Wear your walking shoes (NOT high heels; they'll kill you by the end of the day). The plants are marvelous, the lanes are lovely, the Japanese pond/lake is truly wonderful, with hundreds of large orange/yellow and white and black carp greeting their visitors. If you are a fan of bonsai trees, they have some of the oldest (over 100 years old!) and most beautiful you'll ever see. (GREAT gift shop, especially if you know any gardening aficionados.)

5. Can't help you with the club. Again, they're not old enough to drink. Is there anything else they would like to do besides?

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2. Re: June 16-20th trip with two 18 year olds


Great response Lizzie, truly.

I am wondering how the OP knows about Street Fairs. They are truly horrid, unless of course, as you said, you need cheap white cotton socks.

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3. Re: June 16-20th trip with two 18 year olds

(Thanks, CM! How sweet!)

Beth, if you and the girls like jewelry and fashion, you really ought to check out these two exhibits:

1. The Van Cleef & Arpels exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Museum on Fifth Avenue -- $15 admission each -- at least two hours of wonder looking at astonishing gems:


There has never been such an exhibit of this house's jewelry before. It includes marvelous, iconic pieces made with rubies, emeralds and sapphires in the VC&A mystery (invisible) setting, as well as an incredible gold "zipper" necklace (made for I believe it was the Duchess of Windsor, Mrs. Simpson), which literally "unzips" and transforms into bracelets; a large "bow" pin rather Columbian in feeling owned by Andy Warhol; several vintage pieces from the collection of Neil Lane (jeweler to the stars); a fantastic ruby and diamond bracelet owned by Marlene Dietrich (about twice as large as the back of her hand...there is a picture of her wearing it -- it's so gloriously big, it's simply outrageous!). There are several of Princess Grace of Monaco's jewels, including a magnificent tiara (the likes of which I wish had been borrowed by the Duchess of Cambridge for her wedding). Anyone who loves bling will LOVE this exhibit!

2. The Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (also on Fifth, pay as you wish):


The clothing, the ideas, Mr. McQueen's energy are arresting. If you like clothes you will never forget this. It's incredible!

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4. Re: June 16-20th trip with two 18 year olds

Not exactly a club, but would they like the Bowery Ballroom? It's a fun place with live music they might enjoy. All the "real" nightclubs I like are 21+.

Also have to second (third?) the recommendation against street fairs, unless you are in the market for neon scarves that bleed in the rain made in overseas sweat shops and Dixie cups full of watermelon so pale it looks white.

You are just as likely to see stars in Starbucks or on the subway as you are at a trendy restaurant... just keep your eyes open... :)

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5. Re: June 16-20th trip with two 18 year olds

CM- Spoken like a true New Yorker to think that NY is the only place in America where there are street fairs. I agree with all the assessments of the fairs but if you don't see them every weekend the OP and her girls may enjoy just one. I think they should go.

As for Central Park I would enter at W72nd street near the Dakota Apartments where John Lennon was shot and Yoko Ono still lives-- then just wander west to east seeing along the way The Imagine tribute to lennon, the Bethesda Fountain, the Boathouse. The Mall, the Conservatory Waters. Exit onto 5th ave.

6. Re: June 16-20th trip with two 18 year olds

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7. Re: June 16-20th trip with two 18 year olds

Above removed post was mine--ran out of edit time!

Years ago I fell over a street fair while walking someplace with a friend from San Antonio. She enjoyed it--we didn't plan on it and didn't stay more than 20 minutes. It was a socks and gaudy scarf variety. BUT if the OP is near one, I agree with blimin that she might enjoy a quick stroll through--if nothing else than to satisfy her curiosity a to what something she heard about really is.

Then a step above, is the LIncoln Center Street fairs. While not standard--here is the link and it is well worth visiting. I believe they are juried.


BTW Google IS your friend, I found this by googling Street Fair in NYC


Those listed here are also a step above!!

Go enjoy and report back. -:)

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8. Re: June 16-20th trip with two 18 year olds

A great place to visit is the High Line- http://www.thehighline.org/

It is an urban park constructed from the old elevated train tracks. Very different. Very New York.

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9. Re: June 16-20th trip with two 18 year olds

Here's a list of 18+ venues: http://www.ny.com/clubs/under21/

I would call to check on the night. Some places do 18+ only on certain nights.

You can experience the true charm of NYC easily as long as you get away from Times Square and the Midtown area in general. Head to East Village, West Village and Lower East Side. There are a bunch of street vendors and random streets sales on the weekends in addition to the vibrancy of cafes, boutiques, shops, bars, etc.

You should also try to get out to Brooklyn. Williamsburg has a lot of what they may like around Bedford Avenue. There are great views of Manhattan from the water too. There are also concerts outdoors at the waterfront. You can look up Jelly parties schedule online. Some are free.

You can also take them to a festival or for one of the other events on Governors island. You can check out the schedule of events here: www.govisland.com/html/visit/calendar.shtml The famous Jazz Lawn Party is actually there the weekend you're here: yehoodi.com/comment/…

You should also pick up a Time Out guide when you get to the city or check www.timeoutny.com a week before you arrive for schedules of various events over that weekend.

Consider also visiting Park Slope, Brooklyn. Prospect Park there is similar to the Central Park. There is also Brooklyn Museum, Botanical Gardens, lots of shops and markets etc.

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10. Re: June 16-20th trip with two 18 year olds

I'm taking my soon-to-be 21-yr-old daughter to NYC May 28. I asked her for a list of things she wants to do/see. Your girls may like these things, too:

Central Park

Macy's (Miracle on 34th St.)

NY Public Library (where Carrie was supposed to marry Big)

The huge McDonalds and M&M store in Times Square

Street fair or farmer's market (like in You've Got Mail)

A celebrity sighting

See the Statue of Liberty

Drinks at the Plaza (she will have just turned 21 by that date)

Dinner somewhere where she can dress up

Eat from a street cart

Museum of Natural History

See the Friends apt. and Carrie's stoop

Shop, shop, shop

Hope this list gives you some ideas.