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The Trade Center or Ground Zero?

Brooklyn, NY
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The Trade Center or Ground Zero?

I work on Broadway and Vesey Street, right around the corner from where the towers once stood. I was there when it occurred. And like most New Yorkers, I have my own personal memories of the event.

For days after the attack, I would head to work past the smoking ruins. My cousin's office and the bookstore I used to visit were no more. In their stead were towers of spiky metal, piles of rubble and the acrid smells that stayed with us for weeks. The area was lined with soldiers and with NYC police, many of whom were still in mourning for their fallen comrades. At that point, the term "Ground Zero" seemed to apply.

I go to work these days and see an entirely different vista. The rubble has long since cleared, and in its place the new One World Trade Center rises. It's gleaming glass visible from miles around. The memorial waterfalls are in place. Work continues to go on, and will continue for some while. But the acrid air is gone. Life is returning to the area. Like all New Yorkers, I look forward to the day when it becomes fully integrated into the life of the City.

At this time, the term "Ground Zero" no longer applies. That is not to say that NYers, or the world, will ever forget the tragedy of that day. It is merely that we prefer to recall the Trade Center as it once was, and the new Trade Center as it will soon be. We call it the Trade Center. And of course, respectful visitors are always welcome.

Manchester, United...
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1. Re: The Trade Center or Ground Zero?

I tend to refer to it as the WTC Site - I have NEVER called it GZ

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2. Re: The Trade Center or Ground Zero?

All news media and every guide book uses the term Ground Zero, and that's how most people think of it, including most New Yorkers. I prefer World Trade Center, but I'm not put off when I hear Ground Zero. The only time people are "corrected" not to use the term Ground Zero is on this forum.

New York City
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3. Re: The Trade Center or Ground Zero?

I'm with Mel: those who knew the place well before (and I used to visit that same bookstore, Mel; I can still identify some of the books I bought there) and who are familiar with it now always think of it as the World Ttade Center, and call it the World Trade Center.

rhyl, north wales
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4. Re: The Trade Center or Ground Zero?

Trade center

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5. Re: The Trade Center or Ground Zero?

Regardless of Trade Centre vs Ground Zero, it could be a long....long time before it is...... referred other wise......the origin came from the USA

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6. Re: The Trade Center or Ground Zero?

I think of it as the WTC but I agree with others, every travel book,guide book and media continue to refer to it as Ground Zero. I dont find it helpful to pull people up if they also refer to Ground Zero on the forum, but I personally prefer WTC.


Durham, United...
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7. Re: The Trade Center or Ground Zero?

Brooklynme,you put that in a very nice way, not offending anyone. I will visit the wtc site and pay my respects when I am there.I Prefer to think of it as a place for rememberence and not to glorify what happend.It was a horrific day for those that were affected and I would call it a memorial to the wtc.I was just thinking that someone may point out the use of wording for this sad place, there not trying to offend, but just saying what the rest of the world would call it.

New York City, New...
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8. Re: The Trade Center or Ground Zero?

As someone who didn't even know what the World Trade Center was before I heard the term Ground Zero I had previously referred to it as Ground Zero before this forum and before my trip to NYC. I was a seventh grader at that time and I feel like the news outlets used the term Ground Zero more so than WTC. Now that I have visited the city and saw the life that is still thriving I agree that the term is WTC.

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Queens, New York
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9. Re: The Trade Center or Ground Zero?


I hope it will revert back to WTC eventually. In the meantime, it will be called the "9/11 Memorial." Then maybe "Freedom Tower."

NYC / Fire Island...
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10. Re: The Trade Center or Ground Zero?

There are places on this planet where mass murders have occurred…Dachau for instance. In our minds, to refer to those places by some “cleansed” terminology is an injustice to those who were murdered. “Ground Zero” is what it is.