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Is it crazy to be planning NO museums or Broadway shows?

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Is it crazy to be planning NO museums or Broadway shows?

Husband and I are coming to NYC for 6 nights / 5 full days. Both first time visitors.

My question is - is it crazy to be planning no museums whatsoever, nor a Broadway show?

I'm in the process of putting together an itinerary and am struggling as it is to fit things in. We're not museum people (I know that probably sounds terribly uncultured! We're not, but they're just not our thing.) We like to people watch, will want to see a few different neighbourhoods, and just walk around, eat, drink. We won't be sticking to midtown at all.

But I'm having a bit of a wobble now. Whenever I see lists of "must dos", they include museums and Broadway (musicals not our thing either.) Are we going to be missing a real part of the NYC "experience" by not doing them?

I know people will probably say it's all down to personal preference, but looking for people's personal opinion.

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1. Re: Is it crazy to be planning NO museums or Broadway shows?

its not crazy at all - I am not a show or meseum person either. That said I would say the met has something for everyone and ditto for broadway shows. However, you shouldnt feel that you HAVE to do one or both of them.

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2. Re: Is it crazy to be planning NO museums or Broadway shows?

Your trip should be what you want it to be. Re: museums, we have learned over time what we like (history) and what we don't (ultra modern art); I wouldn't lump all museums together.

We love theater and sometimes go to NYC mainly for a theater weekend, seeing four shows in three days. But sometimes there's not a musical in the bunch. We prefer drama.

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3. Re: Is it crazy to be planning NO museums or Broadway shows?

Absolutely not. On both my visits to NYC, I didn't plan any musicals either. Not that I don't like musicals - in fact I love a good musical a lot. But my reasons included the fact that there were so many other things I wanted to do instead, the fact that I didn't want to have too many fixed times in my itineraries (I like 'winging' my visits as much as possible depending on mood so I always make plans and group things together but avoid making too many timed reservations in advance). Perhaps next time (will return - when I can afford it).

I'm not big on museums either. I've been to London many times but only visited one of the musuems there and that was on my last visit! In NYC, I've only been to the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

The MOMA and the Met (musuem) have rather low priorities for me which is why I haven't visited them yet. Perhaps one day, I feel like it or perhaps never. Matter of personal interest.

There is absolutely loads of other things to fill your days with if you don't want to do musuems or musicals. In fact, the best trip you can get is the one where you do the things you want to do - not any 'musts' that others have just because. They should be your 'must-do's'

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4. Re: Is it crazy to be planning NO museums or Broadway shows?

It's your trip, your money, your plan. You can do as you please.

As many say there are no "must do" things, only "very important TO ME" things.

I do want to point out though that not all Broadway shows are musicals ... there are "plays", too. I'm not saying that to change your mind, just pointing it out because you specifically said you don't like musicals.


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5. Re: Is it crazy to be planning NO museums or Broadway shows?

I do the museums that interest me. I have some diverse interests.

I've never done a Broadway Show, but I've done a couple off broadway, and off-off-broadway because it was something that interested me.

I now, much more, eat, drink, and just enjoy my time in NYC.


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6. Re: Is it crazy to be planning NO museums or Broadway shows?

Just don't look at "must see" lists - there is no such thing; everyone has their own interests.

Your trip, your time, your money - do what you want. There is so very much to see here - it's not as if you will find yourself twiddling your thumbs wondering what you should do next.

Have fun!

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7. Re: Is it crazy to be planning NO museums or Broadway shows?

Completely personal preference. But everyone who claims they aren't a "museum person" always reports back that they really enjoyed the Met. ;)

I went to the Met with a friend and we split up to concentrate on the exhibits that interested each of us. She told me she would probably spend some time in the cafe writing postcards and would meet me there at 1pm. When we met for lunch at 1pm, she hadn't written one postcard and was excitedly asking me, "did you see X? did you see Y? Oh my God I have to show you after lunch."

We left shortly before it closed. :)

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8. Re: Is it crazy to be planning NO museums or Broadway shows?

I think live performance is one of the best things about NYC. You don't have to go to a musical or even a play. But seeing a live show whether it be comedy, a jazz club, a bar with live music, a burlesque show etc. I think is a good experience. Do you HAVE to do it? No. But what else do you plan in the evenings?

As to a museum, there are many more than just art. Many people like the Tenement Museum to get an idea of what NYC was like for immigrants. Here's a list of all the museums with links. Just have a glance through and make sure there's not one that DOES interest you or dh.


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9. Re: Is it crazy to be planning NO museums or Broadway shows?

We aren't big museum people either. and while I am sure there are museums in NYC that you can't find any where else, lets face it, nearly every place has a museum. we like shows, but have never done a Broadway one because #1: $$$, yikes! and #2: vacation time is short, I don't want to be commit 2-3 hours on a show. maybe if I had a long trip to nyc, maybe I would. but so far my lowest trip was 2 nights/2.5 days so that's just not long enough. A show (while yes its not Broadway) is another thing I can do closer to home. I don't think you are crazy at all if you can't find the time!

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10. Re: Is it crazy to be planning NO museums or Broadway shows?

As every single post indicates, No.....it's not crazy to not do any museums or B'way shows..................there is SO much to see and do, you can enjoy every bit of NYC without doing either/or.....................do what you like, and don't let anyone else's interests interfere with your holiday...