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NYC or Los Angeles?

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NYC or Los Angeles?

My wife and I will be on our Mini-honeymoon in August and we can't decide between NYC or Los Angeles.

I know that they are two totally different citites with different things to do. We haven't been to either city so don't know what to expect.

Any suggestions? Has anyone visted both cities and willing to do a comparison

please advise

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1. Re: NYC or Los Angeles?

No contest -- New York!!!

This is a New York forum, so our views are likely to be biased. I'll be you get a different response on the LA forum.

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2. Re: NYC or Los Angeles?


I have done both twice and couldnt choose between the two, the only upside to LA is you could go to DisneyLand and its the 50th Borthday this year so they have been doing it up.

NYC you dont stop and its breathtaking so much to do you miss most of it if you choose NYC relax and take the place in - LA is slightly more laid back and if you choose there go to Santa Monica.

When you decide if I can help email me


Bakersfield, CA
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3. Re: NYC or Los Angeles?

I live an hour north of L.A. It is not a city. It is dozens of towns running together and each one is more phony than the next. San Francisco is a City and a beautiful one to visit in California. So if it's between NYC and L.A., choose NYC.

Melbourne, Australia
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4. Re: NYC or Los Angeles?

Having been to both cities, as well as a few others in the US, we'd have to recommend New York. We've never experienced a city like NY before, it is a truly fascinating place to be.

We can't wait to get back there this December for Christmas - the year can't go quick enough!

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5. Re: NYC or Los Angeles?

I have not been to New York yet,but are going to in september (are looking so foward to it :).

Have been to Los Angeles a few times,and there is of course a lot to see there. It really depends on what you are interested in. You have, Disneyland,universal studios,hollywood,beverly hills,rodeo drive,you`ll have lots of beaches to choose from and some really good shopping. And if you are renting a car you should visit San Diego,thats a really beautiful city.

Hope it helped you a bit :O)

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6. Re: NYC or Los Angeles?

New York is my favorite place on earth, and Los Angeles is my least favorite place on earth so I probably shouldn't reply. Oh, I guess I just did. :)

Granite Bay, CA
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7. Re: NYC or Los Angeles?

Have been to Los Angeles many, many times and have been to New York once, just last week.

Keep in mind that Los Angeles is very spread out. The major tourist attractions are very spread out, both distance-wise and (even more so) commute time-wise.

I found New York to be much more of an adult-themed area, with countless things to see and do all within a very small area.

If I were you, I'd honeymoon in New York and save L.A. for a trip with the kids one day.

Philadelphia, PA
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8. Re: NYC or Los Angeles?

One thing to consider that no one else has mentioned is the time of year you're coming. August can be very hot and humid in New York. It gets warm in LA, too, but nothing like the humidity in NYC, plus it's always cool at the beaches and it does cool down at night.

I've been to both many times, like them both, and I live in neither, so I'll try to give you an unbiased opinion, but it really depends on what you like to do on a vacation.

--Museums, cultural attractions, theater? New York

--Beaches, mountains, relaxing? LA

--Is the city an end in itself (NY) or do you want the city to serve as your base from which you can explore surrounding areas (LA)?

--Do you like to walk or take public transportation everywhere (NY), or do you prefer to drive yourself (LA)?

--What's your idea of the perfect view--glittering city landscape (NY) or sunset on the beach (LA)?

--Do you like a faster pace (NY) or a slower pace (LA)?

--Do you want to do theme parks such as Disney, Universal, Magic Mountain (LA) If not, then NY.

Hope this helps!

Flushing, NY
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9. Re: NYC or Los Angeles?

Neil Simon, the famous writer, was born, raised and lived in New York. When he married actress Marsha Mason, he moved to Los Angeles and lived there for eight years, eventually moving back to New York. When an interviewer asked him what the biggest difference between the two cities was, Simon supposedly replied, "In New York there are eight million people. Each one is a character. Each one has a story to tell. Each one is different. In Los Angeles, when you've met eight people...you've met everybody."

That has absolutely nothing to do with a honeymoon choice, but it's one of my favorite stories and your post gave me an opportunity to tell it.

Ghent, Belgium
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10. Re: NYC or Los Angeles?

You could probably get a better deal on hotels in the LA area than you could in NY that is one thing I can tell you.

Having been to LA and San Diego this past summer I can telll you the prices there were a lot lower than what I will be paying for NYC in April.

Apart from that all has prettty much been said, a lot depends on what you want out of your vacation.

In LA you really need a car if you want to see things, unlike NYC the public transportation in the greater LA area is not good.

And since most things are happening outside downtown LA that means you need a car.

Loving both cities equally, not being from either city helps, lol, I would go with the good old coin toss.

Should you choose LA however make sure you stay somewhere closer to the ocean like Marina Del Rey, Venice or Santa Monica and not in downtown LA.