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My 2.5 day NYC food trip with pictures! Part 2.

Tampa, Florida
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My 2.5 day NYC food trip with pictures! Part 2.

I did a 2.5 food trip, posted here tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g60763-i5-k6545589…

2 months ago and loved it so much I decided to do it again.

Well, just got back from my 2nd 2.5 day food trip to NYC. I had a giant list and only was able to visit 1/2 of the places I wanted to.

Day 1

Dominique Ansel Bakery


City Sandwich.

Levain Bakery.

Lady M.

Two Little Red Hens Bakery.

The Little Owl.

Milk & Cookies Bakery.


Joe's Pizza.

Mighty Quinns.

Yakiniku Takashi.

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.


Shake Shack.

Day 2

Golden Steamer.

Fay Da Bakery

Mei Li Wah Bakery

Di Palo's.

Taim Falafel & Smoothie Bar Soho.

Lombardi's Coal Oven Pizza.

Momofuku Ssam Bar.


The Spotted Pig.

Victory Garden NYC.

Big Gay Ice Cream.

Ippudo New York.

Day 3

Mazzola Bakery.

Brooklyn Larder.

Ample Hills Creamery.

Peter Luger.


Dominique Ansel Bakery - Got there at 5:20 AM, third person in line, line didn't really start picking up til around 6:45AM. Was it worth the wait? No.

Purchased the DKA, Cronut, Frozen Smore, Paris New york, and canneles de bordough.



My favs were the DKA and cronut, but I wouldnt buy either again even if there wasn't a line.

Ceci-Cela - Purchased a regular croissant, almond croissant and some almond thing I forgot name of.


The croissants were delicious.

City Sandwich - Ordered Jeff


It was pretty good.

Lady M - Mill Crepe


I really enjoyed slowly digging my fork in and feeling it cut into each layer, I really enjoyed this one.

Levain Bakery - Bought one of each cookie, no pictures. My fav is still the walnut choc chip.

Two Little Red Hens - Read they had some good cheesecake. I am not a cheesecake guy so I cant really give an opinion on it versus other cheesecakes but I thought it was just alright,


The Little Owl - Cheeseburger


The burger was good, but not the best I had in NYC. While sitting there I kept seeing people outside taking pictures of the building, I had no clue what was going on. I later found out the building was the "Friends" apartment.

Milk & Cookies - cookie ice cream sandwich, I thought I was going to like this more then I actually did. It wasnt bad but didnt hit the spot.


Grom - Had pistachio and some other flavor that started with a B, it wasnt bad but it didnt really stand out to me.


Joes Pizza - Had a slice,


Thin and tasted good.

Mighty Quinns - Had the pork sandwich and a side of briskey and beans. I really liked this place, it kinda reminded me of the chipotle of BBQ. The brisket was so good and so were the beans. Wish we had this place in Tampa


Takashi - On my last trip they didnt have the niku uni or tongue so I went back to get it. Both were just ok.



Big Gay Ice cream - Now this is probably one of my favorite places ever. This time around I ordered the Monday Sundae because I had it before and LOVE it. It did not disappoint.


Chikalicious - Eclair Ice cream sandwich


Pretty good, saw they also had a cronut knock off and mill crepe.

Shake Shack Madison Park - Tasty burger. The line was very very long.


Day 2

Golden Steamer - One thing I discovered on my first trip was that I love chinese buns, its one of my favorite things to get down in NYC because there is only one place in Tampa and its horrible.

The fact that I can buy 6 buns for under 3 dollars blows me away.

I had the pumpkin bun, salted egg bun, pork bun and some other thing I think pineapple. The best one was the pumpkin and salted egg.


Fay Da - Pork bun and Taro Bun



Both were great.

Mei Li Wah - rice noodle in xo sauce, also had a pinneapple bun.


The rice noodle was ok, something tasted off about them. I love the pineapple bun the most.

Di Palos - I forgot to take a picture of it, but I had the porchetta. I had it cut too thick and didnt really like it. It reminded me of eating cold turkey.

Taim - Another fast food type place like Mighty Quinn that I wish we had down here. The falafal sandwich was so good.


Lombardi's - I enjoyed the pizza here more then joes. I had the Small Margherita pizza.


Momofuku Ssam Bar - Had the pork buns and the spicy pork sausage. The pork buns were delicious but the spicy pork sausage was a little too spicy for me.



Otakfuku - Ordered the takoyaki and the okonomiyaki, - I really disliked both of these two items. I didnt finish either.


Chikalicious - While I waited for the takoyaki and okonomiyaki I went back to Chickalicious since it was around the corner and had some sort of green tea icy to cool down, it was pretty good.


The Spotted Pig - Ordered the burger. I really liked the burger, I would rank it #2 out of all the burgers I had.


Victory Garden NYC - Ordered the salted caramel, wasnt bad but didnt stand out to me.


Big Gay Ice Cream - Had to come here again, love it too much. Had the B Arthur, loved it just as much as the Monday Sundae and Salty Pimp.


Ippudo New York - Last place for the night, I had Totto Ramen on my list as well but chose this one. It was a fun experience dining here, all the shouting by the employees was fun to watch. Had the pork buns, Shiromaru Hakata Classic Ramen and the Akamaru Modern. Liked the Shiromaru Hakata Classic Ramen more. The pork bun here was identical to the one from Momofuku but they added mayonnaise.




Day 3 - Had big plans for the day but cut it short due to time and fatigue. The heat got to me.

Mazzola Bakery - Lard Bread, nice and cripsy on the outside and soft on the inside. Breakfast of champions.


Brooklyn Larder - Had the egg frittata and a gelato. Really liked the fritatta, the gelato was alright.


Ample Hills Creamery - Had the salted caramel on top of ooey gooey brownie, was delicious.


Peter Luger - Hamburger and steak. Both were fantastic.




Teado - I went to Chinatown to get some buns to take home with me, stopped at this place to get a drink. I had the Watermelon icy drink. It is very simple, ice plus watermelon, but it was 100 degrees out and this was the best drink to have to beat the heat. Absolutely Loved it.


I tried to bring my 2nd cronut back home with me, in the original box they gave it to me in and it didnt hold up very well. It got smooshed and the top layer of icing got stuck to the box.


So to sum it all up, my favs on this trip were Spotted Pig, Big Gay Ice Cream, Mighty Quinns, Taim, Chinese BUNS, Lombardis Pizza, and Peter Lugers.

To sum up my favorite buns in chinatown would be pumpkin bun and salted egg from golden steamer, pork bun from fay da , and pineapple bun from mei li wah.

Ranking all the hamburgers I ate in nyc from the last trip and this one I would rank them as

#1 Minetta Tavern, #2 Spotted Pig, #3 Peter Luger, #4 Shake Shack, #5 Little Owl, #6 Korzo Haus.

If I was to go to nyc for only 3 meals I would get Minetta Tavern black label burger, Lamb Burger from the Breslin Bar, and either the salty pimp, b arthur, or the monday sundae from Big Gay Ice Cream, and and some chinese buns!!

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1. Re: My 2.5 day NYC food trip with pictures! Part 2.

My goodness, did you actually eat all this food in 2.5 days or did you share it with others? Amazing!

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2. Re: My 2.5 day NYC food trip with pictures! Part 2.

Your conclusions are pretty much what people generally recommend on this forum, shanghei. So it's good to see.

Im interested to know how much weight you put on this time?

Tampa, Florida
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3. Re: My 2.5 day NYC food trip with pictures! Part 2.

Me and my SO ate all the food except the Di palos porchetta and the two items from Otafuku. Neither one of us liked it.

I gained about 9 lbs despite sweating like crazy and walking all day.

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4. Re: My 2.5 day NYC food trip with pictures! Part 2.

Did you fast before you arrived to NYC? that is a lot of eating! ;) Impressive!

Thank You for the report and pics.

Edited: 20 July 2013, 05:57
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5. Re: My 2.5 day NYC food trip with pictures! Part 2.

Wow great report, made me hungry!

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6. Re: My 2.5 day NYC food trip with pictures! Part 2.

YUM. I'm hungry. ;) Thanks so much for taking the time to report and post photos!

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7. Re: My 2.5 day NYC food trip with pictures! Part 2.

WOW, you out did yourself again. Loved your pictures, can't to try one of those buns. So sorry to hear the cronut was not what you expected, well that rules it out ..... if it is not worth the wait. I wanted one of those popular suckers but don't want to get up so early my girls will keep us out to the wee hours. We leave in 2 weeks and I've printed out your descriptions and suggestions. I don't think we can eat that much, we travel with 3 teenage girls but we want the the buns, pizzas, and burgers your described. The icy watermelon drinks sounds refreshing and I'm sure we will some of those!!!

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8. Re: My 2.5 day NYC food trip with pictures! Part 2.

For posts like these I need to devote the necessary time and set the necessary mood. Thats why it may take some time for me to respond

Anyway, just went through it (with smooth light jazz in the background). Some notes...

Citi Sandwich - Love their egg based sandwiches and that bread cant be beat IMO. I can just have that bread with butter for lunch

Cronut - Now thats determination like Ive never seen

Chikalicious does produce some interesting stuff

Taim - while in your case a sandwich is the way to go, for anyone else reading, get the platter. Cant imagine a better falafel platter in NYC. 9 balls (small but still), 2 salads + hummus, and teh best part a pita with Za'atar

Ippudo just opened a branch in midtown to compete with totto

My friend just visited Minetta and they wouldnt cook the burger well done for her so she had to order the regular burger. Cant mess with greatness. Next time I'm not sharing

Great report. Cant wait for part 3

Tampa, Florida
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9. Re: My 2.5 day NYC food trip with pictures! Part 2.

Cr8z4u the cronut was good, but not wait in line for 3 hours good. I brought one home with me and heated it up and it actually tasted better that way, but its just not worth all the hassle for it.

Ziggy60, LOL, if there is a part 3 I am revisiting my top places and maybe a few new ones, but no plans as of right now.

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10. Re: My 2.5 day NYC food trip with pictures! Part 2.

I love your trip report with pictures!!! I agree with you about the burger at Minetta Tavern....it is excellent. Did you go on a diet before your trip? I can't believe you ate that much and that is coming from me who has a big appetite!