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New York winter clothes for February

Darwin, Australia
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New York winter clothes for February

Hi there. My daughter and I are coming to New York in early February 2014 and we want to be prepared. We come from Darwin Australia which unlike Sydney and Melbourne doesn't really have a winter and the year round temperature high is about 33C or 91.4 F. Our reason for coming during winter is to hopefully see snow. Do flights still run as normal? Does JFK shut down at any time through winter. But most important how should people coming from the Tropics and not used to extreme cold prepare best. Im starting to get a bit worried as I don't want my daughter(11) and myself to freeze to death. Thanks.

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Sydney, Australia
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1. Re: New York winter clothes for February

I don't think there's any way to prepare yourself beforehand for the extreme cold. But if you have the right clothes and shoes you will be OK. Being from Darwin you'll probably have to buy your winter clothes online, I don't think stores up there would stock really warm coats, scarves, gloves etc? Especially now that the summer stock is already in the stores anyway down south.

You'll need a longish coat (wool or puffer), layers underneath including thermals, jeans or pants (maybe thermals as well), warm socks, gloves, a warm hat and very importantly waterproof boots or shoes with good treads in case of snow or ice.

Look online at Kathmandu, Mountain Designs, North Face etc for their end of winter sales. They should be on right now.

Hervey Bay...
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2. Re: New York winter clothes for February

We are coming from Mount Isa to NYC in February also and shared your concerns.

Having done a bit of research and reading a lot of the posts on here the best advice seems to be to wear a couple of layers. Something cotton close to your body that can breath, then something woollen and then a coat. This allows you to easily strip down the layers if you're inside and rug up when your outside.

Also there are lots of recommendations for beanies and gloves. The weather can be cold to freezing and you lose most of your heat through your body parts that are exposed, so a hat is a must.

I know how hard it is to get this kind of clothing in Mount Isa but not sure about Darwin. If its the same, I'd buy some clothes online now from your favourite retailers as its the end of winter so you'll probably get it cheaper. I'd also look at shops like Big W, Kmart or Target so you're not spending heaps on something you're unlikely to wear again.

Have a look at the FAQ post about dressing for winter and you'll be fine.

Brooklyn, NY
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3. Re: New York winter clothes for February

Flights run as normal and the airports only shut down when there is extreme snow/ice/weather...and they usually get it up and running within a day or 2.

I would not worry about that.

Grantham, United...
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4. Re: New York winter clothes for February

I read on a similar thread that you can get winter clothes very easily when you arrive, then if you really will not use them back home you can maybe donate them to a homeless charity/

Green Bay, Wisconsin
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5. Re: New York winter clothes for February

Regarding staying warm, there are disposable instant hot packs. You open them, shake them then they stay warm for several hours. There are different brands and I'm not here to endorse any brand, just buy a box or two. They make different ones for inside your shoes. If its really cold and I'm going to be outside for extended periods I put one in each shoe, one in each front pants pocket and one in each glove. I've heard of people putting them in their hats.

Have a jacket that closes tight on top so little heat escapes yet you can unzip if you are warn. Get a thick long scarf, good insulated gloves and a thick hat that covers your ears.

I agree with the above about wearing layers. If you do not own long johns then wear a pair of pajama bottoms then sweat pants then jeans. Wear two or three layers of sox. Wear a T-shirt then shirt then sweater then a jacket. When it's really cold I will wear two sweat shirts, one over the other.

Plan your day so you mix outdoor activities with indoor activities.

There are many coffee shops so you can always go into one of them, get a coffee or hot chocolate or what ever you like and warm up for a bit.

We were in New York City at the end of January this year. There was a cold snap, unusually cold even for January. In my opinion this helped reduce the lines. As I look back at it I really enjoyed this trip in part because of the cold snap.

Dundalk, Ireland
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6. Re: New York winter clothes for February

Mountain warehouse are having a great online sale at the moment. I got a really good pair of boots for our upcoming trip in December

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7. Re: New York winter clothes for February

As a local, I have can't see walking around with heat packs. I also will walk around outside but unless it is a day when I am basically NOT going inside at all, long underwear and thermals will leave you roasting when you enter buildings. Down ( real or man-made) is warmer than wool. ( and lighter) I think that is what is meant by a "puffer" I would get a jacket that covers my rear end, but not necessarily long. I would wear wool slacks and maybe just stockings underneath. ( I do not wear pants at all--and do survive!) Warm shoes--waterproof in case there is snow or rain or slush and a hat and warm MITTENS are important. AND yes, while mittens aren't as stylish as gloves they are much warmer.

BTW was in Prague last winter--and did a full day outside. Temps were -1, -2 Cel. and wearing pants under my skirt and everything else as above, I was fine.

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Grantham, United...
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8. Re: New York winter clothes for February

I have been eyeing up a pair of boots from there for our December trip Tinkerbell, was not sure if it was necessary or over kill though, which ones did you go for?

I was thinking of just buying them there if I needed them and using footwear I already own, I have lost a lots of weight 80lbs! and unfortunately lost a shoe size as well so have had to replace all my shoes :-(

Toronto, Canada
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9. Re: New York winter clothes for February

You will need boots, and gloves/mittens....no question about that....I'm not a hat wearer, but many do...you need to keep your feet dry, and warm and your hands too...........a long sleeved sweater, or other similar garment and long pants, warm socks, and a good warm coat or jacket that covers your behind are also a necessity............if there is extreme cold weather, you would add another layer...

Boston, MA
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10. Re: New York winter clothes for February

You will be in a huge city with lots of shops , restaurants and bars to go into if you get uncomfortably cold. Don't overdress because you will get uncomfortably hot when you go indoors or on the subway

Footwear is very important. Water proof footwear is not always the warmest. Rain boots and the like do not keep you warm. You need snow boots which have added insulation. A decent water resistant hiking boot also works and maybe you will use it again. Don't make the mistake of buying footwear that fits perfectly and then adding extra thick socks for warmth. That makes the shoes/boots tight. Tight footwear = cold feet.

Boots like these work:




Also mittens are warmer than gloves but getting more difficult to find in adult sizes. I love my mittens ;)