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From Sydney 4-5 week US holiday cost?? cruise included?

Sydney, Australia
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From Sydney 4-5 week US holiday cost?? cruise included?

Hey guys,

I'm trying my best to do a tonne of research before i commit and book anything.

Here's some info about myself and my vision.

I'm a male 26 years of age, I'll be 27 during my trip. I have a current full NSW drivers licence.

I am very much interested in archiatecture and history and strange/interesting places. I'm even more interested about massive things. Ie World's largest cruise liner, Tallest Building etc etc.

I'm a nerd i love Harry Potter and Star Wars. I love Space and all things scientific.

I like to think i'm a pretty funny person, i got the best sense of humour, i'm lazy, i'm energetic (sometimes) I can and love to party hard. I have a small gambling addiction which isn't a good thing. I am terrible with money. I will be travelling with a friend of mine he is 25 - similar interests

I will have $9,000 saved by the time of my trip. I could have about $5,000 in available credit on my credit cards. Basically i want my entire holiday paid for before i embark. So all i need to worry about is to have enough to spend on food, drinks, theme parks, tourist places (if i can pre pay them that would be awesome) and whatever else.

My itinerary.

Fly - Sydney to Los Angeles (5 nights)

Drive or Fly - LA to San Francisco (2 nights)

Drive or Fly - SF to Las Vegas (5 nights)

Fly - LV to New York (5 nights)

Drive or Fly - NY to Washington D.C (2 nights)

Fly - DC to Orlando (5 nights)

Drive or Fly - ORL to Miami (2 nights)

Cruise - MI to Bahamas (7 nights)

Thats 33 nights.

I want to see/do:

LA -

Universal Studios? - I'm going to Disneyworld should i bother with this?

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Hollywood Sign? - Worth seeing close up or just from afar

Hollywood BLVD

Santa Monica Pier? - Not sure about this

Griffith Observatory

SF -

Yosemite National Park? - It must be massive will i have time?

Six Flags - Too many theme parks will substantially increase my spending money?

San Diego Zoo

Walk Of Fame?

Alcatraz? Is it worth seeing, I get the hype but i feel like i'll be bored

Golden Gate Bridge


Transamerica Pyramid Building?

Lombard Street?

Hearst Castle?

LV -

Vegas Strip

Bellagio Fountains

Circue Du Soleil?

NY Roller Coaster?

Adventure Dome?

Shark Reef?

Liberace Museum?

Buffet at Wynn?

Spa at Bellagio?

Britney Spears Planet Hollywood

Tao, Tabu, The Bank etc

Canyon Ranch Spa?

Hotel Bellagio or Ceasars Palace?


Statue Of Liberty

Empire State

Times Square

Brooklyn Bridge


Grand Central Station?

Chrysler Building?

Coney Island?

Radio City Music Hall?

Central Park


Sony Wonder Tech Lab?

NY Hall of Science?

Bodies The Exhibition?

DC -

The White House

Smithsonian Institute?

Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial?

US Capitol?


Disney World

Universal - Harry Potter

Miami -

NASA etc

Oasis Of The Seas 7 night cruise (Nov 1)

I'm estimating about:

$50(if we are lucky) - $200 a night for accomodation 28 days - 35 days = $1400-$7000

$1000-$2000 - flights to the US return = $1000-$2000

$1200-$2000 - Cruise ticket (not including spending money) 8 days = $1200-$2000

$50-$200 - a day for spending money = $1400-$7000

All up the entire trip could cost anywhere between $5000(I'd be soo excited but i know it's not realistic) and $18,000 for just one person. I'm expecting the entire trip to cost $10,000 (Well i'm hoping)

Can you guys tell me if i am being realistic or if i need more money

all your ideas and suggestions and anything will help

New York City, New...
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1. Re: From Sydney 4-5 week US holiday cost?? cruise included?

This is the NY City forum. There is no forum I know of on TA for the whole US. There are a lot of smart, savvy people on this forum but you need to do some more research for each place you visit. Here's what I know:

1) WHEN you make this trip will have a big impact on hotel prices in NYC. Prices fluctuate dramatically. I don't think you mentioned when you plan to do this. In Jan, you can find a room in NYC for $150/night. In May or June, impossible unless you stay a train ride away.

2) You haven't said if the airfare is included in any of your calculations. Flying from OZ is expensive.



are the 2 most popular sites for airfare.

3) If you have a gambling addiction, 5 nights in LV is too many and you could wind up losing all your money for the rest of the trip. NO you can't prepay things like food.

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2. Re: From Sydney 4-5 week US holiday cost?? cruise included?

I think you're asking for more than anyone can figure out for you, but my guess is that the cost of this trip will be closer to the high side of your estimate than it is to the low side.

A lot depends on the details, starting with the dates. In Las Vegas, the same hotel room could cost $100 some nights and $500 other nights. In New York, there are certain weeks and months that are more expensive than other times, and there are few (if any) times that you can get a decent hotel room in Manhattan for $100. Cruises, too, have prices that vary from week to week.

Does your budget include money for gambling in Vegas and on the cruise? For someone who describes himself as having a "small gambling addiction" I'm guessing $200 a day in spending money isn't going to cover food, drinks, shows, activities, and gambling. And if you want to party in nightclubs, that could cost a lot, too.

I think you need to add up specifics. Pick dates and find out how much the flights and hotels you're interested in cost on those days. Play around with the dates to see how prices change. Look at restaurant menus online and figure out how much it's going to cost you to eat. Find the prices of tickets to shows and theme parks and activities.

Remember that the places you want to visit are all different, so don't expect the prices or the pricing trends you find in one city to apply in all the others.

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3. Re: From Sydney 4-5 week US holiday cost?? cruise included?

Excellent point by nywhiz on Vegas, 5 days is an eternity there for anyone, even more so since you admitted you gamble and it's at the start of your trip, that does not sound like it will end well. If you shorten Vegas down to a couple nights and Orlando to a couple nights, you could add those days to DC and NYC. Given your interests, I think you will really enjoy the many free Smithsonian museums in DC.

Look at hostels in all of the places to save money and you'll meet many international people of the same age. Book those in advance if you're traveling during busy times (summer especially). Look around Google for travel blogs and advice. Many of the travel blogs I read are people exactly your age and interests from all corners of the world. Many of them have tips for the exact type of trip you're planning.

Lafayette, Indiana
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4. Re: From Sydney 4-5 week US holiday cost?? cruise included?

1. The San Diego zoo is not in SF.

2. Alcatraz is pretty interesting.

3. In Vegas, skip the shark reef...too much $

and very small. Def skip Adventuredome, it

is for small children. Stay at a cheaper,

center strip hotel...ie Planet Hollywood or

Mirage. Weekends are $$$.

4. Way too much planned for NYC. Pick 5-6

things, and enjoy the city as it unfolds.

5. Your accom. budget will need to be almost

doubled in SF and NYC depending on when

you go.

Good luck and have fun!

Sydney, Australia
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5. Re: From Sydney 4-5 week US holiday cost?? cruise included?

thank you guys for all your responses.

im thinking of going october 4-november 8 - give or take a few days.

airfares to the US in sydney are around $1500 atm

will this time be alot cheaper?

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6. Re: From Sydney 4-5 week US holiday cost?? cruise included?

There's no way you'll get this holiday done for anywhere near as low as $5000. Could you hold off for another 6 months, maybe go in the first half of 2015? Gives you much more time for planning and saving up.

You need to add a couple of things to your budgeting - namely internal flights or other transport, travel insurance and include tipping (!!) in your spending money.

You can look at the websites of individual attractions in each city to get costs for them.

Rockville, Maryland
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7. Re: From Sydney 4-5 week US holiday cost?? cruise included?

Your plans are creative and ambitious. A few thoughts:

1. Stay out of Las Vegas. Period. For your sake--not theirs. I believe one reason you mentioned your issue with gambling is you may at some level have wanted someone to reach out and say: "I care about you. I know Las Vegas. Please:, don't do it." If so, I just did.

2. The cruise will cost you in time and money; seriously consider whether, in the big picture, it is best to shorten the trip and devote the time and money to other things. There are day boat trips in Florida that don't require a big sail for you to get the essence.

Also: you know what "cruise" means: it means "gambling"-- on board, the Bahamas or both. You will have time on your hands and literally nowhere to go. Don't do it. You know your limits: don't try to defy them. .. .

3. Although this advice is rarely given: based on your plans and itinerary thus far and the substantial logistics involved across several travel dimensions, you might consider working with a travel agent. They may also be able to help you develop a realistic estimate on the major cost items that form the structure of your trip..

4. Take a hard, objective and careful look at whether the trip is a little too much money right now. Consider whether you want to use any credit for this purpose--and where your savings will be for unanticipated expenses on your trip and when you return, in addition to your regular bills.

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8. Re: From Sydney 4-5 week US holiday cost?? cruise included?

ok - here are my thoughts.

you need to budget more than $1000- 2000 for flights. I would say around that time flights should be closer to the $2000 amount. You still need to pay for the cruise in the Bahamas.

there is no way you will get accomdation for $50 per night. Budget on average $100 so you are looking at $3500 for this.

In October NYC is pretty expensive, which is why your flight will be too.

spending money on food etc will be at a min $50 per day.. so that is $1700 min

las vegas for 5 nights is too much.

also my advice to you is not to use a credit card. remember you will need to pay that when you get back. if you do not have enough money save a bit harder and go next year when you can afford the trip.

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9. Re: From Sydney 4-5 week US holiday cost?? cruise included?

This is a huge itinerary. I don't think you will find anyone on TripAdvisor generous enough to calculate the cost of this grand plan for you. You need to invest the time yourself.

Look up all the activities you want to do and find the prices. Look up airfares between U.S. destinations for your approximate dates. Research cruises and pricing, etc

Here's a suggestion. Start with a smaller plan. Just one subset of this trip, with places you REALLY want to go, and a well thought out plan. What do you want to see and experience, and how many days will you need to do it and what will it cost. Don't focus exclusively on tacky tourist icons. Learn about the destination and what it has to offer. If something is very expensive (Canyon Ranch Spa???), look at less expensive things to enjoy.

Get a handle on what that would entail and cost, then start extending it to include other locations. Make sure to research whether it's a suitable time of year to "do" that location (especially places such as Yellowstone).

Starting with a huge list of everything you think you might want to see and do in the U.S. is not a realistic approach. Even with unlimited funds, you would get burnt out. It's too much. You're also missing lots of great places and things to do. How did you come up with this list?

Sydney, Australia
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10. Re: From Sydney 4-5 week US holiday cost?? cruise included?

haha now after reading everyones responses i have shortened my places to see and do. i compiled the list myself. i have plenty of leave so taking 4-5 weeks off in US then another 2 weeks back home in sydney is possible just to recover from my holiday. I havent had more than 14 days off work since i started working at the age of 15. LOL i've only been overseas once on a cruise around vanuatu and thats it.

I want to experience as much as i can in the time i have. I also eat soo much so again the food cost factor is not going to be in my favour. I am realistic, I know i cannot find a 4 star hotel for $50 a night, I was even thinking of holiday homes for rent. I really dont mind shortening my LV trip and i do have the strength to stay away from the casinos, if i play i may get carried away. I'm fine with not gambling although it will be the ultimate temptation. What if i win xxxx amount of dollars? How will i be able to get that? is it all cash even if im an overseas visitor?

I was under the impression October would be slightly cheaper, although Halloween is massive in the US so i can understand if prices go up.

Flights domestically in the US aren't that expensive are they? i'd imagine its like here in australia. flights domestically have recurring sales for a limited time.

i will compile all this information before i visit the travel agent

thanks soo much guys