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New York Itinerary - Solo traveller

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New York Itinerary - Solo traveller

My first time in New York is coming up! Very excited, and I have been working on my day to day plan. I am flexible about this, and times are approximate with the idea I might need to adjust them when I'm there. But I still definitely wanted a timed out plan!

I'd love to get feedback on whether people think this Itinerary sounds practical with what I'm doing and when I want to do it. Please also let me know if I have not given myself enough time in places, or too much. Sorry for lengthy post!

A little about me to give you an idea of what will suit me:

I'll be travelling all the way from Australia solo, and I'm a big movie/tv fan.

I'll also be travelling to Washington DC for a night in between to be a tourist over there :)

And I'll be staying at two different hotels in NYC but both close to the south of Central Park.

I've booked 4 of the CityRover walking tours already cos they look like they'll suit what I want really well. I'm more of a morning/day person too and not interested in nightclubs or drinking at pubs :)

Here goes:


Arrive around 5pm at Airport, eat then taxi to hotel and stay in

MONDAY (if I'm up to it)

- 9am Grab some groceries, like snacks I can have later, any toiletries I didn't bring already, etc

- 9:30am Checkout the subway and buy 7day metro ticket

- 10am Glance at Central Park, visit either the MET or Museum of Natural History

- 1pm Grand Central Terminal and do audio tour, then Chrysler Building lobby

- 2pm NY Public Library and do tour

- 3pm Times Square

- 4pm Time to do other museum I didn't do earlier?


- 10am CityRover Behind the Wall tour, includes view of Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Wall Street and the stock exchange, and Saint Paul’s Chapel

- 1:30pm 9/11 Memorial

- 2:30pm Flatiron building (just have a walk past)

- 3pm Empire State Building (note to self: Ben and Jerry’s is nearby)

- 4pm Museum of Modern art, if I'm up to it


- 10am CityRover Central Park tour

(at 2pm do Gracie Mansion tour maybe, do they still do this??)

- Lunch at Tom’s Resturant, and walk past Columbia University?


- 2:30pm Museum of Moving Image


- Would I have time to just have a quick look at the pier (I think it's Pier 54?) that Titanic was meant to go to?

- 10am CityRover Village Sampler tour, includes Chelsea Market, High Line, Meatpacking District, Greenwich Village, ends in Washington Square

- 1:30pm Walk past New York University and have lunch

- 2:30pm Puck Building (from Will and Grace)

- 3pm Times Square, Toys’r’Us ferris wheel etc, (more extensive look)

- 4pm Rockefeller Centre TOTR

(I would love to also do NBC studios tour, not sure if it will open again in time though..)

- 5pm A museum/something I missed from the past days maybe


- 10am Statue of liberty and Ellis Island

- Entertain myself a bit with food and looking at things (see Titanic Memorial Park?)

- 2:30pm Have a walk around City Hall Park

- 3pm CityRover Brooklyn Bridge tour, starts near City Hall Park and includes walking over Brooklyn Bridge, DUMBO neighbourhood, Brooklyn Bridge park, and Brooklyn Heights Promenade

SATURDAY (shopping day)

- 9am Tiffany and Co

- 9:30am FAO Schwarz

- 10:30am Barney’s

- 11:30am Bloomingdales

- 1:00pm Dylan’s Candy Bar

- (need to drop shopping at hotel?)

- 2:00pm Frick Collection (museum)

- 4:30pm Macy’s (I know it's in a different direction but I don't know if I'll fit it in elsewhere)


- Prospect Park Zoo, or Central Park Zoo

- Coney Island

- Any other leftover things I can fit in

MONDAY (was going to have a lazy "hotel day" in a fancy hotel, but could do stuff instead soo...)

- Hotel Day


- The Cloisters, Bronx Zoo and NY Botanical Gardens

Not sure yet! :P

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY - go to DC and back doing touristy stuff there


- Have a lazy-ish morning in hotel

- 11:30am Checkout of hotel, and store luggage there (pretty sure I can do that there?)

- 12pm Onlocations Movie/TV Central Park site walking tour (goes for 2hrs)

- 2/2:30pm Travel to airport to fly back home

As you can see I have only planned day time. I would like to do things at night too, but I figure I can see how tired I am and what I'm in the mood for.

Here are a few possible night time activities:

- Cinemas

- Comedy Clubs

- Empire State Building or TOTR at night

- Broadway show

I have practically not planned where I will have any meals, but I might post about that later! Although I don't think I'll mind just finding them along the way :)

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1. Re: New York Itinerary - Solo traveller

Looks like a great plan, but some sections are a bit too packed. Some misc suggestions:

Sunday: You are arriving by plane, correct? Plan on eating after you get to the hotel, not before

Monday: Doing the Met and AMNH at 10am, and being in Grand Central by 1:00 is too tight. These museums are huge (especially the Met) and they are also not close to Grand Central. Instead, plan on going directly to the NYPL 2:00 tour, Even that is a bit tight, but workable. You can do GCT after the 1 hour tour.

Tuesday: I don't think you'll have time for MoMA with this schedule. It closes at 5:30. The ESB may take much longer than an hour (lines), plus you have travel time to MoMA. You can do ESB at night. They stay open until 1am!


Until the end of Aug, MoMA is open until 8pm on Thursdays. You could do it this evening. Consider moving TOTR to Monday late afternoon/evening. Maybe for sunset?

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2. Re: New York Itinerary - Solo traveller

Why are you staying at 2 different hotels and why are you splitting your trip this way?

I think your plan as shown is overly optimistic in what you think you are going to be able to see in a day . The schedule does not leave any time to enjoy where you going, makes no provision for adequate time to have meals,or travel between stops.

New York is simply too big and has too many things to see for one short visit.

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3. Re: New York Itinerary - Solo traveller

Make certain you check for availability on the Broadway show. Some shows sell out months in advance.

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4. Re: New York Itinerary - Solo traveller

Thanks for the replies!

@Christnp2 Great suggestions, ill definitely put what you've said into consideration :). On Monday I meant I'd like to either see the Met or see Museum of Natural History, not both though :)

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5. Re: New York Itinerary - Solo traveller

@Okvik1 I'm staying in two hotels so I can stay at a more 'budget' (but decent) one, then to also have a couple nights in a fancy place.This also let's me experience a difference place seeing as I'll be there for enough time to do so

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6. Re: New York Itinerary - Solo traveller

Thanks for the replies!

@Christnp2 Great suggestions, ill definitely put what you've said into consideration :). On Monday I meant I'd like to either see the Met or see Museum of Natural History, not both though :)

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7. Re: New York Itinerary - Solo traveller

The Met Museum is more attractive to adults than the Natural History that is overrun with screaming kids. As mentioned by others, it is vast and requires several hours minimum.

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8. Re: New York Itinerary - Solo traveller

Hi Bluebirds,

Lots of great stuff there - but too much great stuff.

Even if you only try to do one of AMNH or the Met Museum on your Monday morning that day is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too busy.

You'll be motoring to get all the things on the other days done too...

I'd suggest going to the Met Museum on either the Friday or the Saturday night when it's open - you don't have anything booked those evenings.

Also, the MoMA is open on Friday evenings, as well as the Thursday evenings till the end of August as Chris mentioned - so that will help you spread things out.

I also agree with Chris about your first night - you'll be ready to go out and about by 8.30pm (I am pretty sure you're on the plane we go on). Go to somewhere at the 'top end' of Hell's Kitchen. I'm assuming you're on the West side of Manhattan, but might have got that wrong. Here's the link to Ziggy's recommendations in Hell's Kitchen: eatingwithziggy.com/2013/… see the map at the bottom of the page. If you love Chinese, Schezuan Gourmet 56 is great.

ALSO - if you forgo resting in your hotel for a whole day on that Monday then you'll have more time to spread these things out.....sure...part of a morning...but a whole day....

PS I don't think they do the tours of Gracie Mansion anymore. I investigated that in December and wasn't able to go. But it might have been the time of year or that a new Mayor had just been elected and was moving in. One of the regulars will let you know.

Have a great time - wear skates!

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9. Re: New York Itinerary - Solo traveller

Thanks so much Jenny! Sounds like some great advice :) looks like I'll be making some adjustments and research of museum opening times too

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10. Re: New York Itinerary - Solo traveller

Way too packed. On day one I see : - 10am Glance at Central Park, visit either the MET or Museum of Natural History

- 1pm Grand Central Terminal and do audio tour, then Chrysler Building lobby

- 2pm NY Public Library and do tour

- 3pm Times Square

- 4pm Time to do other museum I didn't do earlier?

And I burst out laughing. I have lived here over 20 years and I can negotiate this town like nobody I know, and I could never squeeze all that in unless you literally just run up to the museum and not go in, look at Grand Central from the outside (ill-advised as the interior is stunning) and keep moving. Also MoMA is closed on Tuesday I believe. Friday looks great as that is all basically near Cirty Hall. I advise skipping the WTC memorial/museum as it is extremely depressing. Do you want to see many people crying in a "museum"? I cried hard. I regret going there and will never go again. Maybe I am cynical, I work four blocks away, but I am done with that day. Also, I don't see nearly enough time in the Village and Soho, Lower East Side, etc. Currently the Museum of Moving Image is a little weak. It is out of the way and not really that comprehensive, unless you are a huge fan of old American movies. I mean the 1920's I suggest the International Center for Photography on 6th Ave or the Museum of the City of New York on 5th ave instead.

Overall it is a very ambitious plan, and if you accomplish 80% of it you will have done extremely well.

Have fun and if you like cheesecake, visit Veniero's on E 11th St near 1st Ave in the East Village. Basically spend more time in the East Village and less in those "touristy" areas. Wherever there are tourists there are long lines, slow-moving travels, etc.

DC is visually one of the most beautiful cities in north America. I grew up there. There I recommend being a tourist. In NYC you will be a visitor. Don't be afraid to ask people for assistance, clearly we love to help.

Have fun and safe travels. I hope I helped in some small way. Namaste!