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Concern about large food portions

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Concern about large food portions

My family of 4 is really looking forward to our week in NYC next April including enjoying some good food, especially places near our UWS hotel like Sarabeth, Mermaid Inn, Jacob's Pickle.

But I'm a bit worried about the US's famously large portion sizes - I can handle it but my wife and children aren't in my league.

So what are the options? Kids meals aren't really appealing for my kids who already consider themselves semi-pro food critics. I'm guessing sharing meals, 3 between 4 -or an adult sharing with a child- say, would be frowned upon except in more informal places. But is that an option?

Anyway I probably sound like a complete chiseller but I guess I'm asking the Pro's how they deal with this issue.

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1. Re: Concern about large food portions

Im not into "fine dining"' but I've never come across an issue with sharing in casual places. At most there is sometimes a nominal sharing charge... I've seen $3. Another option is to order 2 or 3 entrees and appetizers for the other meals and then share... That's what I'd do.

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2. Re: Concern about large food portions

You can split a main entrée in most places, they won't bat an eye and are used to it. Some places might charge a plate sharing fee of a couple of dollars, the fee is usually disclosed on the menu.

Not every restaurant serves "famously large portions". You may want to have a look around at other tables as you're being seated to get a sense of whether you're in a place that does.

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3. Re: Concern about large food portions

This is also less common at upscale restaurants than downscale, and less common in NYC than in other parts of the US. It's most common at national "fast casual" chains, which you are unlikely to be eating at.

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4. Re: Concern about large food portions

Agree with everything already said. Another thought is doggy bags if your hotel room has a fridge. Take leftovers home for another time.

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5. Re: Concern about large food portions

Its a non issue in NYC. Sarabeths I believe has large portions, Carmines, Carnegie Deli, specific places. Many breakfast spots serve large dishes. More common in touristy area. But for the most part, between all the ethnic food, low end, mid end, any end, the portions are normal and very often small.

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6. Re: Concern about large food portions

When we cannot finish a restaurant meal, we always ask the waiter/waitress to bag what is left, and bring it home for a midnight snack or enjoy the next day. NYC restaurants are very accommodating.


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7. Re: Concern about large food portions

We saw in delis the sharing charge was anything from $3 - $5. BUt that is better than throwing food away if you cannot take it with you. Some of the deli meals were big enough for three people to share. The most challenging thing is having the three to agree to eat the same meal.

If you can take it back to the room that is great, but there was no way for us to pop a pound of cheesecake and a further pound of smoked meat into my purse to carry around museums all day.

In the higher end places portions were definitely normal and the ethnic places, as ZIggy said.

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8. Re: Concern about large food portions

You didn't give the exact ages of the children, but I can tell you that when I was a NYC child (in the late 1950's and early 1960's) my father regularly ordered an appetizer and ate until half-empty childrens' plates were turned over to him. He ate many a cold dinner, happily I suppose because he was a very thrifty man. I don't remember ever needing a doggie-bag back then.

Today, it is fashionable for healthy diners to order only a salad, maybe with a protein on it it. There's a good chance, especially if you order alcohol or a dessert, that the sharing charge won't even come up. Since children often eat "early", you might not even be harming the restaurant's more profitable use of the table after 6:30PM.

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9. Re: Concern about large food portions

Please. Don't embarrass us Australians. Just suck it up and for the duration of your holidays, take one for the team and you eat four meal portions every sitting.

All kidding aside, you'll have no issues with it in NYC as mentioned by everyone above. Oversized portions don't happen as often as it's hyped in the media

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10. Re: Concern about large food portions

We find portions in most restaurants to be very large -much more than we eat. We usually get 2 appetizers,one entree,one dessert. There is often a sharing charge. Sometimes we just get appetizers and a salad at neighborhood places. No place (except maybe Per Se) will have a problem with sharing food. But tip higher than the 20%,you are still taking up space in the restaurant and the server shouldn't get less because some people have smaller appetites.