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I #@&% New York !

Brooklyn, NY
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I #@&% New York !

I Love New York just as much as the next person but sometimes...#@&%....I swear Jersey starts to look pretty good to me. I know the NYC TA forum is just one big lovefest, but come on, isn't there anything anybody doesn't like about NYC? Where's that NYC spirit.. that willing to laugh at itself? I'll start it off with one of my own personal pet peeves; How about all the people that stand in the subway doors when the train is in the station but they're not getting off or getting on the train either. You know, nothing too negative, just stuff like that. I'm bored today, would anyone else like to vent?

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1. Re: I #@&% New York !

Ha ha....you are very brave!!!.....

But I will share my pet hate......

I have got to say that some of the customer service we had was painful!! Stroppy sale assistants, rude waiting stafff...and as for some of the taxi drivers....lets not even go there!!!!!!

And what are we expected to do to show how unhappy we are with the service we get....? give at least a 15% tip for the pleasure!!!

I know there are plenty of people out there who are gonna disagree,but it is a crock of @%£#...!!!


Brooklyn, New York
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2. Re: I #@&% New York !

That is a good one.

Real estate brokers.

The crowds on the 4,5, & 6 lines. If you live on the UES you know what I mean

Times Square

Brooklyn, New York
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3. Re: I #@&% New York !

You crack me up!

OK - I hate all those damn smokers who stand outside the bars on 1st Avenue between 4th Street and Houston that I have to walk past and through on my way to subway after I leave the gym after work. It's just a disgusting haze of smoke hanging over the sidewalk.

Wow, thanks for that opportunity, I feel better all ready ;-)

New York City
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4. Re: I #@&% New York !

Escalators in NYC seem to attract jerks. What is with those people who get off escalators and stop dead while they figure out which way to turn, as you are inexorably propelled into their backs -- and then they get surly when you unavoidably crash into them? And why is it that even in DC people on long subway escalators know to stand to the right and walk to the left, but in NYC there is always one moron who insists on standing still on the left as a frustrated line piles up behind him?

5. Re: I #@&% New York !

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New York, NY
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6. Re: I #@&% New York !

What I really hate - the city could be cleaner, drives me crazy when I see people throw stuff on the street.

I agree about those damn people who stand in the subways doors, get the f...k out of the way, ok!??!?!

And when the streets are so crowded I can't walk.

And the noise.,.....

but when I go away, even though I enjoy wherever I go, I can't wait to get home, with all of the crap, I don't care. I'll take NYC, hands down.

Never a dull moment here, that is for sure.

Ok, I feel better now, great idea for a thread, by the way.

Sterling, VA
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7. Re: I #@&% New York !

I'm somewhat amused---people in the DC area have some of the same complaints about DC, such as people who stand in the subway doors when the train is in the station. Also, people who don't stand to the right on escalators. Some complaints, it seems, are universal!

Nyc (Upper West...
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8. Re: I #@&% New York !

I think that this has been mentioned but it really annoys me--the employees in some of our stores like Duane Reade, Macy's and the supermarkets. Those that score the highest for rudeness on the employment exam get immediately hired. Then they are trained to tell customers that they know nothing about the merchandise, if it is stocked and where it can be found. They are well trained!

Dallas, Texas
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9. Re: I #@&% New York !

Lotus yes you bored. I thinks its time for you to plan a trip down south and help me remember the Alamo and NYCGirl, the F bomb?? You go girl! So, If you want to talk pet peeves, then here goes

Last night we received 1/10000000000 of an inch of snow. Today, my commute to work (15 miles) took close to a month. On the way, I passed a least 197 cars which had lost control and ended up in ditches.(did I mention that total snofall was 1/100000000) So for those of you who think that folks standing in the doorways on the subway are bad, come on down to Texas and help me remember the Alamo!


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10. Re: I #@&% New York !


Did you know that DC Metro, for a while at least, was trying to discourage people from walking on the escalators for safety reasons, so they refused to put back the signs instructing people to stand to the right. I believe the signs are still not posted.