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Savannah, GA--tourist alert!

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Lewiston, ME
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Savannah, GA--tourist alert!

For those of you who care about this issue, please be aware that many businesses in Savannah crank up the A/C and then open the doors to attract customers. Upon making a polite complaint about this practice, I got an extemely abusive reply from a business owner. This was a pretty stupid thing to do to a tourist, considering the power of word-of-mouth advertising. While Savannah has its lovely spots, you can bet I will never, ever set foot in that city again.

I hav never posted in this forum before and it is certainly not my intention to offend anyone. I hope other travelers can profit from my experience.

Savannah, Georgia
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1. Re: Savannah, GA--tourist alert!

I'm so sorry that you felt mistreated by the owner. However, this is the way a lot of stores use their A/C. It may be wasteful, but it makes shopping, etc, in Savannah tolerable. Without a gush of cool air from the stores, the sidewalks are just torrid! He probably felt that you were just being a busybody about something that you were not familiar with. The South gets HOT!

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2. Re: Savannah, GA--tourist alert!


Surely you are not suggesting that one should judge an entire city by the acts/deeds of one person. Surely even in Lewiston, Maine, there are those odd occurances where a particular citizen has an off day and may be considered rude.

I am not from Savannah but have traveled there numerous times in the past 20 years and have found its people to gracious hosts and for the most part are polite and very friendly.

Just chalk it up to one person have a bad day as I am sure all cities have every once in awhile.

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3. Re: Savannah, GA--tourist alert!

You may want to spend a little time looking for something important to get upset about. There are things out there, just look.

4. Re: Savannah, GA--tourist alert!

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Lewiston, ME
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5. Re: Savannah, GA--tourist alert!

Thank you to everyone to replied so far. Travel can certainly be enlightening!

I would like to forget about my encounter with the store owner and focus on the store practice. I certainly appreciate the general explanation for the policy.

I grew up in the Northeast where energy was and is a major issue. We close up homes very tight to conserve energy. We are taught that energy is a scarce resource to be used wisely. I hope this helps you understand my position.

I certainly don't think I'm superior to anyone--I was just baffled by a practice that I have never encountered. Also, I was under the impression that energy use IS a concern for the whole country.

This issue is important to me and many others. Obviously, there are those on this forum who do not agree. I am asking with great respect--what issues ARE more important to you?

It might seem as if I'm getting off-topic here but my dilemma did start with a trip.

Gainesville, Georgia
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6. Re: Savannah, GA--tourist alert!

this is a common practice in new orleans and a welcome one. quite the contrary to being rude though i always felt it was most hospitable to share the cool air with passers by. many times it beckoned me into their shops resulting in sales. i'm trying to think if i've ever encountered a rude merchant. i don't think so, at least not one who remained in business very long. courtesey has long been the long suit of southern hospitality and this is a fine example of it. good manners are socially acceptable here with please and thank you graciously offered up frequently. so my advice is to relax and enjoy it.

Savannah, Georgia
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7. Re: Savannah, GA--tourist alert!

Last July, this Savannian and her daughter spend one week Maine. Wow! It was spectacular! And very, very different from here. I met no one who was rude, yet no one made eye contact, or initiated a grin or hello. However, the outward appearance of being "standoffish" was quickly dispelled if we asked a question. People bent over backwards to help us! They could not have been nicer. We even slept 3 nights with the window open! You can't do stuff like here - I exaggerate not when I say people in the South DIE every year from the heat. Air Conditioning is one of those things that are a must.

Please don't judge books by their cover. If you feel the need to take a political stand on ecology, please don't do it in tripadvisor.com and blare out "Travel Advisory"!!!! And I won't post a "Travel Adisory" about how they boil those poor helpless lobsters alive (what a terribly way to die, slowly, painfully) up north for our dineing pleasure.

Atlanta, Georgia
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8. Re: Savannah, GA--tourist alert!

TracyIII, you're free to express your opinion here on travel-related matters. That's what TripAdvisor is for.

But when you state that you will "never, ever set foot in that city again", don't be surprised that some people are going to find that to be a rather inflammatory statement.

As others have stated, the practice of shop owners turning up the AC full blast to entice customers is a fairly common one in deep South cities.

I understand your concern over the wise use of energy. And it is unfortunate that you had an unpleasant experience with a store owner.

However, it can get really, really hot down here. For me, to the point of making me sick if I'm not wearing a hat and drinking lots of water. We visited Savannah last August and it was in the 90s the entire time. Those blasts of AC from the stores were an oasis for me. And since they own the stores, they can pretty much do as they like.

For you to base your entire opinion of this wonderful, amazing city on this experience seems rather sad, but that is indeed your choice.

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9. Re: Savannah, GA--tourist alert!

"I grew up in the Northeast where energy was and is a major issue. We close up homes very tight to conserve energy. We are taught that energy is a scarce resource to be used wisely. I hope this helps you understand my position."

Yes...many in the south have heard "how we do it up north".....and they really don't care. Would you appreciate someone coming to ME and telling you/complaining about how to run your home/business?

"I certainly don't think I'm superior to anyone--I was just baffled by a practice that I have never encountered."

If you don't understand something....ask a question instead of making a "complaint". As for advising others to avoid an entire city based on such a minor issue....makes one question your "polite complaint".

" Also, I was under the impression that energy use IS a concern for the whole country."

So is water useage.....will you be complaining about outdoor watering of the grass and advising other to boycott any cities that allow a single person to water their lawn?

Atlanta, Georgia
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10. Re: Savannah, GA--tourist alert!

Although I'm tempted to respond to the condescending inquiry into what, exactly, we southerners do care about, I have decided just to let it go since it's not travel-related. Without providing any specifics and instead asking us to accept your opinion on faith that your letter was polite while his was extremely abusive, I just don't find this to be a valid complaint. To judge an entire city because one store-owner who was following a valid and established practice took offense to a lecture from a know-it-all tourist is ridiculous.