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Donut Friar - bad attitudes?

Knoxville, TN
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Donut Friar - bad attitudes?

We've been visiting the Donut Friar for years, and I'm a bit puzzled when I read the reviews and how some patrons receive a surly attitude when visiting this place. I've never experienced it personally, but there are so many reviewers with the same story that I just don't understand it. I've also read the rebuttals from the Donut Friar to some of the bad reviews, and the rebuttals sound very very odd...almost like the Donut Friar is scoffing at or making light of their bad attitude. What's going on with the people at the Donut Friar? Has ownership or management changed recently? I sure would hate to see this place close up, but I can certainly understand how that might happen if they continue to treat customers so poorly.

Bedford, Indiana
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1. Re: Donut Friar - bad attitudes?

We always get our doughnut fix at the Krispy Kreme in PF, hot and tasty yeast doughnuts, oh yeah, we'll be enjoying some soon....

Lorain, Ohio
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2. Re: Donut Friar - bad attitudes?

you know.. I probably wounldn't have said anything because it was no big deal to me but, when we were there in July I wanted to try them because I have heard how great they are... when I walked in I kinda stood back so I could see what there was to choose from and the lady just kinda gave me an uncomfortable stare like I was holding her up or something... no big deal or anything its just usually everyone is so friendly there(in GB) I thought it was a little odd...

Rossville, Ga
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3. Re: Donut Friar - bad attitudes?

It's kind of like the "soup nazi" episode of Seinfeld. I've come to expect it over the years... It's almost a bit funny. I keep going back because it's tradition and I do enjoy their donuts. I've been there before when folks had a hard time making a decision and wow!!!

Richmond, Indiana
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4. Re: Donut Friar - bad attitudes?

We went to the Donut Friar for the first time in May. I went the evening before just to see what they had. The lady was very nice. I went back the next morning to make my select and there was a man working. He was also very nice and friendly. I would definitely go back to this place for the great customer service.

Blackshear, Georgia
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5. Re: Donut Friar - bad attitudes?

I too prefer hot fresh Krispy Kremes and don't have to put up with the attitude.

Linden, New Jersey
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6. Re: Donut Friar - bad attitudes?

I agree with you Barrysangel. I am not going to give anyone my hard earned money that has such an attitude problem. There are too many other places that appreciate your business.

I haven't been to Donut Friar, but after all the negative reviews, I will most definitely never set foot in their shop. Guess they have never heard that word of mouth is a powerful tool !

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7. Re: Donut Friar - bad attitudes?

The first time I went there it was in the evening right before closing the night before Easter and the woman at first was very quiet and I felt like I was bothering her but as I made conversation I could see she was a hard working person with the stress of running a business.

The second time I went in the morning a young man waited on me. He was quiet but not rude.

Some times I have to remind myself that it is not easy to find real good employees in a town like this where they only get to work part of the year.

Service has to really be bad for me not to go back to a place I really like.

I will NOT go back to TGIF Fridays in PF. Horrible food, service, and employees partying extremely loud in the bar where we had to sit because they put all the chairs up an hour before closing.

I have had servers at The Mill and Applewood that were not very nice and seem to forget us but I have had more good service than bad at both. I have had food at both that was not that good to but I know now what to order that seems to always be good.

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8. Re: Donut Friar - bad attitudes?

please tell us what is good to order there

Gatlinburg, TN
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9. Re: Donut Friar - bad attitudes?

I don't understand what anybody could be refering to as a "bad attitude" at The Donut Friar. They have the best donuts (way better than Krispy Kreme) in the area and I have never had any problem at all with any of the people that work there. I'm wondering if the people giving poor reviews haven't been the ones with an attitude problem.

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10. Re: Donut Friar - bad attitudes?

VERY WELL SAID Coffeebean!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is amazing what people expect sometimes. I also have had NO problems with them. We all have bad days, but you know what...I get over it.