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Before you decide on Auntie Belham

Huntsville, Alabama
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Before you decide on Auntie Belham

I just got back from a stay with Auntie Belham cabin rentals (our first time with them). My family chose the cabin Little Smoky which turned out to be a not so great choice. Upon arrival we where hit with an ovewhelming smell of stale cigarette smoke. I don't mean to ofend anyone, but my family cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke and it actually makes my daughter physically sick. Knowing this, I specifically selected "No Smoking" when I searched for a cabin. We immediately called the Auntie Belham office and was told someone would call us back. When the gentleman from the office called back he informed us that there were no other cabins available and told us that Auntie Belham has a "open" smoking policy. A policy that I still have not found on their website and I also wonder why you're given the option to search for "No Smoking" cabins if this is their policy?! But they have our $600, so we're stuck right? Anyway, we were told that someone would come over to try to "help" the situation. So, we chose to go ahead and leave for dinner (we had not unloaded the car or unpacked anything yet)... When we returned a couple of hours later, the maintenance person had left a can of Glade on the porch with a note that read "this is the best I can do!" The filter was filthy, downstairs smelled like smoke and mildew, and the place overall just needed A LOT of TLC. Spiderwebs and dead bugs everywhere! (at least they were dead huh? :o)) Road traffic, the thinnest/cheapest towels you've ever felt/seen were just a few of the other issues with this cabin. But in all fairness, it could be a nice cabin with some major work. It had a nice layout, but just dirty... Anyway, no one ever called back regarding our problem or said anything about this situation. We go to Gatlingburg every year and this is one customer that won't be choosing Auntie Belham again!

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1. Re: Before you decide on Auntie Belham

WOW - I'm surprised. We've rented through Auntie Bellhams before and they were great with NO PROBLEMS what so ever.

Sorry your trip sucked.

LaPorte, IN
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2. Re: Before you decide on Auntie Belham

"told us that Auntie Belham has a "open" smoking policy"

Wow, that's a new one. I'm sorry that your vacation was disrupted by a stinky dirty cabin and a disappointing rental company. I'm with you about the smell of smoke, I hate it. I find it odd that if you go to Auntie Belham's website and search specifically for a smoking cabin that none come up. They also don't clearly state whether a cabin is smoking or non-smoking in the description. Most cabin companies only offer non-smoking cabins and it is clearly stated in the description. After hearing your story I will be sure to always check the description and rental agreement for a strict non-smoking policy. I hope your problem was an isolated incident and doesn't happen to others. Better luck next time!

Huntsville, Alabama
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3. Re: Before you decide on Auntie Belham

Thank you VeeBee6. It helped just getting that off my chest...We still had a good time, but just spent less time hanging out in the cabin like we usually do. So that meant we spent waaaaay more money too LOL! Anyway, thanks again.

Huntsville, Alabama
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4. Re: Before you decide on Auntie Belham

Thanks Joybee4,

I too hope that was an isolated incident. I checked for "Smoking" cabins on their site when I got home too, and saw that none came up. That was very strange. Of course I never thought to search for "smoking" when I was looking or I might have realized something was up. Oh well, I've learned from this and will definitely ask if it's not celarly spelled out the next time...Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Hackettstown, New...
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5. Re: Before you decide on Auntie Belham

We stayed with Auntie Belham's about 6 or 7 years ago and it was absolutely terrible. We would never, ever recommend them or stay with them again. Minus the smoke smell we had the same complaints as you. The weirdest thing about the cabin was the jacuzzi tub in the middle of the game room.

Regarding the smoke, I completely agree with you. I'm a smoker and even I would be seriously ticked if we had a cabin that had obviously been smoked in frequently. As far as the "open smoking policy" I have never heard of such a thing. I've actually never even came across a smoking cabin through any company. Above all else my favorite part of the Smokies is sitting on the deck in the morning with a cup of tea and my morning cigarette! Bottom line, smoked in cabins even offend some of us smokers! If I weren't a smoker I can't imagine how furious I would be.

Lorain, Ohio
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6. Re: Before you decide on Auntie Belham

Is this the same Co. that used to be Aunt Bugs???

I saw Auntie Belham's when we were there a couple of weeks ago and was wondering if it was the same... I know Aunt Bugs had some Bad reviews...


Glad you still had a good time, hopefully next time will be better!!!

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7. Re: Before you decide on Auntie Belham

We stayed in an Auntie Belhams cabin in May and have nothing but praise for them & the cabin. There was a smoking stand out on the deck at the cabin we stayed at but no ashtrays or the odor of smoking inside. We found the place very clean but I agree the towels could have been a little heavier but since I know that now, I will take a couple of my own next time.

They are not the same company as Aunt Bugs

I am sorry you had a disappointing rental with them but I hope it didn't ruin your vacation.

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8. Re: Before you decide on Auntie Belham

The sad thing about this story is that all you really have to do to combat the smoke smell is change the air/furnace filters regularly and buy the high dollar filters that cost about $8 - $15 per filter instead of the cheapest Wal-Mart 79 cent air filters. But amazingly, 90% of the rental cabins have the 79 cent filters in them. That's why I insist that my rental company use the expensive filters and change them every month...just in case someone smokes in the cabin (and let's face it, people do smoke in non smoking cabins/hotel rooms all the time).

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9. Re: Before you decide on Auntie Belham

This is a real sore spot with me.

I own a rental condo. Our entire complex is “Smoke Free” smoking is not allowed even on the balconies.

These rules are clearly stated in our rental agreement. I have no smoking signs in the condo and on the balcony, However SOME smokers feel these rules do not apply to them.

I have never noticed a smoke smell in the condo but……

*There has been a cigarette burn in the carpet….had to replace the carpet

*There has been a cigarette burn in the bathroom vinyl…had to replace the vinyl

*There is a cigarette burn on the edge of the tube, will have to replace the tub at some point.

*There has been a hole from a cigarette in one of my patio chairs….had to replace the chair.

I know most smokers are respectful, but the few that are rude and feel they are above the rules give you all a bad name.

If you are a smoker, please follow the rules. Thank you

Ms Delta
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10. Re: Before you decide on Auntie Belham

My family rented from Auntie Belham's 3 or 4 yrs ago during the Thanksgiving week holidays. I spend alot of time searching cabins because my father is disabled and has special needs. He is a stroke patient which caused him to have to use oxygen at night (no fireplace in ground floor bedroom) and his walking is not good at all(wheelchair and walker). Because of this there has to be a bedroom on the main floor with no stairs involved. I spoke with several people at the office that assured me there was a bedroom on the ground floor as well as a bathroom that my mom could help him into. Surprise...Surprise!!!!! Upon our arrival at the cabin there was not a bedroom on the ground floor. There were also dirty toilets with none other than cigarettes in them! I immediately call the company and explained our problem. They said "Well there is a sleeper sofa in the den so it should not be a problem!" Mind you this is also the same room that has the fireplace and he is on oxygen at night! They knew this because the oxygen was delivered to their office for us to pick up and I had already explained all of this to them. They told me that we would just have to make do because they did not have anymore cabins. They said they did not think I could find anyone with a vacancy. I made one phone call to the company that we normally use(I dont know what made me think I should venture out and try a new one) and they fixed me right up! We called Auntie Belham's and told them we had found a new place that could accomodate my dad (hes in his 70's) They did not care and would not give us a refund. They said they would not be able to rent the cabin. HELLO...Thanksgiving Week and all of their other cabins were full!!?? I would think they could rent it in 5 minutes. Sorry this is so long but I love everything about Gatlingurg and Pegeon Forge except Auntie Belhams. After months of no one in charge being there to help us with our problem of no refund - we finally go a little bit of a refund...too little too late. We make our anual trek to GB/PF every Thanksgiving and any other time that we can. It's great for families and you see many with miltiple generations (NICE to see). And you see people with disailities!!!They are the same as everyone else and deserve respect. Anyway....I can't wait to get back to GB/PF!!I dont post very often but I do read this forum several times a week and really enjoy it. Since I discovered this forum I have learned so much and I thought I knew everything since we have been coming for a very long time.