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Likes and Dislikes in Gatlinburg!!!

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Knoxville, Tennessee
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Likes and Dislikes in Gatlinburg!!!

Like...or I should say...Love the mountains! Love the Pancake Pantry restaurant....Love the Village shopping area....Love just walking around...Love Ober Gatlinburg and the Tram....Love Ripleys Aquarium.

Dislike all the junkie T-shirt shops and knock off purse shops and especially the "Time share selling pushy people"...but believe me they have really calmed down...they had to...they use to be on the side walks and come right up to you, get in your face and even follow you...now they have to stay in their little offices...if they don't...they can get in trouble! Also dislike the horrible traffic problems!

Best time to go...January and February!! A lot of the restaurants offer 2 for one's and there are a lot of sales going on as well!!!

Biggest Dislike...tourists that find it necessary to go above and beyond what you should to see and photograph the wild bears in the mountains!!! Their carelessness and selfishness have caused several Black Bears to be euthanized and this should not happen! People need to stay away from the wild bears, keep their kids and pets away from them as well!!

Another dislike....way too many cabins have been built on the mountain sides...it takes away the natural beauty!!

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1. Re: Likes and Dislikes in Gatlinburg!!!

Ditto to everything you said!

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2. Re: Likes and Dislikes in Gatlinburg!!!

likes: the homey feel of the mountains, Cade's Cove and some of the great artists on the loop.

dislikes: WAY too many cabins in the area, too much cheap junk mixed in with the great artist shops, people who stop thier cars in the middle of the road on Cade's Cove and last but not least... the idiots who chase the bear with a camera in hand.

Knoxville, Tennessee
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3. Re: Likes and Dislikes in Gatlinburg!!!

Is it me or has their been a proliferation of crappy t-shirt, knock-off purse and junk stuff sellers in Gatlinburg in the last year or so? I was really turned off by all those stores when we visited a few weeks ago. It definitely does ruin the quaint flavor of downtown Gatlinburg.

Timeshare hawkers are another pet peeve of mine but I don't think they're going away anytime soon.

The more the area becomes overrun with tourism junk the more I appreciate and want to spend time in the park! My favorite things are all park-related: hiking, picnicking, tubing, photography and exploring new areas. Wish I had more time to do them all!

Cinn, OH
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4. Re: Likes and Dislikes in Gatlinburg!!!

Love the Smokys, the quiet tranquility of the area, Dollywood, great food, friendly people

Dislike the buildings that should be updated or tore down, all the traffic in Gatlinburg, people that litter in the Smokys

SE Indiana
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5. Re: Likes and Dislikes in Gatlinburg!!!

I really like G'burg from say, about stoplite#6 on South, to be honest, there's not much (for me) from lite 1 to 6...

I REALLY enjoy the walk from G'burg to the visitor's center- it's NOT a hike, it's a stroll.

Rossville, Ga
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6. Re: Likes and Dislikes in Gatlinburg!!!

I agree with everyone. I would also like to add the stores with air guns, brass knuckles, machetes and nunchucks to the dislikes list. You would think the city would get so tired of the constant raids they have to run on the fake purse issues and such. The past 2 summers we have been downtown at night when the police rush several stores. It's so much like china town in NY when you see all the owners on their phones warning eachother. I really wish we had more stores in Gatlinburg that were true to the area with a natural mountain feel. The Village has several stores that I visit often. My favorite places include the Sugarlands and Spur Welcome Centers and The Arts and Craft loop.

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7. Re: Likes and Dislikes in Gatlinburg!!!

Mtnbeach is 100% right. I was in awe of the raid we saw at the knock off purse shop. It really made me want to quit shopping on return to my cabin. Seems like the city of Gburg wouldn't want tourist seeing such.

Love Gatlinburg...hate the t-shirt and knock off shops.

Bartlett, Tennessee
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8. Re: Likes and Dislikes in Gatlinburg!!!

I think Gatlinburg has some of the same things that other cities have.Some people like the shops and some dont.And I think that Gatlinburg caters to all people and has something to offer everyone.Think about it if there wasnt Trip Advisor then Gatlinburg would still be the same.There are thousands and thousands of people that visit Gatlinburg and have never even heard of Trip Advisor.Gatlinburg has more people visit it now then they did 20 years ago.Poeple must be buying the knock off purses and air guns because if they werent then they wouldnt be in business.If people dont like it then why bother even going.There are tons of other cities to go to.I know The Smoky Mountains brings in alot of the people but they dont have to stay in Gatlinburg they can stay in Maryville,Townsend,Cosby etc.

Not everyone is into the craft stores and so on.I would like to see some of the old run down motels torn down and put up some new things.I know you have all heard the saying "The more things change the more they stay the same". As far as the Air Brush T-shirt shops I have one made for me everytime I come to the area.I cant get them where I live and I think they are pretty neat and noone has one like mine. so it is special to me.I still have one from 1990 I had made on my Honeymoon.I dont wear it anymore but I have it.If soo many people have a problem with Gatlinburg then stop going and go somewhere else.These days there are so many walks of life and Gatlinburg seems to have something for everyone out there.Another thing I like about Gatlinburg is the fact that you can walk all thru downtown and not have to worry about getting your purse or wallet stolen.I let my kids walk around because it is still a safe town.As far as time share people just say no.Ive been to Gatlinburg so many times and never have had a problem with them ever.Some people just dont have a back bone.The ones that put them down are the ones that probaly stop and talk to them then get on here to say how they were harrassed by them.Maybe its not the businesses that are changing maybe its the people that are changing.If anyone has been to a flea market before they sell knock off's too.Some people cant afford a $ 1500.00 Prada purse but will buy the $ 45.00 knock off.You really cant tell the difference just by passing a person on the street.As far as people littering the streets I really havent seen this but if I were to see someone do that,Im the type of person that would walk up to them and say Hey do you not see the trash cans that you pass every few minutes.Thats just me.Well if you see someone littering then why not pick it up and throw it away yourself if it bothers you so much.

I dont see some of the shops leaving anytime soon so if it bothers people so much then I suggest going somewhere else on vacation but anywhere you go things will still be the same way.Another thing that bothers me is when people give a bad review on a hotel/cabin because there was a tiny stain in the carpet.OK does that really ruin your trip.I can see if your renting a hotel or cabin and your the only one that has stayed there but most hotels/cabins have had thousands of people staying in them and things are bound to happen sooner or later.But people will give a bad review on some of the stupidest things.I dont read reviews much because I always want to find things out for myself.Maybe the town doesnt need improving maybe its the people coming to the area that needs improvments.People have got to realize that if they like it it doesnt mean all 5000 other people will like it too.I like Gatlinburg and always will.

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9. Re: Likes and Dislikes in Gatlinburg!!!

The entire trip advisor network is all about opinion. While we might not agree with them, things can really become heated when some tries to oppress the others by saying if you don't like it, stay somewhere else.

One of the great things about this nation of ours is that when we see something we don't like, we can do our best to rectify the situation by vocalizing our opposition or contacting those we have elected to make the needed changes. Another point I must make is that this is a nation governed by laws. If you produce a product it can be protected by patent and/or copyright, so that others cannot undercut demand. Enforcing those laws is not only commendable, but necessary in order to maintain the free market and the spirit of free enterprise in this nation. It's basic economics they many of us learned in the lower grades of the educational process. Gatlinburg thrives because of such a system. If people want to highlight their hedonism by paying $4500.00 for a purse, I'm not going to stand in their way. But I pity those who simply want to act like they are wealthy by putting on a mask and not accepting the value of what they are in this world without pretending to be wealthy.

As for the t-shirt shops, if you talk to the crafts people in the district, (Cliff Dwellers comes to mind), you might get an idea of how they feel about getting bumped out of town years ago by something like a Burger King or a T-shirt shop. The Arrowmount Institute almost fell victim to the same process a short time ago, but people stood up for what they believed in and stopped the decimation of a long standing and important feature of the area.

Gatlinburg is a mix of old and new. I can visit, pick and choose where I go, and simply choose to stay away from those shops that are not to my liking, while at the same time join forces with organizations that oppose some of the serious issues such as watershed and over-development as well as protecting the history of human involvement of the area.

It's all part of living in a free nation.

Paris, Tn
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for Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge
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10. Re: Likes and Dislikes in Gatlinburg!!!

There's not very much I dislike about the town of Gatlingurg. But one thing DOES come to mind rather quickly. There's a real need for more readily accessable handicapped parking spaces.

As far as the "body snatchers" go, when they'd try to stop me on the sidewalk, and I wasn't in the mood....I'd simply speak to them in German. They soon gave up.

One store in Gatlinburg I do like is the clock shop that sells beautiful and very expensive (which I can't afford) grandfather clocks. I love listening to them chime.

I also love the sports memorabilia store upstairs. I always wind up going in there and buying either Tee-shirts or jerseys from the Cleve Indians or the Cleve Browns. This shop is "a must"

Krispi-Kreme donuts in Pigeon Forge is also a favorite haunt of mine..