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Snorkelling for kids?

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Snorkelling for kids?

The descriptions of amed sound really extra cool, we're planning to give it a try when we go to Bali in June. Just wondering though - we've an 8-year old and a 11-year old who can both swim, but not that well, so snorkelling close to shore sounds good. Would there be a problem though getting the kids proper equipment ( eg life jackets!) to go snorkelling with? Do we need to bring anything with us? someone on this forum wrote about reef shoes, but these don't seem to be easily available in Urban Singapore where we live!

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1. Re: Snorkelling for kids?

Go to Lipah beach where you can snorkel by just walking into the water.

No reef shoes needed and you can hire flippers. snorkels there. I would think about buying the kids snorkels though as they are used by many and you may not find one to fit.

I can;t swim but can stay afloat and I enjoyed snorkelling just off Hidden Paradise Cottages. Loads of beautiful fish to see,

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2. Re: Snorkelling for kids?

As linda said Lipah is perfect for kids. I'd take your own gear if possible as lots of it is broken/funny sizes.

Lipah is sandy (so you can stand and adjust mask without damaging coral) and you can snorkel in the shallows and see lots. In saying that it doesn't get real deep till a fair way out.

I'm jealous!

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3. Re: Snorkelling for kids?

Snorkeling and life jackets just don't mix well. The purpose of a life jacket is to keep your head out of the water so it would be a mammoth effert to maintain your face in the water with a life jacket on.

Agree Lipah Beach though. The Japanese wreck can have fairly strong currents at times, so I wouldn't suggest this place for the children.

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4. Re: Snorkelling for kids?


We were in Amed last August with our kids (5 and 8 years old). The youngest one couldn't swim, and she had only those little orange savety things on her arms (in Dutch we call it "wings"), which went perfectly well.

In fact, we couldn't get her out of the sea, it was fantastic to see how enthousiastic she was about everything she saw under water!

We spent a lovely afternoon there, and are yet looking forward to summer 2011, when we well be back in Bali again!

Have a nice trip with your family!

Kind regards,


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5. Re: Snorkelling for kids?

Hi Thun

The first time we snorkelled in Amed my son was 8. We both just wore our crocs in the water, helped with walking on the pebbles and they are good for floating with. We also took along a blow up life ring and he held on to that for extra security. We snorkelled around the Japanese shipwreck, Lipah & Jemaluk Bay. Great fun!

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6. Re: Snorkelling for kids?

Gee, thanks to everyone for your very helpful replies, much appreciated. You've really made us even more eager to go!

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7. Re: Snorkelling for kids?

I also agree that Lipah beach is wonderful for snorkling.

Selang beach, 1 km further along the coast is equally wonderful and very peaceful. In front of Good Karma Bungalows and just below Blue Moon

At Banyuning there is a Japanese wreck just off the shore which is well worth snorkling. However this is a stony beach.. much more diificult to get in the water. Also sometimes the current is quite strong at Banyuning

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8. Re: Snorkelling for kids?

we take our own snorkeling gear for our youngest child (5) as it is not always easy to find a snorkel, mask and flippers that will fit them. even a pair of swimming goggles instead of a mask is suitable if you don't want to take a mask. life jackets are hopeless, you can get small foam kick boards that weigh only about 200gm or take a small blow up version. you can easily get these from garage sales, op shop etc and then leave them there when you come home. when the water is shallow younger kids like to walk along and then just put their face in the water so you won't have to worry about snorkeling in deeper water for the kids. We found snorkeling around the wreck was not suitable for our child due to the fact it can get a bit too rough for children. do try and buy some reef shoes or some form of footwear as it can get too hard for little feet.

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9. Re: Snorkelling for kids?

I agree take your own mask and hire fins. We always take blow up rings for the kids to hang onto, also great if the tide is a bit low and your worried about them kicking the coral and cutting themselves you can put them on top and pull them over the shallow parts:)

Most important rash shirts and lots of sunscreen, it is easy to forget how hot the sun is when you are looking at an underwater wonderland!

Have fun the Amed area is wonderful.

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10. Re: Snorkelling for kids?

Your family sounds similar to mine - my kids are 7 and 9 years. We're off to Amed in September and really excited about the snorkelling (but neither of the kids have snorkelled before). Would be great to hear about your experiences and suggestions!

Have a great trip! Must be only days away now :D