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thanks giving weekend need your help!!!!!!!!!

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thanks giving weekend need your help!!!!!!!!!

Heading to New orleans for the pats game on Nov 30th. I have always wanted to see New Orleans and have got some bad news. The Bayou Classic football game is this weekend and the word on the streets was its the most violent weekend of the year on Bourbon St and the locals avoid going out. Can anyone please let me know what its like and if friday is the same type of crowd on Bourbon St. We are staying in the french quarter and wanted to know where we could go to avoid this crowd, but did not want to travel far. We are traveling with a group of eight males from ages 33 to 45 and want tons of music and drinks and good times. Many of the guys in my group want to cancel the trip and go to miami. New Orleans is one of the top five places I have wanted to travel to but not feeling good about what I have been hearing. Please give me as much information as you can so this trip does not get cancelled. thanks, ROUL

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1. Re: thanks giving weekend need your help!!!!!!!!!

Don't believe the word on the 'street'..sure its crowded and gets wild but not outrageous and its like any other party weekend..You don't have to hang around Bourbon Street for great music and bars ..go to the Marigny section..Frenchmen Street.

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2. Re: thanks giving weekend need your help!!!!!!!!!

I think another member of your group has already covered this territory:


Call me naive, but it took me a couple of days to decipher the code you're speaking in. I assumed that as your group is older, you would feel uncomfortable around a large group of college kids whooping it up. Now it seems pretty apparent that you've got no problem being around rowdy kids- you do want to hang out on Bourbon Street, after all.

Frankly, if being around people of another race makes you feel this uncomfortable, you really should cancel your trip, and not for your sake, but for the sake of others.

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3. Re: thanks giving weekend need your help!!!!!!!!!

Didn't you just ask this yesterday???? Several people responded, although TripAdvisor may have yanked it due to racist overtones.

Yes, Bayou Classic is an event which draws African-Americans. Yes, many locals do avoid it, just as they do Sugar Bowl. I just can't see why you're obsessing about it, though. It's easy enough to avoid Bourbon Street if the college-aged black kids will bother you. Try the Marigny, the warehouse district, or Uptown areas instead. Not a big deal.

If you continue to worry about it, go to Miami and pick another week for New Orleans.

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4. Re: thanks giving weekend need your help!!!!!!!!!

First I would take stock of the original source of the "street," information. Does the person really have objective info, or it is second or third hand?

Also, I would like to suggest a couple of other sources of good information for you to explore. First, try searching online for crime stats and news stories that mention Bayou Classic and violence. The stats could be up and mostly related to pick pockets in a tightly packed crowd in a fairly small area. Also, college age people are more likely to fight, could be nothing that is all that serious running the numbers up.

Another tact you might try is to call and talk to the concierge at your hotel, or those at other hotels. They don't know where you are actually staying.

While I can appreciate the feelings of others who have responded, you are the one who needs to be satisfied that your questions are answered. If I were you I would find someone to speak to in real time. I am not so sure you intended any racial bias in your questions, despite the accusation from some responders. Even if that was your real question, I think you have a right to decide for yourself what is comfortable for you.

You got responses from a few people, (included in the previous post), that advised the lower Bourbon area. That is pretty good advice. We also like music, drinks, and a good party, and almost never hang out on the upper, (near Canal), area of Bourbon because it is always grungier IMHO. There are lots of strip clubs, etc in that area where lower, (away from Canal), FQ has better music and fun bars. You were also advised to party on Frenchmen Street. That is also good advice, the music is great and there is still a lot of partying and drinks flowing. We typically walk down there and then cab it back.

I honestly cannot imagine passing up a trip to NOLA. I suspect you are leaning toward going and looking for evidence to convince your friends. Call and make friends with a concierge or other hotel personnel and get your questions answered.

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5. Re: thanks giving weekend need your help!!!!!!!!!

Couldn't help myself, really need to say that I've never heard such a ridiculous reason for not wanting to visit a city. I'm a female solo traveller and you're a large group of blokes travelling together....I'm not scared why are you?

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6. Re: thanks giving weekend need your help!!!!!!!!!

I've been on upper Bourbon the night of the Bayou Classic, and once was more than enough for me. It wasn't like any other party weekend. Many people in the crowd that night were drunk and were rude to the point of being combative. I don't care if the color of the crowd's skin is black or white or brown or red or yellow. It's not an atmosphere of which I want to be a part.

I hope you'll all pardon my gruff response, but I do feel that those who haven't been there at that time should not be offering advice on safety and crowd behavior, when they haven't actually seen what goes on.

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7. Re: thanks giving weekend need your help!!!!!!!!!

I think you guys will have a wonderful time here.

I have lived here for 33 years, and I have never gotten tired of going to the Quarter or to Frenchman Street, listening to music or just walking around, looking at the uniqueness of the place.

I invite you to message me privately thru this site.

Knowing where you will be staying and a little more aabout what you will be hoping to find would help with specific recommendations.

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8. Re: thanks giving weekend need your help!!!!!!!!!

If you think bourbon st will be bad after a football game, best make sure you don't come down during the mardi gras season ( or if the saints ever win a super bowl). There are many alternatives than going to bourbon, but you can always go on sunday after the saints game.

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9. Re: thanks giving weekend need your help!!!!!!!!!

Rodin Louisiana - I completely agree with you, and regardless of how anyone wants to interpret this, that would be one of the very few times of year that I also don't want to be in New Orleans. Any other time, it is my favorite city in the whole world.

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10. Re: thanks giving weekend need your help!!!!!!!!!

"I hope you'll all pardon my gruff response, but I do feel that those who haven't been there at that time should not be offering advice on safety and crowd behavior, when they haven't actually seen what goes on."

OK, fair enough. But I "have" been there that weekend and would go back without hesitation. New Orleans is a big city, it's fairly easy to avoid crowds for a particular event if you want to.

I honestly don't like that "upper" end of Bourbon on ANY weekend night, it seems rougher than the rest of the street for some reason. Never had a problem there, but just wandering into Krystal for late-night burgers can "feel" a bit weird to me.