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Going to Ohau next year with smokers...

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Going to Ohau next year with smokers...

...they are frantic about where they can smoke...are there any bars that allow smoking? We will be staying in a non smoking hotel. I just hope there is a place for them to smoke so I can keep my sanity.

I know that there is no smoking in restaurants but not about bars or if the dinner cruises allow it.

Thank you for your help,

A lonely nonsmoker

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1. Re: Going to Ohau next year with smokers...

Not to sound brash, but I think they should begin to realize that the entire world is slowly banning smoking in public places.

They will just have to get used to it or quit, that is the way of the future.

Victoria, Canada
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2. Re: Going to Ohau next year with smokers...

Well the smokers do not need anyones preachy comments, so lets get to facts.

They will not be able to smoke in ANY bar or restaurant, even open air ones. If they go somewhere like say Dukes( restaurant and bar) the smokers had to walk down onto the beach( 20 ft from entrance) and smoke, most just walked about 10 ft away.

Most hotels have gone non smoking, but a few still have smoking rooms so ASK before you book anywhere.

Good luck, I doubt they will quit for vacation, so I hope they enjoy themselves anyways. Smokers are people too.

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3. Re: Going to Ohau next year with smokers...

Some resorts actually have smoking areas... usually away from restaurants and walkways.... But that hasn't stopped some people from lighting up, or maybe they couldn't read or understand the posted signs.

Honolulu, Hawaii
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4. Re: Going to Ohau next year with smokers...

1. Most Waikiki hotels now have designated smoking areas, now jokingly referrred to as "the leper colony" (or Kalaupapa, among locals).

2. For a complete recap of the law, its penalties and impacts see:


3. Enforcement of the new law is a joke. It is toothless and cumbersome. You have to file a detailed complaint either on-line or via mail (mail? Hope the offender has a couple of cartons for the wait). And, the maximum fine is $50, plus up to $25 in court costs.

The police will do nothing unless one happens to be walking by, gets unwittingly roped into the action by a unrelenting complainer, and then the offender must refuse to dispose of the cig in the presence of the officer. Not too many folks are gonna say "up yours" to a cop in their face, "Hey, back off pig, I'm gonna finish this one and smoke another".

4. You are not supposed to smoke on your lanai, as it could potentially "infiltrate" into a non-smoking room.

5. Some hotels have zero sensitivity to the new law and say nothing about smoking. Others are hyper-sensitive and will send up security at the first whiff.

6. Personally, I have given up smoking in all hotel rooms (allowed or not) and view the need for a butt (or the rare cigar in my case) as an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the tropical air. Also, I now frequent hotels adjacent to the zoo/Kapiolani Park, so I can enjoy a wonderfully treed, open-air smoking experience in just a few steps without having to worry about offending anybody.

Los Angeles...
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5. Re: Going to Ohau next year with smokers...

Yeah man. ur frenz r gonna flip! I like to smoke on vacation and just chill in the lanai. I went to Maui & was pissed when heard the news on smoking.

at least give ur pals advance warning. smoking is very hard to do in HI.

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6. Re: Going to Ohau next year with smokers...

There are simply not many places. I am judging by the crowd of smokers huddled on the sidewalks around the outside of most hotels most mornings! Interestingly enough, I did see people smoking on the beach, but I'm not sure that's legal either?

Honolulu, Hawaii
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7. Re: Going to Ohau next year with smokers...


Smoking on the beach remains legal.

The law was meant to cover "places of employment", which is why you cannot light up even on the patio or lanai of a bar if it is "connected" to a business/building.

There are a few totally outside free-standing (or "unconnected") bars in the State which have contended they should be able to allow smoking...but these few challenges have yet to be resolved.

Los Angeles...
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8. Re: Going to Ohau next year with smokers...

Frantic might be an overstatement. They have enough on their minds about preparing for the trip. Just relax....there will be plenty of opportunity to smoke. They will just have to think for a second before they light up as to whether it is appropriate or not.

I suggest the "patch" for the plane ride over so they don't get too anxious.

Ottawa, Canada
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9. Re: Going to Ohau next year with smokers...

Anyone who gets through the 5+ hour flight to Hawaii without smoking should be able to deal with the smoking laws in Hawaii buildings.

Besides, Hawaii is the best place anywhere in the world where you would be forced to spend time outside.

Chesterfield, Mich.
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10. Re: Going to Ohau next year with smokers...

Hotels in Hawaii are given the right to still have I believe 10 or maybe 20% of their rooms....designated as smoking.

But of course each hotel could decide to utilize this or go completely non-smoking.

My DH and I are smokers( thank you to the previous poster who said :smokers are people too"). We will be staying @ the Waikiki Outrigger next year. This hotel has chosen to be 100% non-smoking. We ALWAYS stay here. When we learned about this news, we were somewhat disappointed, but we will have to deal with it. We don't really like smoking in our hotel room, but do enjoy being able to smoke on the lanai. Now I guess this isn't possible either.

Other smokers out there know will know what that first cup of coffee in the morning, out on your lanai, with no cigarette, will be like. Unless of course you happen to be in a hotel that still has a few smoking rooms.