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Airfare... kicking myself this morning

Salem, Oregon
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Airfare... kicking myself this morning

I'm planning our first trip to Hawaii for a conference this July, flying Portland, Oregon to Honolulu. I've been watching airfares for several months, trying to get a read on what's a good price for July, etc. A month ago I could book a nonstop flight on Alaska Airlines for $550. Today I can't book any flight on Alaska that doesn't leave me sitting all night long in Seattle.

Last night I almost booked nonstop flights on Northwest at $670 per person, but the price is just killing me so I decided to wait until morning and see what happened. This morning that same flight is over $100 more than it was last night.

I think I'm learning all the things you should not do when planning a trip to Hawaii. :(

Now I'm not sure if I should book at $800 or wait. Do these prices seem insane or is it just me?

santa cruz
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1. Re: Airfare... kicking myself this morning

Airfares are way up this year. $800 sounds pretty good for this year. Out of the Bay Area $1,000 is common.

I'm in the same situation as you. I started looking in December and it seemed high. When we finally got our act together it had gone up about $100, this early Feb. I waited and it went up again. This is for Hawaiian Air, which we have to use because of miles and what not. Delta and American dropped fares last week and I was hoping Hawaiian would follow, but no they haven't.

Last year we bought our tickets in late March and they were about $300 less then they are now. I wish I knew what the price was this time last year then I'd know if there was pattern re: fares.

Last year about 2 weeks after we purchased our tickets they dropped about $100. My guess is that prices may drop a little in April if seats aren't selling, which for my flights they aren't. Still plenty of seats left, so I wished they'd drop the fares now.

orange county
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2. Re: Airfare... kicking myself this morning

guess this is a hingsight is 20/20 deal, but $550 for July is a great deal...at least coming from SoCal so I would guess its equally good if not better coming from Oregon.

At that time, prices here are easily close to $1,000.

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3. Re: Airfare... kicking myself this morning

My flight was $1200 from Chicago.

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4. Re: Airfare... kicking myself this morning

We booked early for April travel from Minneapolis for $550 thru LA. NWA to LAX, then AirTrans (or ATA) to HI.

laguna niguel, ca
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5. Re: Airfare... kicking myself this morning

For some reason, people want to think that winter is the busy season, but with west coast air it is always summer, july being the busiest. $800 seems pretty high, never seen it like that. Did you try southwest?

If you are a regular you really need the Hawaiian Airlines CC for the miles and book 9 months in advance, that is the only way we can afford summer.

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6. Re: Airfare... kicking myself this morning

If you don't have specific dates you may find better, it all depends on when you want to leave.

Try this page


Select the "month-long search" option and it will give you all the flights available and the price.

I just tried it and for july I found flights PDX/HNL/PDX from $475 (1 stop, 3.5 hours wait), $578 (1 stop, 1.5 hours wait) and $630 (nonstop)

You can't make a reservation on this site but it'll give you the exact flights and the airfare and then you can go and make the reservation through your travel agent or in one of the internet sites.

Hope this helps

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for Oahu
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7. Re: Airfare... kicking myself this morning

Hawaiian from Portland is pricey, too. Surprising.

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8. Re: Airfare... kicking myself this morning

I bought my tickets through hawaiian airlines, they were $500 each, roundtrip nonstop for the end of April. Since I bought the tickets a month ago, the price has gone up about $100 a ticket. It had gone up a bit from when I first started checking fares. Everyone kept telling me to wait for a better fare, and I am glad I didn't listen and got it while it was still relatively low. Watching the airfares for a good price is almost like playing the stock market, lol!

Gig Harbor...
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9. Re: Airfare... kicking myself this morning

Last year we knew we were going again this May - had to wait until nearly August to find bookings and then for whatever reason we procrastinated - - rates for us from SeaTac were less than 500 each - - mid January they were up at least a hundred, when we finaly got our brains ironed out the rates had gone up over another hundred each in only two weeks.

Depends on how badly you want to go - rates have done nothing but increase for a while now.

Last year we booked our entire trip only three weeks in advance, but this year we are going for longer and doing two islands - I have completely lost my mind on all the planning, but was glad to get the airfare done with.

Here's another idea - if you can get such better fares from Seattle, there is a company called Shuttle Express that can pick you up and deliver you to the airport in fine style - yes, Portland to SeaTac.

Palm Springs...
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10. Re: Airfare... kicking myself this morning

fares are not going down...a dip in april....ha..Oil is now over $101 a BBl and the forcast for summer is $120.....Airplanes dont burn coal.

Interisland fares have jumped form $20 to $50 each way.....

anything under $900 is a deal for summer ( june to Sept)....dont wait

the airlines have actualy reduced flights, hubbed passengers into fewer and smaller planes to fill them 100%...American added an extra few rows too.

Plus the number of discount seats have been slashed to create a supply/demand situation

Hawaii is seen as luxury travel..for people who have money to burn...the airlines want it after a decade of loosing billions..... say good by to deals...and watch the scams through quasi-agents.... best deals I get are always direct through the specific airline.