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Hawain Airlines - 25 lb. Limit for carry-on bags!

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Hawain Airlines - 25 lb. Limit for carry-on bags!

Returning from a trip last week, be warned of a new Hawain Airlines revenue generating scam.

Depending on the agent you see, some are requiring that all of your carryon luggage be weighed and tagged to show that it is under 25 lbs (note carryon - not checked). If it's over 25 lbs they require that you check and pay the luggage fee.

I travel with business and log over 100k flight miles per year around the world. I've never seen a policy like this - it essentially keeps rollerboard bags from being carried on as an empty bag weighs 10-12 lbs already.

The policy is very inconsistently implemented as no one at the gate checks nor do they have a scale in that area. I suggest keeping all of your carry-on luggage away from the checked bag kiosk areas and tell the agents you do not have any - leave it with family members away from the area.

Beware...this policy is printed on an obscure web page in fine print but no where else is it disclosed.

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1. Re: Hawain Airlines - 25 lb. Limit for carry-on bags!

Sorry, but this is not anything new and certainly not a scam. HA's carry-on policy of no more than 45 linear inches and 25 pounds has been around for a couple of years at least, maybe longer. It's very easy to find HA's policy on carry-ons on their website - sorry, but it sounds like sour grapes to me.

Good lesson here - no matter how often you fly, ALWAYS check baggage policies, both carry-on and checked BEFORE you fly.


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2. Re: Hawain Airlines - 25 lb. Limit for carry-on bags!

I hate baggage fees as much as the next person, but that's not a scam. It's a way to keep the heavy stuff with the checked luggage -- and not falling on my head.

South Coast NSW
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3. Re: Hawain Airlines - 25 lb. Limit for carry-on bags!

This has been a problem for many years.

I know you want to be able to take your stuff with you on the plane instead of it going into the hold, you want to be able to walk off the plane and not have to wait for it to be unloaded, and some airlines now charge to check a bag..

But realistically you are placing yourself, flight attendants, and fellow passengers at risk by not checking larger luggage items.

Have a read of this, in particular the part about injuries suffered by passengers and flight attendants, and then have a re-think about where you should put your bag.


That was written in 1998, but this continues to be a problem today. In some countries they have adopted procedures but when airlines do not have a set rule and just allow everyone to bring whatever they like on board, it causes confusion and can cause injury especially in the event of an accident.

I am extremely surprised to hear that in all your travels you have never encountered this before. I certainly have. I have also watched as people took items far too heavy to be lifted safely and tried to place them in the overhead lockers, and I have seen luggage bins which have been stuffed full fly open while in flight with medium turbulence. Luckily nothing flew out, mainly because people had shoved so much heavy junk in there it couldn't have fallen out!

I can understand people wanting to take their medications, electronics, cameras, items which they feel might be damaged or stolen if checked. But come on - your clothes do not need to be in the cabin with you, nor do your shoes, souvenirs, or general items.

And let me not get into "plane fashion".. I just close my eyes in horror at some of the insane outfits worn by passengers who clearly have not put any thought into what they might have to do in the event of an emergency.

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4. Re: Hawain Airlines - 25 lb. Limit for carry-on bags!

Delighted to hear that some of the Airlines are directing their focus to the .........." Everything but the Kitchen Sink Carry-ons"

I welcome the more stringent guidelines and hope they are diligent in their policing with adherence.

With the application of Baggage fees for checked baggage in the US a few years ago...the carry-on "extravaganza"....has been over the top. The flight crew , gate staff, and ticket agents have given up I am sure.

I have witnessed folks dragging aboard luggage that may be even considered oversize to be checked.

There has been talk at the Airlines to start charging for "Carry-ons"...now that would be interesting. It would have a special colored tag on it to indicate that it was paid for (No opportunity for deception)

Hawaiian Airlines is No# 1 for Safety, Comfort & On-time performance.

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5. Re: Hawain Airlines - 25 lb. Limit for carry-on bags!

It's been the "rule" now for at least 2 years...sometimes they weigh it, sometimes they don't! Our last 8 flights it's been about 50/50.

Los Angeles, CA
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6. Re: Hawain Airlines - 25 lb. Limit for carry-on bags!

Scam?? The only scam I see here is these people who try to get baggage on as carry-ons when they should be checked in!

And please freaking note that when they store their luggage, they store it over someone else and not there own head. I am always half terrified of those monster size bags coming out and hitting someone (me) on the head.

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7. Re: Hawain Airlines - 25 lb. Limit for carry-on bags!

This is no surprise nor is it a "scam". Not to mention 25 lbs. is a good-sized suitcase! heck that's what my *checked* 24"-bag packed weighs (25-28 lbs). And yes I pay the luggage fee. I just figure it's part of the price of a plane ticket these days. aloha suze

laguna niguel, ca
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8. Re: Hawain Airlines - 25 lb. Limit for carry-on bags!

At least our experience has been is they are very uneven in enforcemnt. We had a flight out of LAX where the bags were carefully checked and measured in the slot, but on the way back it was anything goes including those giant duffle bags.

I just wish they were consistant with their rules. We have pretty much given up on the carryons, we are not usually close to 25#, getting under 50# is enough of a challenge

Edina, Minnesota
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9. Re: Hawain Airlines - 25 lb. Limit for carry-on bags!

I have mixed feelings about this. At one time I was on a streak of 3 years in a row when Hawaiian lost our checked bags (I think they all eventually arrived the next day or two). But that is a real hassle. Delta (and NWA before) also tends to lose bags more than other airlines. So I have been one to carry on as much as possible to avoid the hassle and inconvenience of lost bags. For me it has not been a cost thing as I get a free checked bag with my Delta AmEx card and try to fly 1st class to Hawai`i with upgraded tickets (making all checked bags free).

Since we have to send all of our checked bags unlocked, I do not want to send anything valuable in the checked bag. I like to read my books on the long flight over, and those are heavy in my carry-on. I always bring at least 2 days of clothing in the carry-on in case the checked bag is lost. I need to bring my medications, contact supplies, toiletries, noise cancelling headphones, sandles, tennis shoes . . . . .

The OP is right as a rolling carry-on weighs about 13 lbs empty, so it is very easy for this to weigh more than 25 lbs.

Now I would never expect a flight attendent or fellow passenger to help me get my bag up or down from the overhead bin. I would bring only as heavy of a bag as I could handle.

Island Air has a strickly enforced 16 lb carry-on limit due to the small size of their planes. But I can usually gate check the larger carry-ons, so there is no risk of it being lost. But on one trip to Lana`i, either Island Air or NWA lost the bag that we checked through from MSP. That bag arrived the next day, and I didn't have anything in it that I needed the first day or two.

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10. Re: Hawain Airlines - 25 lb. Limit for carry-on bags!

There's a difference between "larger luggage items" and the weight of the bag. And people trying to get around the system vs. playing by the rules and trying to earn their living thru business traveling.

I travel for business. Hawaii wants business travelers, too. My laptop bag can easily exceed 25 lbs (laptop is high quality demo machine), with iPad, extra power supply, my work materials, and other business related items -- I'm not trying to scam anyone or get out of checking my bag. Especially when my work trips lasted 2 weeks & went amongst the various islands. You check your non-essential carry-on first before my $10K worth of business needs.

That is a lame policy for business travelers for weight checking if your bag easily is within the size limit. And I agree, I hate the idiots that sneak on with their oversize bag. That's the airline's fault for not enforcing their own policy. And even a 2 lb bag that flies out of the overhead bin in turbulence can be very dangerous -- hence my preference for the window seat.

SWA has figured out a business model for being profitable and for not charging fees for bags. And the airlines are finally showing profits b/c of their extra fees. It is a scam. Some airlines go up to 40lbs. Some limit to 15lbs for carry on. Yes, there are different type bins for the overhead that can lend to the safety reasons for this rule, but it's not just safety driving it.