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Mammoth Hot Springs or Canyon Lodge?

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Mammoth Hot Springs or Canyon Lodge?

My fiance and I want to take our honeymoon in Yellowstone this mid-September. There isn't a lot of selection left for lodging, and we are debating between the Mammoth Hotel, Mammoth Budget Cabins (not sure what that means), and a Canyon Lodge Western Cabin.

What is the difference between these properties? We've stayed in hotels with shared bathrooms before when in Europe and don't mind it, but is one have better ambiance than another? Is one more better-suited for travel in mid-September?


Banff, Canada
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1. Re: Mammoth Hot Springs or Canyon Lodge?

Canyon Lodge Western Cabin is definitely my preference of the choices given, also one of the top choices in the park. That said into later September the elk ruts are a prime attraction... Mammoth is prime elk territory.

Spery, Iowa
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2. Re: Mammoth Hot Springs or Canyon Lodge?

I'll throw my two cents in: If I had to choose between those, I would also go with Canyon. How long would you be in the park? I would love for you to get to stay in the Old Faithful Inn a night on your honeymoon! If not the Inn, at least the Old Faithful area- being there in the early morning or evening is like nothing else! A whole new world, often by yourself watching geysers go. And sitting in the Inn with a beverage and your sweetheart is really great. (you can do that even if not staying in the Inn) There are cancellations all the time- I just today got a cabin (Old Faithful Lodge Budget- means sharing the bathhouse down the road- our favorite after Roosevelt, but Rosie closes early September) that I have been trying to get for months now! We did Yellowstone on our Honeymoon- 33 years ago this September! Before internet- no reservation, so no room- we had only one day in the park :( But we have been back numerous times- celebrated our 30th in the park. Congratulations!!

Buford, Georgia
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3. Re: Mammoth Hot Springs or Canyon Lodge?

Another vote for Canyon! Great central location and the western cabins are nice from what I hear (we stayed in the not-so-nice frontier cabins but they were fine). We stayed one night in Mammoth Hotel and hated it. I would rather stay in Gardiner if I wanted to stay in that corner of the park.

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4. Re: Mammoth Hot Springs or Canyon Lodge?

I will toss out a vote tor Mammoth cabins. The elk rut being a primary draw. It is also nice area with the travertine terraces a few steps away. Good location for traveling early morning to Lamar Valley. Cabins are big, clean, and much cheaper then western cabins at canyon.

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5. Re: Mammoth Hot Springs or Canyon Lodge?

Ok, I have not stayed at Mammoth but I can say Canyon lodge Western Cabin in very nice & it has a big bath tub.

Having said that, I would like to add - Mammoth area is very pretty & scenic surrounded by mountains. You will feel like you are in a valley the minute you step out of the hotel building. On the other hand, the Canyon lodge feels like you are in the middle of the woods with lot of trees and construction equipment to help with ongoing summer constructions.

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6. Re: Mammoth Hot Springs or Canyon Lodge?

I'm going to throw out a vote for Mammoth Hotel. It is a beautiful, historic hotel. The cabins, especially at Canyon, don't look like much on the outside (although we stayed in the Lodge, so I can't speak to what they are like inside-others seem to really like them).

Elk gather on the lawn every evening at Mammoth and we've woken up to them right outside our window at Mammoth Hotel.

I love taking in an evening program in the Map Room (often a slide show with live piano accompaniment) and dining in the Mammoth Dining Room.

For sightseeing, Canyon is better situated for most people's desires, but for romance, I'd definitely vote Mammoth!

I second what thbergs said, though, about cancellations and especially about staying in the Old Faithful area. It's my favorite!

Yellowstone Nat...
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7. Re: Mammoth Hot Springs or Canyon Lodge?

Here's a vote for the cabins at Mammoth at that time of year. The elk rut is fascinating. The cabins are really nice, bathroom in your cabin and all that, plenty of privacy. Easy walk to eating places. Construction at Canyon this summer strikes me as awful, like visiting a construction site at the World Trade Towers, whch would at least be an interesting thing to do.

On second thought, do honeymooners really want to be sitting on their porch on a pleasant September eve, enjoying the sunset and the gentle zephyrs ... and watching the elk rut?

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8. Re: Mammoth Hot Springs or Canyon Lodge?

I agree with Bill- the construction at Canyon is beyond awful right now (don't know about fall). The whole inn front & restaurant are a construction zone with temporary wooden plywood barriers & boardwalks.

On top of that, the half of the parking lot in front of the shops & visitor center is plywood-fenced off & the parking lot completely torn up.

Lots of big equipment & noise.

I would certainly never reserve there until I was guaranteed. these 2 huge construction projects were completed.

Congrats on the marriage!

New York City, New...
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9. Re: Mammoth Hot Springs or Canyon Lodge?

Was there last week and it didn't look like the construction was ending anytime soon. Everything was open, but it definitely wasn't picturesque.

Having said that, Mammoth is a long ride to the lake and some of the other southern areas.

Panama City, Florida
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10. Re: Mammoth Hot Springs or Canyon Lodge?

I say Mammoth and I agree with the 2 up top lots of construction at canyon right now plus with the elk Yes Mammoth