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Nervous about the airport

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Nervous about the airport

We are coming to Bucerias for the first time, and not very experienced about taking planes. I am a little worried about going through the airport. I was reading something on google about going through the airport in Mexico, and they are talking about corrupt cops taking money for entering their country, and people trying to grab your luggage so you have to tip them, and not to take certain taxis because some are illegale, and to be careful once you get outside, so now I'm scared. Will this be difficult with a couple of kids? And apparently we are supposed to be meeting someone with our travel agency Nolitours. Any advice would be helpful... Will we have trouble with the language barrier there? Cause we tried to phone the Royal Decameron to ask for 2 rooms side by side, and my husband got hung up on 4 times, and no one spoke english who answered the phone...

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1. Re: Nervous about the airport

If you are staying at the Royal De Cameron you need not worry about which taxi to take. Nolitours will have a large bus waiting for you outside of the airport. What we always do at the PV airport is once you get through security just "follow the light" by that I mean DO NOT stop for anyone or anything until you get "OUTSIDE". Then locate your bus (it will have Nolitour agents standing around the tours buses. Just ask one of them (OUTSIDE) of the airport. As yes, some will try and trick you saying they are your ride, etc, but just keep on walking and talk to nobody until you get outside. As for people grabbing your luggage, I think they may be trying to help you out as well as looking for a tip. And honest living, but if that makes you uncomfortable, carry your own and a no gracias will suffice. Try e-mailing RDC, I find that works better. As yes, some do not speak english well or at all. If someone called me on the phone and started talking in Spanish, I'd probably hang up too! haha.

Try one of these...or all of them, I'm sure someone will get back to you shortly.




So don't stress....You'll love PV as well as Bucerias and The Royal de Cameron.

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2. Re: Nervous about the airport

heres a great link about the airport, im trying to find the map of the airport that ive used will send the linkwhen i find that too or maybe someone else can remember what it is and send you to the link

you will be well informed after reading this


your best bet is to email the resort with your request a few times and let them know you would like adjoining rooms keep in mind the only block that has adjoining rooms are block 6

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3. Re: Nervous about the airport

Hi, Also take a look at the "Top Questions about Puerto Vallarta" on the PV Forum. There is a lot of info about taking taxis and pre-arranged rides to your resort.

I fly from Chicago to PV regularly and I've never heard of or experienced anything like "corrupt cops" in the airport. After you go through Immigration and Customs, turn to your left and you will go through 2 rooms which are affectionately called the "shark tanks". As previously stated, time-share reps. will be pretending to be your transportation reps. Just ignore them and keep walking. As soon as you get through the sliding glass doors and into the main airport terminal, the legitimate transportation reps. will be waiting in a roped-off area on your right.

Relax and have a great time!

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4. Re: Nervous about the airport

lizzy keep asking questions and read as much as you can about the pv area you will love mexico.knowledge is power

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5. Re: Nervous about the airport

Agree with the previous poster. Ask away, The more you know, the more you will relax and enjoy your trip.

I would suggest going to the PV forum and looking in the upper right at the FAQ's. Check them out. Lots of good info there on a variety of subjects.

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6. Re: Nervous about the airport

Don't worry. The airport is ..at the worst..a hassle. Just keep walking after you leave security (the customs guys after you collect your luggage) and head to the doors that lead to the outside. The timeshare people target couples - therefore I walk out ahead of my hubby - looking alone - and head for the bright, sunny light at the doors at the end of the hallway. Once you are oudoors (past the rows of people holding signs up for private transfers, just like any airport but a bit bigger) you'll see people with Noulitours t-shirts and they will direct you to your bus. Get on the bus and relax. Done!

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7. Re: Nervous about the airport


Don't be nervous it is all good. Like everyone said, just keep walking and don't stop until you get outside, the signs are really good, and you will be fine. I don't look at anyone, I keep my hands on my own stuff and say no thanks and that is it. As for the corrupt cops really? I think you have heard stories and that is it. There airports are not like ours, so keep that in mind. Just do as they ask and you will be in an out in no time. Have fun and don't worry, I would worry about what the next drink or pool would be instead.

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8. Re: Nervous about the airport

Everyone is correct, it is no big deal.

The tour operators such as Nolitours are not outside the building. They are past the time share guys, the tour reps wait directly across from the rental car booths.

Good luck and have a great vacation.

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9. Re: Nervous about the airport

when leaving the plane and after you get your luggage follow along with the other people from your plane. You can usually spot the people who know where they are going. They are moving quickly and confidently. Also, you will see others with Nolitour tags on their bags. Look for those people make small talk and follow along.You will be fine. ;-)

I always try to let people(who seem a bit overwhelmed) know who the time share people are.

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10. Re: Nervous about the airport

This Mexico not Cuba. Immigration is not there to scam you as is the case in Cuba.

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