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central Atlantico - warning

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central Atlantico - warning

Just thought I would warn anyone miti young girls or boys and thinking of letting them out to roam the strip!

We did a wonder up the strip last night (9 women all 30-48) did the usual Irish bars and others along the front. We thought we would try a few in central atlantico as the music was booming and seemed like we would find something fun!

When we went over we were hounded straight away, and I mean pounced on by loads of men, mainly young, mixture of Spanish and English, trying to get us into their bars. We just laughed and said we would make our own minds up. Then went into the middle, as soon as we went outside one bar, a load of Spanish boys tried dragging us around, come in bla bla but right up lo our faces and to close for our liking, there was about 9 of them in total.

Then they grabbed my arm and started pulling us into a bar which was really smoky and horrible looking. I said no, pulled him off and said to the girls lets just leave and get out of here.

I was then basically chased (yes I ran) along the inside of the complex by 3 of them still trying to pull us in.

We are all old enough and ugly enough to look after ourselves, but when we got outside we thought any young girls or boys would feel very intimidated.

Its not the fun place everyone talks about. And the bar owners should be ashamed of themselves doing that to people. Defo not a good experience. I will never wonder back in their!

Stick to main strip.

Also watch out for gangs of young Spanish boys in titos karaoke bar. They sit on different tables around you, staring and smiling, one had his eye on my friends bag, only when we moved seats and put our bags over our shoulders did they move!

Not good and very different from our last visit here!

Just be careful.

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1. Re: central Atlantico - warning

The touts round central can be quite forward but I've usually found a polite/firm no works. For future reference ask to see the complaints book in any establishment they drag you into. All bars/restaurants must have one by law and they are checked by authorities. While many bar owners are desperate at the moment for business and use touts to get business the Spanish/Canary government are cracking down on touts and their over agressive activity. Any bar with complaints about touting could face serious action.

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2. Re: central Atlantico - warning

I normally cross the street when passing Centro Atlantico.

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3. Re: central Atlantico - warning

To be honest there were that many we didn't know what bar they were from.

Was just very suprising as we have been in their on previous trips after one too many and it hasn't been that bad.

It just seems to have gone really bad.

On a good note every other place has been lovely! And we have had a ball.

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4. Re: central Atlantico - warning

I had something similar happen to me the other year, when I brought my friend to the island for a holiday. It was the grabbing of my arm that really annoyed me. Although I found the universal glare worked a treat.

When ever my partner and I walk passed, we are spoken to, but never in the same manner as my friend and I were.

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5. Re: central Atlantico - warning

You and me both! it is the worst part of the strip. My wife totally hates going past that part and insists on crossing over the road. I always say " A bar that needs a a tout isn't worth going into"

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6. Re: central Atlantico - warning

I usually find a stiff kick with the hard thing at the end of my leg to the soft dangly things between their legs suffices!!!...strangely enough??


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7. Re: central Atlantico - warning

Must agree we always cross over when passing too.

Never had any real hassle just get fed up of having to say no thanks.

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8. Re: central Atlantico - warning

It's our first trip to lanzarote, where abouts in PDC is this, will make sure we avoid as we ave teenagers with us!

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9. Re: central Atlantico - warning

It's in the new town as if you are walking towards Los Pocillos end of strip. Unfortunately there are some really nice restaurants and pubs close to this on the strip such as Pinocchio's, so it can be difficult to avoid unless you cross over to the other side of the street! I think the real problem with it is only in the evenings and if you actually venture into the Centro however I do agrees that there are so many of the touts on the street and they can be quite intimidating. We usually travel with a small child so they tend to leave us alone however have witnessed them hassling young girls - the term flies around **** springs to mind! Not very pleasant to watch and would be annoyed if it was my daughter. Tbh though there are so many other nice places in PDC that we wouldn't let this part put us off. O and enjoy Turkishann.

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10. Re: central Atlantico - warning

it proved a pain in the butt for us last year we've two small kids 5 / 8 with us last year and obviously where not about to hit up a bar at 11pm with them yet some insisted, best pass over the road but my preference would be to not have to deal with them at all, even a minimum of copon regards your demographic you need in your bar, my own policy touting means ME passing by that includes restaurants too, back again in two weeks hoping its not too bad

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