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trip planning through Pelican Beach or Blue Marlin

we are trying to plan a 25th wedding anniversary trip and, since we are snorkelers , birdwatchers, and hikers, it seemed like an ideal adventure could be built around a few days and nights inside Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Preserve and 4 days out on Southwater Caye. Both Pelican Beach and Blue Marlin advertise side trips to the Jaguar Preserve, but if we are going to sleep in the jungle with the mosquitos, we intend to do it right, e.g, night hikes and up-before-dawn adventures with a serious and qualified guide, not just a hike to the waterfalls where any birds or wildlife would be an added bonus. I would hope that either innkeeper would, given enough advance notice, endeavor to put together a once-in-a-lifetime week, but my experience with most resorts is that thay add a huge surcharge to any daytrip yet provide little if any added value. Any suggestions?