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So many questions! Xmas 14

Bury St Edmunds...
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So many questions! Xmas 14

Hi there.

I know these have probably been answered to death for many many years but have been browsing and, although have come across so many really useful tips still have so many questions!!

We have been planning the Lapland trip with our 2 girls (Will be 7 and almost 4 when we go) for 2 years now and have finally booked a 4 day 3 night package in a cabin with Espirit!! I am so excited!!! I do have several questions though so wondered if someone who has been can give me some advise.....

1. We have booked a cabin - I find UK hotels really hot but wondered what temperature the cabins were and what type of pyjamas we will need - thick thermal fleece ones or thing tee shirt type?

2. How do cameras fair in the cold? Have heard LCD screens can break> What about going from the cold into the warm - is condensation a big problem?

3. If I take rechargeable batteries and an adapter - do they charge OK with the different voltage - do they just take longer to fully charge or do you need any extra special convertors?

4. Can anyone give me a road name where the cabins are located? have looked on google street view but not really sure which bit of town to look in!!

5.For anyone who has done the extra husky trip - how fit do you have to be to drive the sledge? Seen that you may have to run along side then jump on when you are driving - is this just a precautionary over exaggeration or do you really have to run?!

6. chemical hand warmers - got some but are they ok to take on an aeroplane? and are you restricted to the number you can take?

7. how many layers? have heard so many different things so am taking plenty but just wondered what was the experience of people who have actually been out there - especially for the littlies!

8. we are 1/2 board in the cabins - what happens for lunch? I know there are supermarkets but what sort of thing can you get - are they pretty similar to UK supermarkets so we will be able to get bread, filling or even ready made sandwiches?

Phew!! Starting to panic already!! Any help or advise would be gratefully received - I'm sure I will be here again before we go and will be reading everyone elses post with interest!

Many thanks

Hazel x

Arsy, France
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1. Re: So many questions! Xmas 14

it will be roasting in the cabins so dont worry about being warm inside

cameras seem to deal ok with the temps, just keep them inside your coat and rechargeable batteries are fine, just take a travel plug and some spare batteries with you just in case your rechargeable ones run out

the cabins can be anywhere so ask espirit for the cabins that they use

you dont need to be fit to drive the sledge, you stand on the back of it (so you dont have to run at all) and when you want to stop, you step onto the big 'peddle' type thing that spikes into the ground and slows you down

handwarmers - they are fine in the plane but put them in your hold luggage, no reason to have them as hand luggage

layers - look at www.lapland.fruitbandit.com for everything about clothing - but as a rule, base, mid and outer layer should see you fine and it its really cold, just an additional mid layer will do you - if you are not skiing, then your base layer does not need to be silk, just get thermals and they are ok to have some cotton in them if you are not doing any skiing/sports where you are going to sweat (most thermals you get have some cotton in them if you get them from places like M&S)

supermarkets, the same as ours in the UK, there are two in saariselka (well, there were when i was there) - they will have everything you need

i see you have the lapland bug, watch out, the planning gets addictive

Bury St Edmunds...
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2. Re: So many questions! Xmas 14

Thank you so much!! Its become quite an obsession and we still have almost the whole year to go!! Goodness knows what I am going to be like by November!!!!

Rovaniemi, Finland
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3. Re: So many questions! Xmas 14

Yep. Cabins will be warm. No worry. And for some extra warmth all should be equipped with a sauna and a fireplace. There is no cabin in Finland, that doesn't have a sauna.

Flashlight could be handy. There will be electricity, of course, but you might need to visit outdoor storage to pick some firewood for example.

Cameras don't mind cold much, but they do mind temperature changes - especially when getting back inside. Warm air causes condensation on cold camera body and lenses so better to wait a while before turning your camera on. Not necessary to keep cameras inside your jacket, camera bag is just as good, but you should at least keep some spare batteries in warm. Batteries lose some capacity in cold.

If you have good mittens, and keep them on, handwarmers not needed in my opinion. But they might be handy if you are snapping photos, go ice fishing or do some other outdoor work where you need to take your gloves off regularly.

For layers I'm not saying silk isn't a good material, but not that common in underwear - other than in a bedroom. As a thin material it's good as a balaclava (fits under your helmet) or thin silk gloves to use as baselayer under your mittens. If you are snapping photos, you don't need to touch the cold camera body with bare fingers. For underwear just choose some technical material and a fleece mid layer.

And general rule for clothing in cold: it should be loose enough. No tight shoes or snug fit pants.

Stranraer, United...
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4. Re: So many questions! Xmas 14


We went to Saariselka in December-you will have a fantastic time :)

1-The cabins will be warm,We were boiling in our hotel-I even wanted to open a window!

4- The Espirit cabins are the larger Chalet type cabins where more than 1 family/group share. Someone may know where these larger cabins are as I don't think they are the same ones used by Inghams say, next to the toboggan run.

6-we didn't bother with handwarmers-just silk glove liner then proper ski mittens.

7-For layers I dressed my 4-year old in a base layer-long sleeve and long pants,no cotton,Then he wore a pair of Primark pajams-100% polyester on very cold days. On top Fleece top and tracksuit bottoms. Obvisouly we didn't put the pajama layer on when it was warmer. Then his all in one polar suit.

The critical thing for him and other young children I'd recommend is a full face balaclava-keeps out any cold. Hats and scarves fall off/come undone but a balaclava will not. We adults had the snood type balaclavas too-do get these they are the best thing we took with us.

8- On 1 day you get lunch included at the Santa resort so you will only need lunch on your free day.Supermarket is good for snacks or burger/chips at Tunturi very reasonable

Have a great time

Bury St Edmunds...
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5. Re: So many questions! Xmas 14

That's brilliant - thank you everyone :-) I have just ordered some fleece pyjamas from Tesco as thought they would be good - either as a layer or even to use as pyjamas - even here next winter!!! I love sale shopping!!!

Been looking at the flights as well - its been a LOONNNGGGG time since we last flew and all the rules have changed! - I believe you fly Easy jet - went on to their website to look at baggage allowance etc and thoroughly confused myself - will we have to pay for the hold baggage as well or was that included in the package? Also not sure about food - I know you are not allowed to take more than 100ml of liquid until you get through security then you can buy it that side but what about things like crisps, cheddars, yogurt raisins that sort of thing?? they are all things I usually take on a journey as it helps to calm the kids down if they are getting a bit manic!! Will I be able to take those through or buy them on the secure side? And is there anything you're NOT allowed to take into Finland?? Thinking certain sandwich fillings (ham?) or home made things??

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6. Re: So many questions! Xmas 14

Hi. We went to Saariselka in DEC just gone and like you I had question after question and why no? It is such a special holiday, you want it to be perfect and I can assure you it will be. Firstly when we went the temp did not fall below -12 but apparently the week before fell to -40. I would say have a base layer top under normal clothing for when you get off the plane. Have your boots on and have coat, hat gloves ready in hand luggage. Inside your cabin will be very warm so just wear normal night wear. You will be given boots, wooly socks, gloves and an all inone suit. When out we wore normal socks, ski or thermal socks over and the Woolley socks over that. We all wore base pants, jeans or trackies (despite what some sites say), base top, t-shirt, jumper and the all in one suit. We had glove liners under good ski gloves. I personally struggled with the gloves they gave us but child liked them. We all wore hats and child had a balaclava or snood under his hat. The balaclava was better. I took loads of hand warmers and didnt use them. I would suggest taking them for the snowmobile trip as the kids have to sit in the sleigh and as you travel high across the open ground you do feel the cold more. The Husky trip was amazing and my favourite. Don't be put off, I have no level of fitness what so ever but when the staff do the brief safety talk it can make it sound a little scary and I nearly backed out at riding the sleigh, so glad I didn't and half way round we stopped to change riders. A normal camera will be fine but the batteries will run down quickly so charge each night and have spares. One thing to mention though. We were in the apartments and there was no tea, coffee or milk sachets. Make sure you take some and some juice. Not sure how close you will be to the supermarket but we had a good walk despite what we were told. Take pics of everything and all staff everywere were happy to take family pics of us all. Enjoy, you will have the best time and dont forget kids letter to santa, they can hand them over personally. Last thing, no need to buy expensive layers or glove liners. I got most of my stuff in the sales and loads from primark. Enjoy and hope this helps.

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7. Re: So many questions! Xmas 14

We got back today and it was madly cold even the ski slopes closed on the first day due to -28c and with wind chill it worked out to be -45c on the top according to ski center.

Dont buy cheap gloves like Mountain warehouse as they dont offer warmth you need as we had a pair for back up n they were useless. We used Dakine and i never had cold hands even snowmobiling at night -25c

Balaclava is a must and we had goggles which we needed Husky sledging and sledging off the mountain

We took a laptop with loads of downloaded movies and as luck would have it i had usb stick to which the tv had a port on it so we watch movies on that n stayed in every night with a couple of bottles wine from super market same price as uk.

Pjs are fine as we actually opened the cabin door as it became to hot.

Our camera £400 Cannon froze up often and we thought we were taking pics but lost some. Mobile phones proved more reliable.

Its the best holiday ive had loved the place its truly magical and to pick a fault would be could of done with oven in cabin instead of dish washer. Thats the one and only thing i could think of not been perfect.

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8. Re: So many questions! Xmas 14

In cold weather avoid gloves and use mittens instead, they are much warmer than gloves where fingers are separated.

There are no limitations on foodstuffs etc. as you'll be travelling within the EU. Most foodstuffs (especially those categorised as liquid (any pastes etc., too)) have to be packed into the hold luggage. However, you can get practically everything over here from the supermarket, too. Maybe the imported brands are more expensive than in the UK but there should always be a local more affordable product available, too.

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9. Re: So many questions! Xmas 14

hi im planning a trip with our 4 kids for early dec I see you have done a lot of research im woundering could you help me !! we will go for approx. days and basically im looking for the magical experience as I have heard very mixed reports I like the idea of the cabin ? any tips levi seems to get good comments

10. Re: So many questions! Xmas 14

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